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  1. APOLOGIES it starts at 9pm EST, I had brain fart when I made this post. See y'all at 9p EST.
  2. Hello League players! It's time again for Mafia. We're in the last week and the new bot is up and running some come out for the title of Mafia Don. As usual, the start time is 9pm EST.
  3. That is wonderfully appropriate, and it has been given.
  4. They have been given. (also thank you I'm glad I could help out)
  5. Starlight told me she can't completely host since she's still having internet problems, so I'll be the unofficial host, and we can hang out and figure out something to do!
  6. Join Lizzie for some catching up, be you new or experienced in Destiny 2. "May's day is the 24th, because even though the last Sunday is the week after, I like this day more. With the new season starting on June 9th, I think doing this 2 weeks before the new season is better. More time to catch up on things on later days." -@MadCast: LizzieJay
  7. To hydrate or to sanitize, decisions decisions.....
  8. This would be a great way to finish off my academic year, as I turn my last thing in Thursday.
  9. I would love to partake in this, knowing my schedule will become non-existent once May starts.