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  1. With the October 2019 release of Shadowkeep, levels were removed and every player now automatically starts at a power level of 750. There’s a great post over on Eurogamer that wonderfully sums up how to increase your power level, but if you don’t want to click over, I’ll try and summarize here. Currently, there are 3 different power level caps. Soft cap: 950 Hard cap: 1000 Pinnacle gear cap: 1010 If you haven’t yet hit the soft cap of 950, this means that just about every armor and weapon drop will increase your power level. Examples include when Blue or Purple Engrams drop from killing enemies, levelling up vendors in the Tower like Zavala, Shaxx, or Banshee-44, completing activities like Public Events or Lost Sectors, opening up loot chests, any matchmade activity like Reckoning or Menagerie, or running the Shattered Throne dungeon. An important tip here! If you’re still working your way up to 950 and have figured out which weapons and which armor pieces you want to continue using, don’t upgrade them. As long as the piece with a higher power level is in your inventory (not in your vault), you’ll continue to get pieces that are higher and higher. Save your Upgrade Modules for later. Once you reach 950, meaning you have 1 of each type of weapon and armor at 950 power level, now’s when you move on to searching for Powerful Gear. A lot of these are weekly tasks highlighted in the map by a yellow circle or sun icon. These include things like the Weekly Flashpoint (a specific location that changes each week that will reward progress as you do heroic Public Events, heroic Adventures, and clear out Lost Sectors), the weekly 8 bounties completed for a vendor in the Tower, playing a number of Crucible or Gambit matches or Strikes each week, or earning XP for the Clan. It’ll also say next to them Tier 1, 2, or 3. This has to do with how much of a power level increase the reward will provide. For Tier 1 it’s 2 or 3 points, for Tier 2 it’s 3 or 4, for Tier 3 it’s 6. Try to do them in that order, Tier 1, 2, then 3, if you can. Keep on doing that until each and every weapon and armor piece is at 1000. Because you’re now getting to the point when you’re able to do more challenging content, here is when you’ll start to upgrade your armor and weapons. Again, you don’t have to, but if you want to, you can use Upgrade Modules to increase the power level of armor and weapons you’d prefer to use. If you’re not yet at the point where you want to bother with armor mods, my suggestion is to use the highest power level armor pieces but stick with the weapons you like using. Another tip! Usually upgrading costs 1 Upgrade Module. But say you’ve got a weapon or a piece of armor you like and you get the same exact thing at a higher power level! But the weapon perks aren’t the same because it’s a random roll, or the elemental affinity is different and won’t work with the armor mods you’re using. In that case, it’ll only cost you 1,000 Glimmer to upgrade it. As long as they both have the same name, it’ll only cost Glimmer. So keep an eye out. There are also some Powerful Gear drops that aren’t tiered. Those are Quest Rewards (like quests from Zavala or Shaxx that give you weapons), open world Exotic Engram drops (not the ones you can pick up weekly from Xur), and Prime Engrams. Prime Engrams will sometimes drop when defeating enemies or when completing Crucible matches. It’ll drop as a Purple Engram with some extra sparkle effects around it. You’ll know it when you see it. Once you hit 1000, the only way to increase your power level is Pinnacle Gear. Currently, you can get Pinnacle Gear from a few sources: the most recent raid Garden of Salvation, the most recent dungeon Pit of Heresy, doing a Nightmare Hunt on Master difficulty, getting at least 100,000 points in the weekly Nightfall: The Ordeal, and when it’s around, the 4 bounties you can pick up from the Iron Banner vendor. (Iron Banner is like Control in the Crucible, defeating enemies and capturing zones, except that power level will matter in terms of how much or little you can damage your enemies. In regular PvP power level differences don’t matter.) Let’s say you’ve finally hit the point where you know what weapons you want to run, what armor pieces you want to run, and you want to increase its power level. Increasing the power level takes 1 Upgrade Module. You can get these a few of ways, either buying them from Banshee-44 in the Tower (the cost to him is 1 Enhancement Core, some Legendary Shards, some Planetary Materials, and 5,000 Glimmer), doing his 2 weekly bounties, or from the Season Pass as you earn XP and level up. I’m going to be honest with you now. Working your way up from 750 to 950, and then at least up to 1000, it’s going to take a while. When the current season started, my power level was at 965. After 2 weeks of playing a few hours most evenings and weekends, I hit 1000. It can be a grind, especially when your Powerful drops are always the same kind of weapon or armor. And I know not everyone can play every day. I’m going to bold and hard increase the font size on something because as much as you want to quickly level up and do things with the rest of the group, it’s something to keep in mind. There is no rush. The game will be there. The clan will be there. You can do all of this in your own time. Yes, there are seasonal events and quests that come and go after 3 months, but there will always be things to do. The story missions will be there, most of the quests will be there (meaning some of the seasonal Exotic quest aren't around forever), the dungeons will be there. The raids will be there. As always, if you have any questions, reply here or hit me up on Discord.
