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    I'm a true gamer. All games I play. Bored games, video games, cards games, social games. I love them all. I also love foxes and drawing many things.
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  1. Velevara is reporting for duty for the 16th, druid/warlock lv6
  2. Hiwo! Social Saturday is happen at normal time of 8pm EST. Come join I'll be hosting some good ol jack box.
  3. Thanks Kitty and I will definitely let someone know. Ikoro is a very young young world and still brimming with natural life. There parts of the world that have been undiscovered or explored. The Northern continents is very much like warren kingdoms and very much a melting pot for many races. As they consistently be fight over land and other rights cause there hasn't been anyone to rule over them since an assassination took place to out the person and his court in power. The central continent is heavily influence by elven culture from the massive cathedrals that seem to layered itself down a massive cliff side yet still seamlessly still flow gracefully with the nature around by you different metal filigree to help keep the flow. The dwarves are also here as well but haven't been seen or let alone heard from in ages. The south is unexplored due to dangerous sea monster that seem to stop most travel in that direction. The story always changes from leviathan to sirens, and even gods themselves tell them to turn around. To the West is quiet baren and the few people that live there are nomadic tribes of sort that live where they find oasis as they travel. Notably the tribe that stands out is the forged salamanders which is a very warrior concentric tribe of dragonborns . To east the mountainous area of the Icy Bellows which are massive mountains that almost seem to touch space itself. As for whats up there not much knows. There are also several island about that maybe one or two people have explored or seen. Small town feel free to add as your leisure if you need more information bout a place go ahead and ask.
  4. It a mixture of both almost any character can work. the city area is a mixture of a lot of nature with very decorative metal filigree.
  5. I'm looking to do a session zero on may 5th at 6pm EST. It when we would address character creation, backstory, and any expectation either you have for me or each other if time doesn't work for you please let me know. In the mean time please come up with a general concept for your character and a rough back story for them. If you want some thing a bit more secretive please let me know when we will set up an separate session zero for you. If you can though please show up for season zero for expectations.
  6. To Whom ever it concerns, Ikoros, a world of wild nature and adventure just waiting to be explored. I'm looking for a few brave adventures to join me on this epic campaign, but there trouble brewing as time passes. I need a few brave heroes to help the good people in this world roughly 4 to 5. The must be brave, smart, courageous, and have time to play a few hours. This isn't no 1 day trip to the next town over but a life time fight to help others. The prep work to start our journey starts when everyone arrives. If you consider yourself brave enough to embark on this journey please send a letter back. On another note I'm look for a set small group that is will to put a 4 to 5 hours away a week to sit down and play. I been putting this world together for a almost a year and well thought out just need so character to spice it up. We will be using very little of roll 20 due to the fact we gonna be using theater of the mind. We might use it for encounters and easy character sheet setup. I do tend to run a very heavy roleplaying session and I like to make sure there is a way to avoid almost every encounter. We won't be using the xp system as I use milestone and basically give you levels when you complete a good story arch or you have earned one. I hope to eventually illustrate some of the locations and character interaction eventually when I get my last tool that i need. Lastly I'm look to record the campaign and posting it so in that regards I'm still hoping some will be will to participate. I available everyday so if you have an question or interested pm me or at me.
  7. Velavara ready for action. druid lv3 - warlock lv1
  8. Hiya everyone. Do you want to lie to your friends and ruin friendship and trust no one? Well that is Deceit. I game about figuring out is infect and wants to kill you all while trying to escape, completing random objectives and being in the dark while monster run at you. I would really like to do an in house of it and I think it would be great to figure it. It is a free to play game so no cost to even try it. So if you would be up for it let me know. Thank you 🤭
  9. I wish you the best for your candidacy. 😶. 😋
  10. I want to thank everyone that did message back but I will not be running everything with there not being enough interest to run it as a whole. Thank you for the time and consideration.
  11. Your guys pumpkins look amazing sadly I wasn't able to do one this year.