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  1. I remember playing the old Battlefield games on my dad's pc, man, this takes it all way back, maybe I'll have to reintroduce myself to the series and FPS's in general for this one....
  2. Week 3 of TFT Tuesday. See below: https://www.madcastgaming.com/forums/topic/29321-tft-tuesday-august-31st-9pm-est/
  3. Thanks bud, I went back through and sure enough I didn't add game 4 to the scores, so I adjusted everything and re-uploaded the picture.
  4. Hey everyone, We had a really good showing this week and just wanted to thank everyone who came out and played. Our next event is next Tuesday August 31st at 9pm est, so in preparation I've linked the last two week's scoreboards below as well as resources from the first event's post. Also a new patch just hit today, so I'll be linking the patch notes as well as the rundown video from RiotMort himself down below. (video is longer, but gives more insight to changes than reading the direct changes in the notes). Week 1 Scoreboard: Week 2 Scoreboard: We've been adding in some bonus challenges (such as put Craiden or Lunalesk in the bottom 4) and so far they've gone really well. Resources: https://tftactics.gg/db/champions - Build help and champion/item information https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yhpBhFcgZa4 - What is TFT? video. https://na.leagueoflegends.com/en-us/news/game-updates/teamfight-tactics-patch-11-17-notes/ - Latest Patch Notes from 11.17 https://youtu.be/MwRDR6R2xnI - Latest Patch Notes Rundown Video Two more weeks til we crown The Highest Hyper Roller!
  5. TFT Tuesday in full swing!! Would love to see more people come out so we can get two lobbies going at once!
  6. Welcome GP, glad to see you take this step! I think you'll find that we're more than just gamers, and that you'll definitely enjoy your time with us here in MadCast.
  7. Hello again everyone! As mentioned last night at the end of the first TFT Tuesday, we're going to be running this again next week, Tuesday August 24th at 9pm EST. We had a really good turn out yesterday and everyone had a lot of fun, not to mention some good competition for top spot in the last 2 games. Below I've linked the original post for anyone new who'd like to come check this out, plus a link to some more info on TFT for those who said they had no clue what they were doing to help them. However, I do feel like just getting in there and playing has helped them quite a bit already! Original Post: https://www.madcastgaming.com/forums/topic/29300-tft-tuesday-starting-at-9pm-est-aug-17th/ Resource:https://tftactics.gg/db/champions Still my favorite Introduction Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yhpBhFcgZa4 I have all the scores from this first week in a spreadsheet and will be keeping a running a tally each week so it's never too late to get in and make a run for top spot!
  8. Just wanted to post this here so everyone can see how the first week went. Plan on same day and time next week. I'll post a new thread at some point soon, but we'll keep our scores and continue to build on them in hopes that someone can beat me out for top spot! Thanks to everyone that showed up tonight and played, was a blast, and the amount of trash talking was well deserved!
  9. Hey everyone! I know this is kind of last minute to post an event, but I was looking at upcoming events last night and I wanted to put something fun together for this evening that was fun but still competitive and had strategic action and I think TFT fits that bill. So here's how it's gonna go: As we all may know, TFT can fit up to 8 people in a match. If we don't have 8 people, then we'll roll with what we have. If we have more than 8 people we'll try to get two groups going. If we have enough for two groups but not enough to fill both groups (ie 16 people) then we'll split the groups evenly. In all cases we'll let pugs fill any empty spots. All matches will be Hyper Roll matches, for time purposes, and to get as many matches in as people want. Hyper Roll will also force people to play on their toes and be more adaptive with quick decision making, as well as be subjected to more RNG. "Points" will be rewarded based on what place you go out in. First 10 Points Second 7 Points Third 6 Points Fourth 5 Points Fifth 4 Points Sixth 3 Points Seventh 2 Points Eighth 1 Points 1 Point will also be awarded to anyone able to 3 star a champion, and an extra 1 point if you manage (some how, some way) to 3 star a 5 cost champion. So if you manage to 3 star two 1 cost champions and one 5 cost champion that's ( 1 + 1 + 2) 4 bonus points. The stat screen at the end will show who managed to 3 star champions and whoever wins will able to submit that SS to the chat channel for the point totaling. Now, I know I said this was gonna be a fun event, but you're prolly wondering what the points are gonna be for in the end. Bragging rights? Sweet Discord Title? Yes, and yes. If you win, you'll be The Highest Hyper Roller in MadCast, and can tell all the non-pengu's to bow before your insane RNG skillz and mad high rolls! This event will start at 9pm EST, and for those who want to play via mobile, you're more than welcome to, however you must still join discord for the event.
  10. Glad to see you finally hit the forums here bud. And don't worry about what to say or what to expect here (you can find all that stuff here on our website anyways), just enjoy your time here with us MadCast people, play some games and get to know folks. There are lots of people who come here via someone and found themselves still here due to other people they've met here. I came here because of @MadCast: Qrow and @MadCast: majorhoward who I knew from times prior to MadCast, and then I got to know people like @MadCast: Lunalesk, @MadCast: Dez, and @MadCast: Epic , and it's caused to me stick around. Good people here, and plenty of good times. And I'm sure if there's something you're interested in playing (aside from LoL) and need people to play with, you can find someone here to play it with. Just post about it here on the forums or broadcast it in discord and see who's interested.
  11. Yesssssssss, let's go bro. The Twin Towers of TFT are back! ( I know, horrible reference) But seriously, we're gonna have to start hosting some TFT events I think.
  12. Glad to see this, been having fun playing with you lately!
  13. Hey all, it's been a year and nine months since I was last around with MadCast. At the time, I was dealing with a lot of things in my personal life. I lost my job, then my apartment, and then ended up going and staying in a shelter until I got back on my feet with a new job. Little did I know Covid19 would hit the world not long after and make the last year even harder to find and keep work. However I did finally find some stable work, and can proudly say that as of this past Friday, I got back into my own place thanks to a lot of hard work and some long work weeks, and I now feel like I'm ready to come back and be more active again within MadCast. Hoping that I haven't missed too much and that I can help grow our TFT community, as well as revive our PoE community, or maybe even start up something else as more new games are coming out.
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