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  1. Sounds great @MadCast Maday Feel free to hop in whenever. We've got a portal from starting location to our first base. Feel free to gear up!
  2. If anyone is interested in joining the dedicated MadCast Valheim server, we have a ship and are preparing for a long voyage across the ocean to find the second boss (The Elder)
  3. Sounds great. Thanks Kal! I'll probably do a completely separate character for the build server just in case. I'm a steam achievement lover and don't want to miss out if they do make them for Valheim one day
  4. Figured we could start a thread with tips and helpful content for anyone that wants to join our Valheim servers. Really helpful document on food and consumables. Food is really important and determines your bonus health and extra stamina. 1) , and . will zoom in and out of the mini map. 2) You run faster with equipment stowed or on back (R) 3) Parry is so big as it stuns enemy. Parry by hitting block right before enemy attacks you. 4) Hold shift to split a
  5. Also, last suggestion, I don't know if it's even possible on a dedicated server, but if everyone could avoid using console or activating cheats, would be appreciated. I'm not sure if/when they'll add Steam Achievements, but I'd imagine if they do, anything done on a world with cheats active probably won't count.
  6. Oh, one other thing @MadCast: Kal Thoughts on this Valheim Plus mod? On a server, if it's on the server and all the players have it, you can share maps and stuff. I've read on the Valheim subreddit that people like that, but I've never played multiplayer, so I don't know if that's important or not. Your call ultimately.
  7. Awww poor pup! Hope they are okay!! Ya, I agree with that. No mats from other servers for sure and I like the idea of bringing in a new character. My main already has 71 run lol. Do we want to have like 1 main server and then 1 that's just building or something?
  8. I'd be solid with Dallas or D.C. I'd personally vote for start with a month, let's see how we like it. Looks like 3 months only saves like 46 cents a month, so it's not a big deal. If we like it, I'll buy the next 3 months after your first month. Also, sent you an inv on Steam.
  9. Sounds good. Been playing it a little over the past few days. Really fun. I've killed the first boss. Would be a fun one to play multiplayer.
  10. I'd definitely play on a dedicated server and help front some of the costs!!
  11. Ya, I believe he had both a Bedrock and a Java server in the past.
  12. I play Bedrock with the kids. If people are interested, I'd be glad to setup a Realm for everyone!
  13. Nice! Good luck in candidacy Gumber!!
  14. Looks okay, but I think the one you linked before is better: Not only is that truly designed for someone that is coming in with very basic knowledge, it's also pretty affordable and gives you a wide knowledgebase off the bat, which I think would be useful for you. Fact is that until you learn more, you don't really even know what is going to interest you or which way you want to focus. The Google program will introduce you to a lot of topics at a level that is good for you, give you a certificate, and it s
  15. Geez... My champs' passive is gain 5 MR and Armor if I kill a Dragon. This dude has an entire ability dedicated to just his passive. I suspect he's going to P/B or 0% based on how they tune his overall numbers. With his Q, does that make him just build on-hit and wreck? Like he's going to build BotRK... right? #MobilityDashes