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    Hi. My Name is Sebastian. but you can call me Pup. I'm 20 gay. ;3 and single.
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  1. Pup

    Pup Reaply

    hi There my name is pup and im re applying for candicy for full member, i messed up last time, but this time i hope i can show that i am mdcast mateirial, ty and hope to play
  2. HI there My name is Pup. And welcome back to Eyes Through A Noob sorry about the delay on the next post was just searching for a worthy topic. ok so akali, supposedly high skill cap very complicaited champ yes. Wrong!, she is insainly ez to do anything with litteraly all you have to do is poke with q and use w to take no damage from enemies even their fucking towers, its great fun, balanced i think not but fun. i suggest this champ to anyone top lane bruiser is pretty good same with glass cannon mid, but do not take to the jungle it has 0 creep clear and no sustain you will just feed this is pup and this has been eyes through a noob, I hope to see you on the Rift
  4. Player Name: I Am Soare| Level: 25 Rank: Unknown I am signing up as free agent! unwilling to captain i do not have enough knowlege to do so
  5. HI there i was just wondering what are some good champs for me to learn since i am new. but good champs that are still fun and don't just feel brainless like malphite/mundo
  6. I do not have much to say as i am still new to this game but, i am having fun.
  7. Pup


    Crit adc's will be comeing back according to a few streamers prices and other stuff on crit items are being lowerd to make them viable again. im kind of excited ^.^ now i can learn adc
  8. i don't have any yet. but i will one day
  9. Hi There, I am Pup. And welcome back to another post of Eyes Through A Noob. so today ill be talking about my frustration with the bot lane. it seems simple one takes cs and one pokes but to me it feels like more then that. learning each champion and knowing when to actually take or give poke is hard, i chose to learn the bot lane because it feels like the most fun. and dont get me wrong it is fun, i wouldn't be playing if it wasn't haha, basically i feel as though the bot lane wins off of whoever has more cc. and that anoyes me what are you suppose to do against heavy cc. take this for example i was against a leona vayne and they just dived after dive before i know it vayne is 6/1 and i can't do anything cs stand under tower or even walk into lane sometimes. bot lane is fun yes, but its also confusing, when to take cs? when to go for trade? what even is a actual trade? how to manage bot lane wave? theese are all questions that a noob has, and for a noob theese are frustrating factors, because always feeling like your doing bad. or your not usefull, or even just not csing properly can bring down ones spirit for those who are new to the game. being a noob and seeing someone whose way better is inspiring especially for adc its impressive and gives me hope. but that brings me to my next top on, the current "meta" of the bot lane people say its gonna go back to adc and support but im trying to learn adc in the meta that there is now its insainly hard should i give up? should i stick with it? what should a noob like me do against a brand pyke in the botlane as ashe or jhin. should i even play jhin is he good. theese are things that not just looking up can answer it has to come from expierince and i know that but expierince isn't always fun when your getting trashed on every second. what should i do you guys tell me once again i am Pup. And this has been Eyes Through A Noob. I hope to see you on the RIft
  10. I feel as though it shouldn't be considerd a support i may be new but a support that can 1v2 and 1 shot both of you is no support
  11. Hi There I am Pup, And welcome back to another post of Eyes Through A Noob todays topic is a bit differen't and probably not expected. The Jungle. now what is the jungle well through a noobs eyes. its basically another form of getting both gold and experience. Do we actually need a jungler or do people go it because it allows them to free farm more easily. why not have just another support top laner who could support so called "Jg champs" its a process that is very hard to understand. look at it this way say you have a garen top vs aatrox top and your getting stomped the whole time but the "jungler" never actually comes to help from either team instead their bot lane or in another lane you try to play safe but it just doesn't work. what do you do. i've done some research and i belive it was either season 2 or 3 where the jungler was created before that it was always 2 top, and to me it felt like it was suppose to be like that for a reason, acording to league wiki the jg camps use to give buffs for killing them not just one but all of them allowing the team to get poision autos. vision in jungle red buff blue buff so forth. making it easier for it to be 2 top 1 mid and 2 bottom. having 2 top allowed one lanner in the top lane to get all the cs with ease while the other supported them in their strife. to me i feel as though junglers are useless but what do i know im a noob. Let me hear your veiws and what all of you think did i say something wrong? do you not like my opinion, or do you agree with me? Once Again I Am Pup And this has been Eyes Through A Noob. I Hope To See You on the RIFT
  12. Hi I'm Pup. and i am very new to league of legends, And this will start my new Post series Eyes Through A Noob over the last 2 weeks i have been playing league. and early on the tutorials don't really teach you what you need to do to actually win the game or even what items to buy vs certin match ups. When we play bots early on. it teaches you that their are 2 top. 1 mid. and 2 bot. it shows you stuff in lanes that shouldn't work. then when you hit level 3 its the same thing. 2 top 1 mid 2 bot. but as you progress to level 9-11 people start to flame you for 2 top. and not really knowing how to play the game. you run into a lot of smurfs who just stomp on you and then brag about it making the game not fun at all. i'll admit i almost uninstalled a few times. I feel as though Riot should make it easier for new players to actually get into the game. cause i feel as though they lose alot of people for the game feeling so hard and almost impossible to learn as you get stommped on by random smurfs. or even flamed in bots by smurfs who are grinding levels. IDK tell me what ya'll Think This has been Eyes Through A Noob. I am Pup. And i hope to see you on the Rift