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    I'm a true gamer. All games I play. Bored games, video games, cards games, social games. I love them all. I also love foxes and drawing many things.
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  1. Velavara 4th druid. I always ready to help. Wednesday 25th.
  2. Hiya everyone. Do you want to lie to your friends and ruin friendship and trust no one? Well that is Deceit. I game about figuring out is infect and wants to kill you all while trying to escape, completing random objectives and being in the dark while monster run at you. I would really like to do an in house of it and I think it would be great to figure it. It is a free to play game so no cost to even try it. So if you would be up for it let me know. Thank you 🤭
  3. I wish you the best for your candidacy. 😶. 😋
  4. I want to thank everyone that did message back but I will not be running everything with there not being enough interest to run it as a whole. Thank you for the time and consideration.
  5. Your guys pumpkins look amazing sadly I wasn't able to do one this year.
  6. I would love to run a dnd campaign of my own creation. I would like to get 3 to 4 people at least if not more. It's a different type of world beside your normal fantasy setting and would love to talk about it more if it gets some interest. If your interest leave a message below and I'll get with you and give more information. I have spent a few months build this world and people in it. It will be harder and some things are gonna be limited as it a survival world. The world itself is very wild by nature and the people are always moving to keep out of the trails of great beast that wonder the area. The land grows thick and the different landscape change greatly over the world. From dense jungle to artic cilmates and dark dense swamps. No true city's truely exist. Many have tried to and many have failed. I really hope to run a wonderful campaign for MadCast.
  7. Hello my fellow MadCast. My name is Lillith or Lilli or Star which ever suits you. I'm now 20 about turn 21. I Love the color of Purple. I love playing games of all skill levels (even if I'm severely out of my league) cause it can always reach you something new. I love to draw and make new art 💙 and I plan to take up streaming. I play a lot of league and try to be on everyday. I may seems shy or queit but your sadly mistaken. There tends to usually be lots of noise in channels so I tend to go by the rule speak when spoken to and will always take the chance to talk to. So see you on the rift 😋😋 The first time going through all of MadCast had help me tremendously with a lot of my social anxieties. So I back to get my membership back and able to participate better. I would also like to thank @MadCast: Kitty Stark for staying with me even as I didn't have a computer or been able to get online to see and chat with everyone in MadCast. She is a huge reason I am reenergized to apply and make a even strong come back into MadCast. I am reapplying for full membership.
  8. Always a thing to keep track of which could between a kill or a death. Thanks for the great videos as always support