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  1. Lizzie, do I need to have kept the shader? Or just obtained it?
  2. @MadCast: Kitty Starklate to the party but I sleep with one every night. I've always been someone who moves a lot when I sleep and it has helped immensely in reducing that. I use a bamboo cover.
  3. I'll bring my harvester - i have never done this raid
  4. Join me tonight for a watch Party for the new Borat movie, a Friday night at the movies with friends if you will. We'll have a voice and text channel open, shared laughter and small comments are welcomed, but respect for peoples viewing experience is also required. The only requirement is that you have an Amazon Prime Video account, as we will be using their Watch Party feature.
  5. Hey, I've never played but I'm down. Do I need to read your post first Mike?
  6. Turns out i don't have enough time to get everything done for Ignazis but i'll still run
  7. I will be there, but need to figure out which one I can get to best between now and then. Will investigate tonight. Edit again: ready for pit
  8. Is this thing still live? Are we doing garden instead of last wish? I'll be available around 930
  9. If you like light-hearted comedy. I recommend Kim's Convenience on Netflix
  10. I'm all fairness it was shrimp tempura