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  1. Friends! Tuesday June 9th is almost here, which means both the new season and the big 'tune in for the next chapter of Destiny 2' reveal. I'll be around to watch the reveal stream cause I definitely want to know what in the dickens is going on in this game both over the summer and in the fall. Here are some handy links if you're also interested in watching the reveal on Tuesday at noon EDT/9am PDT: the Bungie reveal website the Bungie Twitch page the Bungie Mixer page the Bungie YouTube page I'll be over in the Destiny discord a few minutes before the stream starts so we can hang out and watch the stream (I'll make sure to post the links 10/15 minutes before the stream actually starts), then maybe hang and go over patch notes if they get released before the update or talk about what all was revealed, then jump in and play once the game's up and running again.
  2. This might just be me, but I think Fibbage Enough About You would be fun, it's in pack 4 as part of Fibbage 3. It's like an icebreaker game, round one you say something true about you and other people guess what it is, round two you give 1 truth and 1 lie and people have to pick which they think is true. Of course, if the question is too personal you could preface that you've made it a silly answer.
  3. So, I'm doing this. I'm Lizzie, I've been a member since November and first started lurking around the forums a little more than a year ago when looking for a group to play Destiny 2 with. I'm applying to be an RFM for the Destiny 2 part of MadCast. I've been thinking about applying for a little while (to be honest, the delay has been more of a health/mental health reason, but I'm doing good these days), and now I feel comfortable applying. I hope to continue on with what I'm currently doing, holding an intro and catch-up event every month, helping out new players when they're struggling or confused with story missions or quests, posting and refining my currently existing guides on the forum. I've been thinking of maybe bringing back something similar to Friday Night Fights from earlier in the year, but I think I'd only be able to do it every 2 or 3 weeks and it's still a very tentative idea (this will depend on my summer schedule and my health, which is why I say very tentative). During the last catch-up event, we had a couple in-house 3v3/4v4 Crucible games that I thought were super fun, but it's also fun to go into Control or Clash or even Iron Banner as a 5 or 6 stack just to see what kind of damage we can do as a team. If anyone has any questions for me or want to know a bit more, they're more than welcome to message me.
  4. I would like to nominate @MadCast: NastyTaxi for the Fellowship Commendation (I think this one would be best. Qrow? Thoughts?) because he stepped in mid-raid yesterday during the Destiny catch-up event to help us finish running Last Wish. And because as much as we teased him during that last stage, I want him to know that I really appreciated him jumping in and helping us.
  5. Thanks, everyone. ❤️ Since I first started actively hanging around in MadCast things last fall pre- and then with the release of Shadowkeep I discovered that, while I was enjoying playing on my own, I was having more fun playing with other people. And also talking with other people. So I wanted to give a big thanks to those first few MadCasters I played Destiny with in my early lurking & candidate days, who I think were @MadCast: doublestufforeo, @MadCast: Stan, @MadCast: The Prince, @MadCast: RacerDelux, and @MadCast: FancyPants. You guys welcomed me, helped me out in raids and dungeons and with PvP when I was a massive noob, and I can never thank you enough. Also, because I'm multi-tasking today and keep missing things, big props to @MadCast: Khaos and @MadCast: Icarus. I don't know you two that well but I've seen your names around, running events and doing cool things. Keep being awesome guys.
  6. Reminder bump! This Sunday! 4pm Eastern! Be there!
  7. Hello friends! With the recent sale/people looking for a new game to play, a bunch of people have turned to Destiny 2. Which is great! But some people are just free to play right now, which is totally fine, it's a reasonable and legitimate option. There's so much you can do as a F2P D2 player, base game-wise and seasonal content-wise. So, if you want to check out the game and aren't sure about picking up the expansions or the season pass, here's a rundown of what's available for F2P players. You can also go here for a more detailed list. The Red War campaign from the base game Curse of Osiris campaign from the game's first expansion Warmind campaign from the game's second expansion Leviathan Raid from the base game Eater of Worlds Raid Lair from the game's first expansion Spire of Stars Raid Lair from the game's second expansion All year 1 Strikes All year 1 Nightfall Strikes The Reckoning from the year 2 Annual Pass Black Armory Forges from the year 2 Annual Pass Gambit from Destiny 2: Forsaken Gambit Prime from the year 2 Annual Pass The Menagerie from the year 2 Annual Pass Gambit & Crucible Private Matches Access to all PvP playlists Seasonal PvP updates All year 1 exotic weapons and armour Select year 2 exotic weapons (Thunderlord, Arbalest, Outbreak Perfected/the Zero Hour mission, and Bad Juju) Free roam access to all destinations If anything else gets added to this as new expansions come out, I'll be sure to update this list.
