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  1. Hey @MadCast: Kal, what time do y'all start on Wednesday?
  2. We do a family movie night twice a month on Friday and we're doing Hocus Pocus and HalloweenTown this month Classics. Hotel Transylvania is a fun one too if they like animated. It's not a Halloween movie so much, but I always make time to watch Young Frankenstein this time of year.
  3. I don't know if anyone still plays this, but just noticed I had a Minion Masters DLC code in my Prime Gaming list, so free to whoever wants it: P0U-ZN5-38 Add a M at the very end after the 8.
  4. On Google Podcasts, it's only showing Episode 3 release btw, not showing Episode 4, but I see it on, not sure what's up there. Just FYI.
  5. Haha ya. That's what we're doing right now. Put a Bedrock server on the computer and I'm playing on Windows 10 version while the kids connect via their tablets, but we're having so much fun that I was thinking of doing a realm to check out the additional content from the Minecraft Store.
  6. Anyone playing Bedrock? My kids and I are playing on a local server right now and having a blast. Thinking of getting a realm server if anyone would have interest in joining.
  7. Guys, this was great!!! I know you were saying production value was a little lacking for an Episode 1, but compared to other podcasts I've heard, this was way better (esp for an Ep 1) !!! Audio was clear, which was really solid and the most important thing for me. I hate hollow or echoey audio. All of you sounded quite nice and clear. I think pacing can definitely improve. Tightening it up would do wonders for it's listenability, some of which can be in post, but if done live would add more urgency and purpose to each thought. - "Tell me more" and it's expansion on it was very nice. I think around 30 min mark IIRC.
  8. What's the time commitment? Is it weekly on Friday nights at 8pm ET? The map and background look amazing!
  9. I'm enjoying it so far. Who do you think will win the season??
  10. That's amazing! Congrats Quanta!! Very much deserved.
  11. Good luck Yuki!!!! ❤️
  12. I'll play if you just need someone to come in 8th place! I only build Yordles. (Are Yordles still in the game???)
  13. I'd be interested! Sounds like a great setting.
  14. Congrats!!!! That also solidifies it. HeyNowCloud is Officially the MadCast Don (Donna) for the month of November!