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    Married since Oct 2017, drawing since I was 3, realized my true calling as a cat around 2006
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  1. In order to participate you must reply to this post declaring which time slot(s) you are signing up for and confirming that you have read and understand all of the rules. On Saturday you must pay the entry fee of 1,000 pokecoins to me at the beginning of the event and I will purchase the incense at each start time. You can show up the day of the event and request a slot, but you will have less priority than anyone that signed up on the website even if they signed up for more than one slot. I also recommend showing up early to make sure you don't miss any of the timer. If you are not there on t
  2. This event is for anyone that is comfortable using the poketwo bot, because it will require a certain amount of experience, patience, and speed when it matters. This coming Saturday I'm going to run a group event featuring incense. An incense costs 10,000 coins, and I will have a unique temporary channel with only 10 people at a time with the role and permissions to see it. The incense spawns a pokemon every 20 seconds for an entire hour, and so some rules must be in place for fairness. In all honesty it might be difficult for me to enforce the first rule during the event, but I will be going
  3. So I was going to write out a long reply but then I figured it would be better as a general guide, so you can read it here! Bulbapedia and Smogon are both really helpful resources as well.
  4. What are the 6 main stats and where do they come from? A Pokémon’s combat ability is determined by their base stats, Individual Values (IVs), Effort Values (EVs), natures, and their level. There are several different calculators you can find online to help get into the nitty-gritty details of any Pokémon’s stats, but that’s pretty advanced and outside of competitive battling settings they’re not really important. For the sake of using the bot effectively I’m only going to explain base stats, IVs, and natures. There are six permanent stats: Hit Points (HP) determine how much damage a
  5. Many of you guys have gotten involved with the new PokeTwo bot on the Discord server and it's been a lot of fun! It's a great bridge in the community as more experienced Pokémon fans help newer players learn about all the different Pokémon and what they can do. That being said, the system for move sets and battling can get quite complicated, and even veterans of the series may be a bit confused by how the bot works or some functionality that is missing or different. This post is mainly meant to help new players understand the basics of a Pokémon's information and how that influences the d
  6. Absolute Drift is a fun car driving sim with challenges and a relaxing environment! Free until the 25th on Epic Games. Rage 2 is also free, and I've never played it but it seems to be similar to Borderlands so maybe give it a try?
  7. Reminder bump for this, you can sign up without having to dedicate the whole day or show up whenever and hopefully get a pick-up game going!
  8. I nominate @MadCast: JigglesTheFett for the Tech Support award after all his patience and helpfulness today! If he already has that specific one then he definitely deserves a fellowship award.
  9. Sometimes I hit that art block or I just can't decide what to make. Pokemon are usually pretty simple in design, so if you'd like for me to maybe draw a pokemon for you feel free to drop a request in here. I make no promises to get to it, but I am also always open for commissions if you'd like to get something more refined! I've also made stickers and sticker sheets~
  10. Send me a DM or tag me if you're interested in trading something. I'd prefer to exchange Pokémon of similar IV% but that's not a make-or-break. I'd potentially trade for things other than what is listed here, and I'll also consider 2-for-1 trades or other alternative offers. I'm pretty flexible DISCLAIMER: I'll be editing this post over time, but there's no guarantee that I will still have a Pokémon when you request it. I like to give some Pokémon to new players for free. OFFERING: Aron, Level 20, 69% Axew, Level 27, 67% Chimchar, Level 10, 56% Cofagrigus,
  11. On Saturday two weeks from now I will be hosting an event for the game For The King that will start at 3PM EST and go until people are bored or tired. You can buy the game on a few different platforms, and it is currently free from Epic Games until February 11th. You can party up in groups of up to 3 people to go roaming in what is essentially a virtual D&D game. There are many things to find or unlock and there is a main campaign story as well as some prebuilt alternate game modes. I highly recommend it because it appeals to fans of tabletop but is also very beginner-friendly and has some
  12. Ok so I've had the weighted blanket for about 3 weeks now and it has had a significant impact. For the first week or so I would wake up a little sore or feeling stiff from the additional weight, but at this point I'm more accustomed to it and no longer have pains. It's not quite long enough to cover past my toes and all the way up to my neck, but it's also a lot warmer that our normal comforter and so leaving my shoulders uncovered helps balance it out. The cover is really nice and soft and I'm surprised at how little static electricity it builds up compared to a sweater or something. It helps
  13. I know in the recent past @MadCast: JigglesTheFett hosted the MadCast server, but either way I haven't played Minecraft, especially vanilla, in so long that I could lose at least a few days to it.
  14. Devil in the Details and Survive the Internet from Jackbox games!