  8. Woooo. I'll be there for my usual at the start/leaving to eat/returning for more fun.
  9. Here's a list of websites, apps, or content creators new players might want to check out. Destiny Item Manager, or DIM. If you need to move something out of your vault and into your character inventory, or vice versa, or want to move a high light level weapon over to a new character to help level up faster, you can use this instead of travelling to the Tower every time. It'll also show you progress on quests, what daily bounties each vendor/NPC has, things like that. is similar, it's a good way to keep track of triumphs and collections. It's got maps with icons laid out for Adventures, Lost Sectors, and hidden secret things. It'll tell you what's going down that week, what the strike elemental burn is and which Nightfalls are available to run, which bosses are up for Menagerie and higher tier Reckoning. is good for looking up stat rolls for weapons, like community-preferred stat rolls, which perks are good for PvE content or PvP content. The Destiny 2 Companion app (on whichever app store your phone has), it mostly works how DIM works in that you can move items from your vault to your character inventory. The Destiny 2 subreddit and the Raid Secrets subreddit. Lots of Reddit ridiculousness, memes, some helpful charts and things. Raid Secrets will be full of speculation and theories and spoilers, both might have spoilers to be fair, so be warned if you don't want spoilers. I'll add to this as I find more websites and resources. Update June 1 2020: (thanks to Taxi and Stan for these links) Destiny Trials Report for those looking to check out what's hot and other stats in Trials every weekend. Here's a link to an overlay for PC players in case they want some extra help keeping track of bounties and other tasks. (It might limit your field of view, so test it out if you really want to use it regularly.) An interactive map for all Destiny 2 locations if you want to see where Lost Sectors are, where Public Events pop up, where the secret Ghost scans are (note: this is also a thing you can check on in their Maps section). Destiny Sets, a way to keep track of what you've picked up and dismantled in terms of the Collections tab by Season, by Destination, etc. D2 Checklist, another checklist site similar to DIM or Braytech.
  10. Muriel, level 5 monk, for Sunday the 17th.
  11. With the release of Shadowkeep in October 2019, armor in Destiny 2 got a big refresh. It now has 6 stats to keep track of (health, health regen, mobility, your grenade cooldown, your melee cooldown, and your super ability cooldown), each piece has 1 of 3 elemental affinities (solar, void, or arc), and each piece can take a certain kind of armor/weapon mod depending on the piece and the elemental affinity. The beginning of season 10/March 2020 brought about the ability to change the armor's elemental affinity (because before you couldn't and it made things difficult). These overall armor changes mean you can know pick and choose which kind of ammo finder or reload speed or weapon dexterity you want. You can tailor your armor to what you want instead of grinding out the same event/mission/bounty over and over for the pre-set mods you need for the weapons you prefer to run. This is great news, once you know how it all works. Here is a good video from Datto explaining how armor 2.0 (as Bungie keeps calling it) works. Note that this video came out before those season 10 changes so some of what he says is outdated. Also, if you're still working on increasing your light level (see the other post I made about that) and haven't yet hit the 950 soft cap, you can totally ignore this. Use those low light level days as time to feel out the game. See what kind of weapons you like running, if you prefer mouse and keyboard or a controller, what kind of class or subclass you like running (bottom tree Stormcaller Warlocks FTW). You don't necessarily have to worry about armor in the early days. Just build up that light level. As always, if anyone has any questions on armor or anything in-game, please feel free to reply here or hit me up over on Discord and we can go through whatever you want explained more. I'm always down to help.
  12. It's me again! Back with another Destiny catch-up day! May's day is the 24th, because even though the last Sunday is the week after, I like this day more. With the new season starting on June 9th, I think doing this 2 weeks before the new season is better. More time to catch up on things on later days. Also, the time has changed because I need to shift the time a little. And as always, new people are welcome to come by! This isn't just for current players to come by and get stuff done, new players can come and we can go though all the intro quests and early story missions! (Also, if new players would rather have a separate day in which we do new player things and explain different aspects of the game, let me know! I can totally schedule something like that.) Hope to see you then!