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  1. First of all thank you to everyone who made the first Incense event so successful! Thanks to the generosity of @MadCast: LizzieJay we will be holding another one this coming Saturday. We will mostly be using the same format and rules as last time, starting with a limit of 10 people participating and using a special role and channel in Discord. I've made some slight alterations to the rules I wrote last time so be sure to read them over. Any infractions will be handled at my discretion and might result in you being removed from the event early or even a ban from future pokemon events.
  2. Good morning my many new children! I'd just like to declare that I have done my best to ensure a peaceful transition, but to this day, on the cusp of my greatest success, I find adversity instead of allegiance. On this glorious day I have been betrayed by someone close to me, but it shall not change my ironclad determination to deliver you all from evil and into the loving paws of your Queen. I have come here to formally announce that my hamsters and I are performing a coup against the backstabbing leadership of MadCast. Too long have we been discriminated against for our rodent ide
  3. This week we'll be chilling with Skribblio for a couple of hours and might even add some fun house rules if we get enough people attending!
  4. Jackbox Games!
  5. I've missed you all, so please join me tomorrow evening for a night of Jackbox Games. I will be starting with Fibbage: Enough About You and then letting the winner of each game choose what to play next. Drop in to watch or play, because as always Jackbox Games are free for everyone to play! See you at 9pm EST!
  6. What are Pokémon types and type matchups? Types are a categorization used for all Pokémon and their moves and originated from the idea of elements in pop culture, such as in "Avatar: The Last Airbender". As of Generation 6 (Pokémon X & Y) there are 18 defined types as seen above. Pokémon themselves can be have one or two types. Charmander is a pure fire-type, but Bulbasaur is a grass-poison type. The type(s) that a Pokémon has determines what other types they resist or are weak to. Moves only have one type, and that determines the amount of damage they do to a Pokémon as well as
  7. In-Battle Stats and Statuses In addition to the 6 base stats a Pokémon has, there are also stats called Evasion and Accuracy that determine the likelihood that a move will hit. Both of these are at 100% for a Pokémon at the beginning of a battle, although specific moves such as Fissure may still have less that 100% accuracy by default. Increasing your own evasion or lowering the enemy's accuracy are common strategic ways to win a battle. Another way to influence your opponent's ability to cause damage is to inflict a status condition using a move. A Pokémon can only be afflicted wi
  8. In order to participate you must reply to this post declaring which time slot(s) you are signing up for and confirming that you have read and understand all of the rules. On Saturday you must pay the entry fee of 1,000 pokecoins to me at the beginning of the event and I will purchase the incense at each start time. You can show up the day of the event and request a slot, but you will have less priority than anyone that signed up on the website even if they signed up for more than one slot. I also recommend showing up early to make sure you don't miss any of the timer. If you are not there on t
  9. This event is for anyone that is comfortable using the poketwo bot, because it will require a certain amount of experience, patience, and speed when it matters. This coming Saturday I'm going to run a group event featuring incense. An incense costs 10,000 coins, and I will have a unique temporary channel with only 10 people at a time with the role and permissions to see it. The incense spawns a pokemon every 20 seconds for an entire hour, and so some rules must be in place for fairness. In all honesty it might be difficult for me to enforce the first rule during the event, but I will be going
  10. So I was going to write out a long reply but then I figured it would be better as a general guide, so you can read it here! Bulbapedia and Smogon are both really helpful resources as well.
  11. What are the 6 main stats and where do they come from? A Pokémon’s combat ability is determined by their base stats, Individual Values (IVs), Effort Values (EVs), natures, and their level. There are several different calculators you can find online to help get into the nitty-gritty details of any Pokémon’s stats, but that’s pretty advanced and outside of competitive battling settings they’re not really important. For the sake of using the bot effectively I’m only going to explain base stats, IVs, and natures. There are six permanent stats: Hit Points (HP) determine how much damage a
  12. Many of you guys have gotten involved with the new PokeTwo bot on the Discord server and it's been a lot of fun! It's a great bridge in the community as more experienced Pokémon fans help newer players learn about all the different Pokémon and what they can do. That being said, the system for move sets and battling can get quite complicated, and even veterans of the series may be a bit confused by how the bot works or some functionality that is missing or different. This post is mainly meant to help new players understand the basics of a Pokémon's information and how that influences the d
  13. Reminder bump for this, you can sign up without having to dedicate the whole day or show up whenever and hopefully get a pick-up game going!
  14. I nominate @MadCast: JigglesTheFett for the Tech Support award after all his patience and helpfulness today! If he already has that specific one then he definitely deserves a fellowship award.