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  1. My goal is to be carried to Bronze by @MadCast: Shattered and @MadCast: Ascent. Should be difficult, but in time we will get there.
  2. He still lays on my shoulders. Bo loves it here
  3. It's a Samsung Note 10 Plus actually lmao!
  4. Thanks bro. Hope falls going well now. Sorry I couldn't have been more help and sooner. Also, to my original post. Here's a spicy selfie
  5. I've finally gotten most of my apartment together! This is my new pc setup - thought I would share! CAS: LIAN LI PC-O11 Dynamic ATX Mid-Tower Dual chamber Gaming Case w/ USB 3.1 Type-C, Tempered glass on the front & side (White Color) CPU: Intel® Core™ Processor i9-9900K 3.60GHZ 16MB Intel Smart Cache LGA1151 FAN: CyberpowerPC MasterLiquid Lite 240mm ARGB CPU Liquid Cooler with Dual Chamber Pump & Copper Cold Plate (Intel) HDD: 512GB ADATA 6000LNP M.2 NVME SSD + 3TB SATA III Hard Drive Combo (Combo Drive) IUSB: Built-in USB 2.0 Ports MEMORY: 16GB (
  6. I've been putting more stuff together and after Christmas I will be pretty regular during the week.
  7. It's been a challenging few months but I have my affairs in order: New apartment, finished my Associate's , and locked down a consistent schedule at the job. Time to destress and enjoy myself again! I plan on posting a few pictures in the near future of some progress I've made. Cheers!
  8. Murphy Lee? Treats don't fry in the kitchen, chewtoys dont burn on the grill.
  9. Since I've been away from home a lot lately and finally have a decent phone, I decided to try out some games for it. Turns out there are a couple decent ones minus the occasional "buy this" spam boxes. Marvel Strike Force - Basically a turn based RPG with the Marvel universe. I like it but you do seem to hit a wall unless you want to buy stuff. Raid: Shadow Legends - This one is my jam. Turn based rpg again but a little grindy. I actually weave my dailies on Marvel and then grind this. I enjoy it a lot! If you're ever interested in trying out Raid, hit my referral link!
  10. My other love in my bipolar musical taste is electronica. A couple of must haves on my playlist.
  11. Little progress pic here. Doing a little bulking! Can't seem to get that lower abdomen leaned up, though. Diet incoming
  12. Bo got a hoodie today because he had to get a haircut and he shivers nonstop. Pretty sure he hates me now
  13. I feel like the terrible original trailer has ruined this for me.