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  1. I have it and quite enjoy it if anyone wants to play. Though it's been a while.
  2. It's out today if y'all wanna play.
  3. Can confirm game is great, and it's on sale!
  4. If you get one, highly recommend getting the $30 cover for it as well as the blanket itself is a pain to wash sometimes.
  5. My primary care provider was able to recommend people to me and programs to join, all within my insurance network. It simply took scheduling that first visit. It took a while to get the initial consultation with the mental health center, as they're generally very busy, but once you get into their program I was offered intensive therapy 5 times a week, or a bi-monthly to ween into it. I'm very thankful that every time I've looked for help, whether in CO, CA, or PA that I've been able to follow that same plan of attack -- meet with a primary care provider, get a referral, find a mental hea
  6. Perma ban on my list, I play too many enchantress to deal with that break the shield BS.
  7. I'm leveling an alliance Hunter, and unlocking some allied races. My Priest on Horde is max leveled and geared for the gods so the event won't do much for that character.
  8. I've played at least 40 games with her on my team or against her on the PBE and she really needs tuned down. I feel like theyre going to release her as is to sell the "ultimate" skin (really just a legendary skin pack,) and then nerf her into the floor after getting their money.
  9. This role bot will allow those of us with longer names to have the option to express and support others. I will never force an agenda upon anyone.
  10. I'm pretty excited for this update. I'll be getting back into D2 when this drops. Right now I need a break cause it's too grindy. On that note, do we know if there's a reason to bring light level up before the next expansion or are they raising light level to a base minimum with equipment drops?
  11. This sounds like a hectic mess. I'm down.
  12. Bumping this. It's been almost two months, want to see where we are on this.
  13. L4D2 is one of my favorite games. Am I trash at it? Yes. Do I love it? Also yes.
  14. Petra's Run should be a lot simpler now. In my day we had to walk uphill both ways in six feet of snow to get our Petra's Run.
  15. Sign me up I'm so down. EDIT: Please know that I want to join, but my game is still having visual latency that makes it unplayable for me. I've been trying to fix the issue but do not know what is wrong. So I'll be sitting this one out so I don't drag any team down.
  16. Oh hosh posh bigosh, your food looks great.
  17. I have that, also Gauntlet, Torchlight, and Magicka 2, if you count those. I love all of those games.
  18. Currently Playing: Slay The Spire, Hearthstone, Legends of Runeterra, MTG:A Has Experience With: Yugioh, Pokemon, Card Fight Vanguard, Gwent It falls under the umbrella of Hearthstone, but they have a battlegrounds game mode that now allows people to make private matches. It's an auto-chess of sorts for drafting and I think it's a lot of fun. It's not necessarily a TCG but it feels a lot like real time deck building.
  19. Just a note, PC and MAC are currently unable to coop on BL2 at the moment.
  20. Doesn't bother me at all, feel free to message me and ask away, or just drop them here and I can respond inline.