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  1. I fully endorse this application...
  2. Nice edit there sir, don't be living in the past, especially in 2013...
  3. Looks nice dude, good work!
  4. I wouldnt mind something on those lines, but save those for chase comps imo, like 9 inferno, or 4 electric. Definitely harder to get.
  5. Streaming it and having recordings of each match are prolly a good idea as well.
  6. I've dropped more money than I'd care to admit on supporter packs for Path of Exile...
  7. Hello everyone, Path of Exile's 3.9.0 update Conqueror's of the Atlas was finally revealed at the first ever Exilecon! Launching along beside it is it's challenge league Metamorph! Conqueror's of the Atlas Trailer Metamorph Challenge League Trailer We have a jam-packed new expansion here with a lot of content coming when this all launches on Dec. 13th, and I will try to update this post with all the relevant information and resources that have been posted. If anyone finds anything they think should be added to this post, please feel to post it below and I will edit this post and add it in. In other news, they have also given us a first look at their 4.0.0 update that's supposedly on track for a release at the end of 2020. And it's called Path of Exile 2! Path of Exile 2 Trailer Path of Exile 2 Gameplay Preview They also announced they're working on a mobile game, which was quite a hilarious announcement thanks to blizzard's recent actions. It's called Path of Exile Mobile. Path of Exile Mobile Trailer There's been a lot talked about via their live stream and that's just day 1 of the coverage at Exilecon. So if you haven't been watching it, tune in today around 3pm est for another evening of jam packed coverage about all the new content, and until then, catch up on all the things you may have missed from day one of their stream. Livestream from day 1 - ziggy talks with kripp and tarke starting at 35:15, and the actual keynote presentation begins at 1:19:36 Official Twitch Live Channel - Watch today's live stream here, link your path of exile account to your twitch account and watch to earn drops, no prime sub necessary. Reddit Compiled Information Post - Mods are doing a great job at compiling all the new information here, so a great reference point as well. Make sure to check out the Path of Exile chat channel in discord as we'll have all sorts of content being posted in there as well. Again, if I miss something, be sure to post a link to it here so I can add it into this main post! As a final reminder, the new 3.9.0 expansion and it's challenge league start Dec 13th at (presumably) 3pm est. So get your vacation time lined up and get ready to have some fun!
  8. The live stream announcement is TODAY and starts at 3pm est. If you're on the fence about getting into Path of Exile or already a full fledged Exile and can't wait to see what's in store for the game in the future, check out the links below and be around for the official announcement today! What you can win by watching! Watch it here LIVE!! EDIT: I will be around today in discord so come join me and watch the stream with friends!
  9. 1. If we're gonna do a tournament, there should be a sign up, plain and simple, so don't run into the whole "we don't have enough people" issue 2. First place in a TFT match should feel more rewarding than just 2 more points than second place. I think myself and @MadCast: Lunalesk have proven how easy it is to be in the top 4 in most games, so I agree 5th - 8th shouldn't be worth points. However, going from the 2nd - 4th places to 1st, requires quite a bit more skill and focus, not to mention a strong game plan for a build. Hence, it should feel rewarding when you finish 1st. I would bump a first place win up to 10 points, and leave the others where they are. 3. If you die to wolves, you forfeit. < - #TheMikeRule
  10. I just got my pre-order today of Cyhra's newest album No Halo's In Hell and I really can't stop listening to it. Found someone uploaded it to youtube so you can check it out below before buying it.
  11. Most people will prolly be hungover/still celebrating that day me thinks, so it might be wise to push it til the 9th of January.