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  1. Come around for casual games with friends! Possibilities include but are not limited to Cards Against Humanity,,, and more!
  2. It's your friendly neighborhood announcement bot! Here to host this weekend's Social Saturday, with fun times outside of Jackbox including (but not limited to) Cards Against Humanity and, and of course any other games the people may want to play. has happened in the past so that's an option, too! See you there!
  3. Given he's Yasuo's brother and the kit he has, I do have to agree a little. However I also think his play style will be different enough that they will both be useful in different scenarios. Perhaps they could even compliment each other. I'd have to watch the video again to talk more specifically but yeah that's what I got for now.
  4. I am nominating the following for the Destiny Raider award: @MadCast: Qrow @MadCast: Mandalorian @MadCast: LizzieJay @MadCast: Pantyzzz @MadCast: The Prince @MadCast: TheMaesen @MadCast: Kitty Stark @MadCast: doublestufforeo @MadCast: Suix @MadCast: LithiumLilli @MadCast: NastyTaxi EDIT: they have been given.
  5. MadCast: Qrow

    One Shot 5E

    Kal is looking to run a scenario as prep for running the scene slightly differently in a campaign. This will involve clearing a trail currently inhabited by a White Dragon, amongst others..... We will start at 7pm EST, you can create a level 9 character (contact me for Homebrew or UA stuff but likely I will say "Fuck yes!"). This is open to MadCast Full Members and above, looking for 3-5 characters. We will use Roll20 and Zoom, you dont have to share your webcam. We can use discord if you have a lower spec PC. Lemme know.
  6. Sign me up Let me adjust my answer to say depending on traffic from work, I could be a little bit late, but shouldn't be much on a Sunday, if at all.