  2. So you’re a brand new player to Destiny 2 or you’re a returning player who wants to catch up because you haven’t been on since before Shadowkeep’s release/the move to Steam. Hopefully this will answer some questions and give you some tips. (These tips should work for both free to play players and those who’ve bought the expansions and season pass. If not, let me know and I will edit.) For new players: welcome! First thing you do is pick a class (Hunter, Titan or Warlock) and design your character. Then you do the little intro mission. It’s super basic, it just teaches you how to shoot and how to use some of your abilities. You have 3 character slots total so feel free to create 1 of each. There’s a video from Work to Game covering New Light from a free to play point of view. It’s a quick character creation video that I think makes sense for new players, it also explains icons on maps and menus, vendors and bounties, armor stats, and other good tips. Also, there’s a similar but also good video by Houndish. His video includes a very quick look at armor mods. Something new as of Shadowkeep is the Seasonal Artifact. This will, as you play and gain XP, unlock different mods for weapons and armor as well as give your power level a boost. The Artifact is obtained (as of the current March to June 2020 season) through a short quest starting with Zavala in the Tower. If you're totally new to the game, I'm not sure that it's totally vital, but it's up to you. Now, the world is your oyster because almost everything is available for you to do right off the bat. Going around the central Tower space will start off the New Light quest thread, which is the game’s way of slowly introducing you to vendors, enemies, missions, locations, public events, and bounties. Which is an option. But I’d recommend starting in a different place. Go over to the Hanger in the Tower and talk to Amanda Holliday. Pick up the legacy campaign missions and them in chronological order: Red War, Curse of Osiris, and Warmind. After each campaign, do the Adventures that pop up (it’s an orange icon). If you’ve paid for Forsaken and Shadowkeep, follow up with those missions. I think it’s better if you have some backstory as to what’s going story-wise when you’re wandering around. Also, with the exception of the first 3 (I think) Red War missions, you can play them co-op. As you play, you’ll slowly increase your power level or light level (it’s the same thing) from 750 to the current soft cap of 950. Now, if you’re comfortable with certain weapons or armor and you get something that’s a higher level but you can’t/don’t want to infuse it or you don’t want to use that weapon, just hold onto it. As long as it’s in your player inventory, the power level of all loot drops will continue to increase until you hit 950. (See more about this in the increasing your power level post.) Now, feel free to do whatever you want. Go do the quest for the seasonal artifact. Work through your backlog of quests because you’ll be picking up a lot as you play and finish campaigns. Work on that Powerful Gear grind to increase your light level. Play PvP in any of the currently available Crucible playlist options. Run the Strike playlist for a few hours. Test out all available subclass abilities and grenade types. Figure out which armor pieces and weapons you want to use. Go nuts. For returning players: welcome back! Take a wander around, familiarize yourself with locations and the things that are in your Vault. If you bought Shadowkeep and haven’t done the campaign missions, do them. Do any campaign missions or adventures you haven’t done yet. Do the mission to get the current season’s artifact. If it’s between Friday and Monday, go hit up Xur and stock up on any exotics you’ve missed. Now comes the power level grind. Go check out my power level post for tips and info there. (I'll link to it once it's up.) Of course, make sure you're having fun as you play. With there being so much to do, you're able to pick and choose and do what you feel comfortable with. That can be running the strike playlist over and over, or wandering around different locations finding hidden things, or playing some PvP and crushing everyone on the other team. It's all up to you. In terms of story quests, there's really no time limit. It'll always be there. If you have any questions or want something explained a little more, feel free to reply here or ask over on Discord. I’m usually playing in the evenings and sometimes during the day on weekends and I’m always open to helping people with quests or dungeon runs or anything they’re a little stuck on.
