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  1. soooo no pup pics? i know you got that shoulder pup. or are your muscles to big now that it cant lay there? lol jk............... umm is that cup holder on your desk?!?!?! jelly
  2. Happy Holidays Epic and everyone in Madcast plus visitors!
  3. noice, look forward to playing with you again!
  4. on my way to steal it. no one call it it. F*** i want to snuggle it so hard!!!!!, is that a R2D2 towel?
  5. my steam name is CrippledCookie with a gingerbread man icon. feel free to add me. unfortunately im working some crazy hours this week (evenings/late night) but i would love to play in the future!!!!
  6. anyone playing Halo on PC? if so hit me up!
  7. so this year i was invited to a get together of a bunch of friends to eat, drink and just have fun. this was their 10th year doing it but my first attending. it was awesome. I know not everyone celebrates Thanksgiving as it is a USA holiday. I would just like to say happy Frindsgiving to the Amazing Madcast community! Im thankful for this community!
  8. is there a group chat for the draft? going to try to make it.
  9. I would be interested as well. I have put in so many hours on all the CS games over the years.