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  1. I love these unique kits. It must be hard to make new champions that don't feel like recycled version of others. Sure she has elements that are sort of like Shaco and Leblanc but also very unique. I think she'll be fun to play and probably very hard to balance.
  2. Hey y'all. I love reading new patch notes. Preseason notes just got released today. Patch will go live tomorrow (11/20) You can read the patch notes here: Let's talk about some of the changes and theorize how it will change the game. Here's some thoughts I had about some of the changes. Just the first things I had reactions to. But first, I wanted to laugh at Riot's notion that these changes are smaller in scope than previous pre-seasons. I think they're massive. Huge changes to the game meta incoming:
  3. Holy cow awesome. I'm so shit at this game. Congrats dude.
  4. Hey sorry I missed this yesterday. Can't wait for the next one.
  5. Hey y'all I totally thought this was MadCats not MadCast. If anyone else can relate to my dyslexia put your hdans up! I played League with some of your members a few weeks ago and had a really good time. I don't remember their names but it was a double-stuffed blasterino if you know what I'm saying. I'm pretty good at League of Legends and I like to play with other people. Outside of that, I really like animal or nature-themed trivia, I prefer pants to shorts (wassup winter welcome to my world), if I get a fruit salad that's composed of only melons, honeydew, apples, and grape