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  1. Legoless will bid 1,000 gold pieces on this dagger, as well as offering to play the harp alongside Rodrigo at his next performance since he was professionally taught as a child.
  2. More info here!
  3. 4/04 - Event Not Found Just kidding, we're gonna be playing lots of and Jackbox games this Saturday, starting at 8p EST! These games are FREE to play and fun to watch, so everyone is welcome to hang out however they want to. Rounds are short and people will be rotated in and out so that anyone interested is able to get the opportunity to play.
  4. As Legoless walked down the well-trodden road he rubbed again at his eyes and tried to shake off the lingering lethargy. Despite collapsing in his cot exhausted last night, he hadn't slept well and his mind still felt greatly unsettled by what he had witnessed. Titian had spoken of taking Redrick to the small charity organization to recover from the traumatic experience, and Legoless wanted to meet with the deacon and perhaps gain some more explanation as to what occurred to help ease his own mind. As more and more traffic converged on the main highway, Legoless held his cloak closer to his body to conceal his rather heavy coin purse from any would-be theft. He was pretty certain that Visage would also keep it safe, but caution was always the wiser choice. The streets that lead up towards Mado Curas were rather busy in the morning, as local farmers and craftsmen brought their wares in towards the marketplace. There were also a few run-down wagons that brought in groups of laborers to work on the repairs around the city, with even more that followed behind on foot. They lived about half-mile away in a tent city of their own, and had to be taxied in and out every day. Seeing his destination ahead, Legoless broke off from the crowd right outside of the gates and turned down a short side path leading to the humble building of the Ko'Mai'Nu. In the yard before the building a kind-looking woman was supervising a small crew of people who were serving a simple morning porridge with meager slices of bread to the laborers that stopped on their way in to the city. He composed his face into a nonchalant but polite expression as he approached her, crossing his left arm to his right shoulder as he bowed his head in greeting. "Sorry to bother you when you're hard at work madame, but my name is Legoless Erenaur and I have come here in search of my companion, a wise tortle named Titian. Could you advise me to the best course of action I may take to find him, if he be here?"
  5. Legoless, 3/31/2020, 1,000 gold, 1 downtime, choosing the Thuderwave and Water Walk spells.
  6. @MadCast: Starlight: "Yay now we're spit friends!" ______________________________________________________________ @MadCast: Khaos "She starts laughing, like that scene from fight club." @MadCast: Kitty Stark: "I don't know what fight club is because no one ever talks about it."
  7. @MadCast: VoShay: " You can't blame me for your own ineptitude, you know." @MadCast: Khaos: "Of course I can."
  8. Legoless, level 5 Ranger, signing up as an alternate if no one else is able to join in on this session.
  9. Apologies as I am now doing the lady-D&D session on Monday night, but I'll pop in afterwards if I have time. Best of luck to everyone else and don't forget to ban Olaf!
  10. Legoless, level 5 elven Ranger, at your service for March 30th!
  11. You're a funny guy, Icarus. I should be there.
  12. Eyooooo
  13. Heyo, we're gonna be playing some more fun Jackbox Games this coming Saturday, March 28th, starting at 7pm EST. We even have the newest Jackbox Party Pack #6, which includes a lot of fun new games for everyone to try. I'll look forward to seeing you there, and as always anyone who signs up in this forum post will get priority for player slots in the games!
  14. I'm not sure how well I'll handle this thing but I'd try it at least once.
  15. I think the captain/drafting system was pretty good overall, because both teams felt balanced and I think the captains were responsible with their choices. The smack-talk part was also fun of course, especially when I won.
  16. Really happy to see your application! Best of luck and keep things poppin'.
  17. I'm sorry I missed the earlier events, but this was a lot of fun!
  18. Hip-hip hooray! I won't be around at the start of the event but I'll be sure to drop in as soon as I can, probably about an hour later.
  19. Legoless, level 5 Ranger, is signing up for the test session on Tuesday evening.
  20. Ask questions or get more info here~
  21. I will be running some more rounds of fun games tomorrow evening starting at 8pm EST from the JackBox Party Packs 1 and 3. People who sign up here in the forums will be given priority in positions to play the games, which most often max out at 8 main players. If you aren't a main player, you can still usually observe from the audience and have a minor collective role in whatever game is being played. Stop by for some shenanigans and feel free to bring your favorite drink!