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  1. Among Us with (hopefully) proximity chat. Light-hearted and fun!
  2. Hello all! Join me this Saturday at the noted time for some fun, casual games! We'll try to get proximity chat going. Hope to see you there. * As an official event, Among Us is subject to the Code of Conduct, and attendance counts towards helping fulfill one of the Terms of Full Membership (9) for FM+. Attendance in this case is defined by participating in 1 or more rounds.
  3. A night of Among Us to please the masses.
  4. Hello hello! This lovely Friday afternoon/evening, we will be having some casual Among Us in the server. The modes will change depending on who shows up, but could range from normal to proximity chat to Hide n' Seek to speed rounds. Hope to see you all there! EDIT: This is being moved ahead to Thursday night!
  5. Just obtained it. Once you've obtained it, it's in your collections, and should you ever decide to use it, you can buy it straight from collections.
  6. Relaxed, festive games with friends. Or however relaxed and festive space-murdering your friends can be.
  7. Hello all, This Saturday, we're going to have some relaxed Among Us games, going with whatever maps the people are feeling. Dress up in game with your most festive wear to celebrate the holiday season. I hope everyone is safe and doing well. See you at 7pm eastern on Saturday night!
  8. Yo mama so fat, I took a picture of her last Christmas and it's still printing.
  9. Among Us, but people pair up and speak for the other person whenever their character is addressed. Details in the event post.
  10. Hello everyone! This Saturday, we will play a silly version of epic-ly silly proportions. People will pair up and speak for the other person, no matter the role. Example: My space bean would have the name "Kitty Stark" above it, and Kitty's would have the name "Qrow" above it, and I speak whenever people address the space bean known as "Qrow", and vice versa. I anticipate laughs and confusion. Prepare thine beanie booties.
  11. Some casual Polus games this weekend
  12. Hello all! I hope your holiday season is starting off well! We'll be playing some casual Polus this Sunday. I hope to see many of you there, that would make me quite happy.
  13. @MadCast: Jay has been given the FM Event host award for running the Among Us event 11/21/2020.
  14. Hi everyone! Qrow will be on a trip to Europa this weekend, so I will be your captain for this excursion. Planning to play a bit of regular Among Us on Polus and maybe try out a 'One Voter Mode'! -MadCast: Jay
  15. Reverse Among Us (no talking during rounds)
  16. Greetings space beans. This weekend, we will be in constant communication, except for during meetings. That's right, reverse Among Us. The main rules are 1) no talking when dead, or making death sounds, and 2) no talking during a meeting, starting as soon as button or body is called. See you all on Sunday!
  17. Normal on Polus, Hide n Seek on Skeld. See you there!
  18. Hello everyone! Apologies for the late notice. This weekend we'll be getting back to some hide and seek on Skeld, and some normal Among Us on Polus to get more playtime on that map before changing up the game modes there. Hope to see y'all there!
  19. Experienced-with-the-boss-fight-helper-person signing up!
  20. Dead candidates, yes. Alive and well full members now.
  21. @MadCast: horsedolphin3 and @MadCast: jax_skellington have been given these awards posthumously.
  22. It's spooky season.
  23. It's spooky season, which calls for spooky costumes in this totally spooky murder game. "Much spook" -MadCast: Kitty Stark Name yourself after your costume. Ideas include but are limited to your imagination: Witch, Cat, Werewolf, Doctor, Police Officer, Astronaut, Bear, Pumpkin, Angel, Devil, Bat, Sheriff, Jason, Carrot...
  24. Support has been given the gold fellowship commendation.