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  1. I think either something is wrong or I am doing something wrong, I tried to open up my roll 20 character sheet, and with the exception of a few buttons and four of five words, but no character sheet.
  2. Avia-Ra images seem to be scarce, and I'm horrid at drawing things, so this is what I have gotten.
  3. If you'll have me I'd be in for the 1st, Ogma, Fifth level Fighter, deferring, of course, to lower leveled characters if spots become scarce.
  4. I'm free most weekends with warning, and on Mondays and Fridays, any time of the day.
  5. I'm right there, so I am for the 6th. Ogma, fifth level fighter.
  6. I'd be fine with the 1st, anytime, as long as I know in advance.
  7. [ @MadCast: Icarus ] Lacking my hairy Dwarven arse, its not lacking, it is utter pish. I would be forwarding the majority of the funding, which I am sure the purses of the goblins I will soon be bashing in the skulls of will be happy to supply. All investments are welcome, and will return the same percentage, unless a separate agreement is made satisfactory to both parties. As to other arrangements, I sure an understanding could be made, though I am not entirely sure why anyone would want to listen to that toy you call an instrument when when I am my set of a' phiob mhor pipes.
  8. (thats how I believe that Ogma would conduct negotiations, cordial, but forthright) [in character] Trust me or don't, that is down to you, I guess you don't want to make a fair bit on the side.
  9. [open] Ogma swaggers into the midst of the temporary encampment set up to house the members and vagabonds that make up Interlopers Inc. and bawls out without any pretense, "right then, any of you layabouts and good for nothing cart jockeying buggers want to make some money? You lot know where to find me if you do." (OOC) regards a brewery Ogma intends to start, details found here:
  10. Ogma is looking to start up a brewery as a private venture, on private land, but adjacent to the HQ lands. At current, he does not personally have the funds to found such a venture, and as such is looking for investors. His proposal is that for every GP invested anyone involved would receive a 250% return at a rate of 50% of profit, but without stock in the business. I am welcoming negotiation, but I can't guarantee I will budge unless I get a really good offer. 2.5K gold is needed, of which half will come out of Ogma's own pocket, upon the founding, or more, depending on how long it takes to put together.
  11. I would like to commission a song of the time Ogma stood toe to toe with an ogre and two hobgoblins and laughed off their attempts to kill him, then Ogma mounted Kato in wild shape as a Dire wolf and CRUSHED the commander of the camp in a single crit with precision attack, then Kato commanded the remainder to surrender telepathically, despite Ogma's most notable desires to SLAUGHTER THEM ALL! I would like this song preformed publicly, and would like a HARD minimum of four verses and will pay for any DECENT verses beyond that. If additional information is required it can be provided, as well, I would appreciate it if mentions of Interlopers Inc. was kept to a hard minimum, with a preference for none or at least highly in the background, focusing upon the heroes of the story (mostly with a focus on Ogma).
  12. I threw an axe at it during my run through, some people can't see the wood for the trees, right @MadCast: Starlight?