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  1. I'll take the space cowboy. @MadCast: Kal
  2. Thank you @MadCast: Kal. Do we need to do anything else beforehand?
  3. Headsnachers free for 2 days on Humble Bundle. Sundered Eldritch Edition free on the Epic Store.
  4. Would it be okay for me to leave earlier?. If not ,I'm okay not leaving the slot open for someone else. I'm okay with pre-characters. Who's the best at seducing by the way😏?
  5. Any day besides Tuesday, and Sunday its okay for me. I would appreciate if it could be earlier than 930 est. How long will it take?
  6. Alan Wake, and For Honor Free until August 9.
  7. "Rebel Galaxy" free on the Epic Store.
  8. Enter the Gungeon free on the Epic Store.
  9. How dare you comparing me to that. His shirt if not tight enough, and has greasy hair.
  10. Kingdom New Lands free on the Epic Store.
  11. City of brass free on the Epic Store.
  12. I wonder if Shen would be able to ult either champion during Mordekaise'r ult, making a 2v1 in both scenarios.
  13. By proclaim of you majesty Zubon, @MadCast: QuantaMentat kneecaps have been eliminated. Unfortunatly this wasn't enough to kill him, as he survive with wounded status.