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  1. After being in a terrible winter space full of snow this week, I'm down to spend some time in the warmth of summer.
  2. Sure, I'm down to being bad at Crucible tonight. Should really finish this Thorn quest while there isn't anything super big or important happening in game. I might be late though, but hopefully within half an hour of 9pm.
  3. This looked like fun when I watched on Monday but I still have a pretty rough cough so I'm a tentative yes. If it doesn't get better, I'm happy enough to watch again and be Google/morale support.
  4. !! Thanks so much! I've read and I agree to the Terms of Full Membership.
  5. Thanks again for the fun and games on Sunday, @MadCast: Kitty Stark! Next time I will definitely try and beat you at Pictionary, only to choke at the end and have you win on another fluke guess.
  6. I watch a lot of anime, so quite often I'm listening to opening and ending themes. The one I'm loving most right now is the first OP from Dororo. It's got a great beat.
  7. I really enjoyed My Roommate is a Cat, it was always fun to see the two of them worry about each other in very similar ways while also being so confused when it came to caring about someone. And that Inu x Boku SS OP gave me flashbacks, it's such a good song. These days I'm all about the 1st opening song for Dororo.
  8. I usually do the pumpkin carving, we're slowly making our way through some pattern books we picked up years ago (because my art skills aren't that good). Here are a couple I found pictures of.
  9. Not my dog, but I spend a bunch of time with my sister's miniature poodle. Named Lucy after the Peanuts character. She likes cheese, scratches behind the ear, and sticking her big nose in everything.
  10. I'm back with more anime recs! Both of these are currently airing, so if you do want to check them out you'll have to wait week to week. First is Fire Force. It's about Shinra, a new recruit to the Fire Force's Company 8. He joins the team going around defeating monsters born out of spontaneous human combustion. Or so they think. There's a deeper meaning to what's been going on in the city. The world-building is pretty cool, the action scenes are fluid and well-animated. But I could do without the occasional fan service moments, they bring down the whole tone of the show for me. Second is Ascendance of a Bookworm. A young librarian dies suddenly and is transported to another world and into the body of a sickly 5 year old girl. Desperate to get back to a life full of books, she sets out on a long mission to make them, as in this world, paper is expensive and not everyone knows how to read or write. It's a gentle, laid-back kind of show that makes me laugh.
  11. They do! Their season is over right now, they generally live stream their dives on their site or YouTube from May to October. This year they've posted their full dives to YouTube, so if you head to their live dive recording channel, you can rewatch this year's streams. They found a lot of cool things this year.
  12. Tamora Pierce and Mercedes Lackey were definitely the authors of my teen years. Pierce's Circle of Magic series and Protector of the Small series were ones that stuck with me over and over, Circle of Magic because of the 4 main characters, how different they were and how atypical their magic was compared to so many others, and Protector of the Small because Kel was stubborn, determined, and fiercely loyal. She's like that always in your corner ready to fight for you friend. I read them again a few years ago and, to me, they still held up as smart books that could be both strong and compassionate. (These days, from an adult fantasy series view, my favourite author has to be V.E. Schwab, especially her Shades of Magic series. V crafts worlds and characters so wonderfully and always explores the complexities that people carry day to day. So if people are looking for a complete trilogy to check out, I would hard suggest looking for A Darker Shade of Magic. Or Vicious, if anti-superheroes and shades of grey are more to your liking.)
  13. Yes! The one 2 weeks ago was so much fun. I'll definitely try to be there on Sunday to play more games.
  14. It's definitely weird when you think about it, but it's also evidence of the cycle of life and eating and death that a lot of sea creatures follow. And their comment of the whale being a last meal for a bunch of octopus was interesting. The only reason they were diving in this area off the California coast was because last year they found thousands of female octopus brooding their eggs. So they'll feed on the whale, fill up on calories and energy, lay their eggs against some rocks, then cover them and sit there for a year or two until they hatch. Coming across that whale might mean the octopus will have more than enough energy to keep their eggs safe from predators. Here's the video from last year:
  15. For @MadCast: narucabra, as far as I know, there is a dub of Kids on the Slope. And no worries, you watch however you want to watch. And (if you haven't seen it) here's a counter-counter rec for And You Thought There Is Never a Girl Online, one called Recovery of an MMO Junkie. It's about a newly unemployed 30-year-old woman who decides to now spend her days playing a rather dashing male hero in an MMO. It's a bit different, the characters are all adults and it's only 10 episodes, but I still enjoyed it. There's also a dub of this as well.