  3. I'm back with another D2 catch-up day! Come on by Sunday March 29th at 1pm EDT/10am PDT and hang out for a few hours while working through story missions and adventures. I'm hoping to gear this event more towards new/newer/returning players who are looking to catch-up to the more regular players who are starting to hit the power level cap. By going through story missions and adventures, you'll hopefully get gear that'll boost your level. If you're totally new and are interested in coming by, feel free! A lot of Destiny 2's content is free to play on Steam now so there's a bunch of stuff we can do together. It can be a chunky file, though, if you're concerned about space on your computer. Hope to see you then!
  4. Don't Stave Wazap: eat this food I'm shoving in your face. Destiny 2 Wazap: PUNCHING ALL OF THE THINGS.
  5. Hello friends! With Prince busy DM-ing Friday evening, I'll be guest-hosting Friday Night Fights in Destiny 2. Things will start at 9:30pm EST (because time zones are a thing). It'll be an evening of some fun PvP, either teaming up and playing against other people or 2v2 or 3v3-ing in some private matches. See you then!
  6. Hello! On Sunday February 23rd from 1pm EST to 7pm EST, I'll be hosting a Destiny 2 catch-up day. There's a lot you can do in D2, and I see this event as a chance for newer, more casual, and returning players to come and work on some of those older missions and quests. More regular players are welcome to attend, to help out and hang out. I think now is a good time to do a catch-up event because there's a slight lull in content right now (mostly because there's nothing left on the Season 9 roadmap and Season 10 starts on March 10th). But as I said before, there's a lot to do in game, so in the interest of time here are some of the things you/we as a Fireteam can work on: Main campaign missions like Red War, Curse of Osiris, Warmind, Forsaken, Shadowkeep, or any other story mission or adventure Vanguard strikes, Control PvP matches, or Gambit matches Seasonal or exotic weapon quests It's up to you on whether you play on a existing character or on a new one. And again, it's up to you on whether you want to team up or play solo and hang out in Discord. There's a lot you can do in-game that I didn't mention, mostly because of time and my own lack of PvP skills. If people like the idea of a catch-up event like this and want to do it again, we could work on something different next month. Hope to see some of you there! Lizzie
  7. After being in a terrible winter space full of snow this week, I'm down to spend some time in the warmth of summer.
  8. Sure, I'm down to being bad at Crucible tonight. Should really finish this Thorn quest while there isn't anything super big or important happening in game. I might be late though, but hopefully within half an hour of 9pm.
  9. This looked like fun when I watched on Monday but I still have a pretty rough cough so I'm a tentative yes. If it doesn't get better, I'm happy enough to watch again and be Google/morale support.
  10. !! Thanks so much! I've read and I agree to the Terms of Full Membership.
  11. Thanks again for the fun and games on Sunday, @MadCast: Kitty Stark! Next time I will definitely try and beat you at Pictionary, only to choke at the end and have you win on another fluke guess.
  12. I watch a lot of anime, so quite often I'm listening to opening and ending themes. The one I'm loving most right now is the first OP from Dororo. It's got a great beat.