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  1. I went back to play the grandma bit for my husband to hear and I realized that Kal forgot to mention that my slime character consumed the grandma afterwards, so there you go.
  2. Cool stuff, thanks for sharing! Reminds me of OverSimplified's channel...
  3. Great episode, and thanks much for the compliment Kal lol. In my defense the grandma was screaming at my character way before I attacked her so she had it coming. I also love the idea of "greatest crits!" Can't wait to listen in on the next episode.
  4. I find the lack of an official title during the first recording to be more than fitting considering the subject matter
  5. I won't be able to join in Friday, but I'd love to participate in an event like this on Sunday perhaps?
  6. Thanks for the compliment, although there is actually as "science" to this. That's why it's fun for me to get into, because I can tell you things about a character without ever playing the game and getting to know them. That's what great character design is all about, being able to tell you a story without words.
  7. I will be a backup anytime after 9pm if you guys aren't done by then
  8. So after a few of the Destiny 2 players expressed interest I went around in the game and did some basic character design breakdown on NPCs. Since they seemed to enjoy this I'm considering doing an event where I go through design breakdowns on characters that you choose. If this is something you'd be interested in, please fill out the poll questions. If there is significant interest I'll start an event up within a few weeks. DISCLAIMER: I am not a professional concept artist and did not go to college for art design. I am simply a big fan of character design and enjoy watching professional nerds talk about it for hours, so I've picked up some things. Don't get butthurt if I misinterpret something or miss a small detail. This is for fun!
  9. I'm down to try and speedrun Garden in less than an hour.
  10. What's the most "oh shit" moment you've had as a DM where you struggled to come up with something on the fly? Do you randomly get ideas for campaigns and save them to use later, or only brainstorm when you're planning for your current players? What is the funniest thing a player in your campaign did that you didn't expect? What is the most satisfying "ah ha!" moment you've had as a DM, where a player tried to be clever or throw you for a loop but you were actually prepared for it? How do you decide how many maps & NPCs to prepare for a given session/campaign to cover all potential avenues? Have you ever been frustrated or felt like you wasted effort preparing content that was never actually used? Do you toss it after or save the idea to recycle later? What inspires you when you feel stuck on prepping material?
  11. Quick update! I totally blanked on it being a holiday weekend for MadCasters in the US, and I as well as many others will be busy spending time with family or what-have-you. The event is being bumped up to next Saturday, with the same game themes. See you next week!
  12. I'd say I definitely understood the basics and how certain skills were used, although the actual dice structure system is still a little confusing to me. However, The virtual interface made it a lot simpler to play and understand VTM, and was easy to navigate so that I could read more about the world, my character, and other information while not actively participating. I think you made all of the NPCs fun to interact with without being too cliché, and you did well to keep rolling with our eccentric characters. I know it was necessary for the nature of this event, but I was a bit thrown off by a lack of other NPCs looking for our recently-deceased characters, or any sort of police involvement or investigation after a car-chase with shooting. I know there's more to be told there or a deeper explanation you'd have for this world being the way it is, and I regret that we didn't have time to really get into all those explanations. As far as I recall there weren't many sensitive topics that were broached during our session, but all things considered I would trust you to handle all of those issues well if they come up. I liked the checklist you shared in the Discord and think that's an excellent reference when you run this type of event again. Really it was just a great time hanging out and I liked how everyone chose to play their characters. You did a great job setting everything up in advance as much as you could, and kept us on track for the most part while still letting us as players control how and where we followed the story.
  13. Jackbox featuring Fill-in-the-blank games!
  14. This week's Jackbox Games theme is Fill-In-The-Blank! The featured games are Quiplash 2, Mad Verse City, Survive the Internet, and Split the Room. Post here to get priority in the lobby and drop in Discord 10 minutes early to get first choice of what game we play.
  15. Can't wait to see you running your own Town Hall Jiggles!
  16. I'll sign up as an alternate/sub if anyone has to leave early, since I get out of work at 8pm and won't be online until at least 8:30
  17. This week is focused on trivia-centric Jackbox Games