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  1. Could I have Control? @MadCast: TheMaesen
  2. You can use this to run mock battles too. There's even a random battle team option, really helpful, and fun. It will help you get used to movesets, and differenct comps.
  3. Do you thing this looks good for someone with no experience? @MadCast: Dez @MadCast: Epic
  4. That's a lot of good info. Thank you! @MadCast: Dez Another friend sent me this. Would this work to help me get some basics?
  5. Hello, I hope everyone is doing okay. I have been wrestling with the idea of changing career paths for a while, and thinking about trying something software related. My main issue right now is that I don't have knowledge on the subject, and I have no idea where to start looking. A friend sent me this graph Comptia , and told me to learn Active directory, A+. She also told me learning CCNA if I'm thinking about an IT job. Again, I don't know what to do, or what to focus on. Any tips, or advice would be appreciated.
  6. Hello. General question. Was it hard to look for help? How did you found out you needed help?
  7. Wood Duck Evil looking haircut, red eyes, green head, and big cheeks!. Stylish fellow 10/10. I would be his henchman. Male: Female: Ducklings: -----------------------------
  8. Northern Shoveler Dapper fellows, green heads, and rare beaks. 10/10(they are green, duh) Male: Female: And more! -----------------------------------
  9. Canada Goose Handome, and mean. Canadians use them to store unkind thoughts 8/10.
  10. Green-Winged Teal Permanent baby face, green spots in face, and wings. 10/10 The female(left) has some colo this time!