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  1. I'll beat you down with my pathetic skill and destroy you at my level! Lets do this
  2. Snolotus


    I haven't played in quite a while but I'm down to get it another shot. I typically used to main Rein/Junkrat/I've played a bit of Moira as well
  3. I think it'd be a lot of fun if we can get some people together. Plus Gmod is only like $10
  4. I embrace the backflip. It makes me look cool.
  5. I don't if anybody here plays NMS at all but I've recently picked it back up. With the Beyond update they just launched the game is in a great place now. Obviously there is still a lot of bugs and such but now the multiplayer is actually good. If anyone plays or wants to, feel free to add me on steam
  6. Would anybody like to get together and play some TTT? or prop hunt?
  7. I'd love some tips and coaching from any of you guys. I feel like I've come far in my 200 hours but I know I have a lot to learn and want to reach that next level!
  8. Nothing too impressive but its good for me I think,
  9. I'll play with you guys! I just picked it up on Humble Monthly
  10. I'm planning on trying to be there! I'm not amazing (I've only been playing for about 3 months) But I've been wanting to join. ❤️
  11. I'd love to have some fun trying some strat roulette, if anyone would like to try with me let me know and add me on Origin (Sn0lotus). Also would love to hear any ideas! ❤️
  12. Super excited to see you going for candidacy! I'm sure you'll make it! Looking forward to playing some more Apex with ya ❤️
  13. Snolotus


    I suck but i'd be down