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  1. My dear ginger-bearded, nat-1 rolling DM, thank you for your efforts,and for bringing me in , and coaching me along, and introducing me to a new passion and a half of MadCast that I might have not otherwise met.
  2. The last 30 minutes in my head: "This is the story of a girl, who cried a river and drowned the whole world..." Damn you!
  3. Date of Purchase - 5/17/2020 Gold Before Purchase: 6176 gp Gold After Puchase: 776 GP Ethereal Stone (5,600 gp) - This finely engraved piece of alexandrite is covered in intricate rune work and seems nearly transparent with an otherworldly quality. When this stone is affixed to a nonmagical weapon, the weapon gains the Ethereal property, existing in both this and the Ethereal Plane. The weapon gains a +1 bonus and when used against an incorporeal creature deals an additional 2d6 damage. This weapon glows with a pale, purple light when incorporeal creatures are within 500ft. If affixed instead to a nonmagical piece of armor, the armor gains a +1 bonus, and provides advantage on all saves against force spells, as well as disadvantage to all incorporeal creatures who attack you. The armor also glows with a pale, purple light when incorporeal creatures are within 500ft. Selling Splint Mail - 200 GP
  4. 5/17/20 Downtime Before Purchase: 30 days Downtime After Purchase: 0 days Sacred Rights - 3 days [10 total] - Roll = 6 days of inspiration Training the Company of Light in 2-Handed Combat - 11 Days + 900GP = Plate Armor Research Auto-Resurrection of Followers of the Cinder King - 14 Days
  5. Rhogar, Level 7 War Cleric, Tuesday May 19th - I'll take war journal duty as well.
  6. Update Munsa - Bonus XP from my last session with Prince brings Rhogar to a Level 7 for tuesday.
  7. Munsa, can I pre-volunteer to make the War Record entry for the Tuesday session?
  8. I had a thought the other day that it could be fun to hold a "pub quiz" team trivia event. Right now, just gauging interest in such an event. Would probably be small teams, 3-4 - and the honor system applies to ensure that you are not breaking the rules. Before I set up the event, would like to see who would be interested.
  9. You can just play anyway and lose terribly 😈
  10. Well I guess we'll have to find someone to 3 way this trade.
  11. I have had a hankering for some Catan lately, and found this little site that allows us to play online for free. For this first run, we'll have to limit the players to 4, unless we get a big turnout then I'll work with someone else to host another game - it's free. If try#1 goes well I'll spring for a subscription and increase the fun. Reply below if you want to join. It will only cost you 3 sheep and 2 wood. 1. Suixide 2. Kitty 3. DSO 4. Goku 5. 6.