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  1. The Escapist 2 Free on Epic. Co-op game! Killing Floor 2 Free on Epic - Also co-op!
  2. Northern Shoveler Dapper fellows, green heads, and rare beaks. 10/10(they are green, duh) Male: Female: And more! -----------------------------------
  3. Canada Goose Handome, and mean. Canadians use them to store unkind thoughts 8/10.
  4. Green-Winged Teal Permanent baby face, green spots in face, and wings. 10/10 The female(left) has some colo this time!
  5. Your childhood walks over a path of malnourished ducks!
  6. Mallard Duck Green head, and gentle eyes. 10/10 Green is my favorite color. Female(left), and male(right).
  7. Hello! I would like Grip combat racing. Thank you for the giveaway.
  8. First champion that came out after you started the game:Aatrox First champion you played: Warwick First Penta kill: Nasus Favorite Champ: Warwick Cutest champ: Poppy Champ that needs nerf'd: Whatever beats me last game Champ that needs a buff: Warwick, and Poppy Hardest champ to play: Orianna Easiest champ to play: Warwick
  9. Hello. Sorry, I don't think I'll be available tomorrow, this month has been a bit hectic. If I can make some time, I'll get in to listen to you guys do shenanigans.
  10. I'll take the space cowboy. @MadCast: Kal
  11. Thank you @MadCast: Kal. Do we need to do anything else beforehand?