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  1. "B", with a heavy preference for Saturday Night unless we can begin earlier (2AM finishes are rough), then I am far more flexible.
  2. I have just a small request. Can we get a dedicated LD&D Chat channel on Discord, or ensure that announcements for potential gametimes be made on the forums? As someone with a limited amount of time during the day, it can be very tough to sort through the entire Tabletop chat channel to find out when runs may be happening, and I have missed a fair number just from being uninformed. If its too much of a pull, it's not a big deal, but I Just want to be able to roleplay with you fine folks.
  3. I am on-board if its a Saturday or Sunday night, others are very tentative.
  4. I enjoy mafia, but the one problem that i see is that there is very little incentive for the Mafia to lose the game. By that I mean, while there is a potential for more points as the mafia on the losing team (max of 10 pts vs. max of 7 pts on the winning team), the likelihood of being found out as mafia on the winning team drastically goes down if the mafia decides NOT to throw. I had the chance to play RL mafia for the first time last week, and the setup is quite different. Teams are smaller, and there is only one mafia. If the mafia's team wins, everyone except for the mafia gets equal points, including the losing team - which punishes a mafia who failed to throw. The other thing that is challenging is how many points the winning team receives vs. the losing team. The winning team and the winning mafia split between 22-24 points, depending on how the vote goes. The losing team splits 14 points regardless of how the vote goes. I think that the opportunity exists to create a more balanced game by closing this gap. My Proposal is as follows: Provide a total of 16 points to each team. Losing team Mafia gets 4 points, and an additional 2 points for each person on their team who does not guess them. Each member of the losing team gets 1 point, and 2 additional points for guessing the mafia. Winning team mafia gets 0 points, and an additional 1 point for each person on their team who does not guess them. Winning team members get 3 points, and 1 additional point for guessing the mafia. Just a thought, and welcome to discuss this or other potential changes.
  5. Hello all, I just purchased RL for PC after taking some time away from it on Xbone. Looking to play some when I'm not on league. Hoping to get involved with more of the community.
  6. Greeting MadCast fam! Earlier today I was working on a personal project and thought that there may be some of you out there with ideas similar to mine but that needed a helping hand. I have been drafting and modelling for almost 20 years, sometimes as a hobby, sometimes for work, and very seldom on the side for pay. I am an engineer by trade, but I have dabbled in the more creative, though my background is certainly in the more practical elements of design. Currently, most of my modelling is for hobby and home projects. I've got a high success rate in getting my wife to buy off on my projects because I draft them all first. All of that to say is, if you have an idea or a project that you would like some help with, whether in conceptual design, prototype modelling, or ready to print parts, hit me up! I'm not charging or asking for any money, just apparently too bored with my day-to-day and looking to help out.
  7. I don't see this as a blanket statement so much as it is a general set of guidelines. I originally brought up the question because there was an associate discussing using marijuana while in the discord with a group, not at an event, but quite noticeable and pervasive, but I wasn't sure if I should approach that. With this guidance, I would have asked that they tone down the talk on how high they were, the bong hits they were taking, etc. If someone were to discuss its use for medicinal purposes, I wouldn't even think to mention it.
  8. How do we address things like marijuana, where some places it is legal and some places it is illegal? Do we have a blanket policy? I come from one of those areas where it isn't' legal so it peaks up my ears when I hear it discussed, but I don't want to overstep.
  9. I won't be on right at launch but I want to be on Oreo's team.
  10. Congrats! I'm late but still so happy for you
  11. Hello MadCast fam. I have never played any of the Borderlands games, but I find myself wondering if I should. Convince me one way or the other. Things that matter to me in a game: > Multiplayer - it's not fun if I can't play with friends > Replayability - will i play for a month or a year? > Pick up and put down ability - can I play at my leisure? If I walk away for a month, can I come back and still keep pace with my homies? Let me know if you're picking it up and if I should join you