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    Married since Oct 2017, drawing since I was 3, realized my true calling as a cat around 2006
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    I'm a homebody :D
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  1. What's up party people? Drop in this week at 8 and help us try out the rest of the new games in pack 4 and 5! FYI this week will be the last regular Saturday for this event for a while unfortunately. Next week will start a temporary swap to Sundays, but we will also start a bit earlier so that people can participate and still get to bed before curfew. 😉
  2. Are you looking for general opinions, or only opinions from people that will be participating in your campaign?
  3. @MadCast: Starlight is starting a new tabletop game using Theater of the Mind and Roll20. All of the details are available here.
  4. I would be interested in the session tonight with the character Blake of clan Toreador, unless Wazap is able to attend, as he expressed interest in Discord first.
  5. @MadCast: LizzieJay has applied to become a RFM and successfully garnered the 75% vote required and has thus earned RFM status. Please join me in congratulating Lizzie as our newest addition to the admin ranks. MadCast: LizzieJay, Please Grab Your Hammer and Make Your Way Here. Congratulations homie!
  6. Thank you very much for your application. We will be in touch.
  7. I look forward to seeing how Legoless has survived this ordeal.
  8. I have had a family event come up, but never fear! @MadCast: Qrow is here and will be able to run the event in my stead with some of the Jackbox packs, including 4 and 5!
  9. As another cycle comes to a close, the admin team would like to take the time to recognize and appreciate the efforts of all of our RFMs for the voluntary work that they do to keep MadCast running. We've welcomed a lot of new faces in the past cycle, and one of them really stood out to the SFMs as someone who is an exemplary part of our community. MadCast: Cloud is being awarded ORFM for Cycle XXXV. Her consistent efforts to get League of Legends Mafia up and running again has brought a beloved game mode and recurring event back to the MadCast community. Cloud has a cheerful and generous personality that has become central to the continued success of Mafia due to the amount of returning players. She has worked a lot of extra hours to refine the Mafia event, and brings her fellow RFMs together to ensure that the final result is a fun and reliable game. Outside of Mafia, Cloud has also been a frequent player in Don't Starve Together, Wolcen, and Halo, where she easily pulls in full lobbies with her friendly but competitive attitude. Congratulations and thank you to @MadCast: Cloud!
  10. Exciting news this weekend as we have finally completed the Jackbox Games collection! Party Packs 1-6 are available and we will be playing a lot of different games throughout the night, so stop in and hang out with the coolest crowd in MadCast. 😎
  11. Take everything I say here with a bit of salt, as my grandfather has been dealing with Type 2 and heart disease for many years now and I've learned some of his habits but do not deal with the condition personally and am not well-read on the details. I also personally suffer from low-sugar dips and have had to adapt to always having something on hand that's a "fast carb", such as a cereal bar or a bag of trail mix. If you worry about things expiring but want to be prepared, there are slow and fast-release glucose tablets available but they resemble giant tums in taste and texture. Bananas are good at steadily releasing sugars and will prevent you from having severe spikes and dips throughout the day. My grandfather is fond of soaking raisins in whiskey for a few weeks and then having a few each day as a snack, and claims it also helps his sugar stay at a steady level. Avoid breads and grains as much as possible, especially toasted as it is digested very quickly. Drinking a lot of water can help your body process the high sugar faster, but that doesn't work for everyone. As far as being sick, there are diabetic-friendly medications that you should try to get, especially for things like cold medicine that tends to have flavors or sugar added to it. Best of luck managing the lifestyle changes, and I will ask my grandfather if he has any other pertinent tips to share.
  12. Sorry I missed this, I didn't even remember it was going on. Shoot me a tag next time in Discord so we can chill again and talk smack about brass players.
  13. I am nominating @MadCast: LizzieJay and @MadCast: Qrow for the sensei award because they both have been very helpful in teaching me about Destiny 2. I also nominate @MadCast: Starlight for a fellowship commendation because she is always friendly and brightens a room by being in it, which draws others to her.
  14. Bumping, see you all tonight for shenanigans~