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  1. Update bump. The Oct 29 edition of the TWAB contains a link to a list of items that will be removed from players' inventories at the start of Beyond Light/Season 12. That list is this: Advanced Paradox Amplifiers Adventure Tokens All Bounties and Quests from Season of the Forge, Season of the Drifter, and Season of Opulence All Ritual and Pinnacle Weapon Quests (the gear will become available in our Monument to Lost Lights Exotic Archive) Black Armory Schematic Consumables Boons of Opulence BrayTech Schematic Cayde's Odds and Ends Concentrated Radiolarian Culture Dance Party Keys Expired Ramen Coupons Faction Wars Materials Faded Card Five of Swords Challenge Card Forge Polymers Imperials Letter Fragments Loot-a-Palooza Keys Lost Memory Fragments Modulus Report Consumables Motes (Weak, Middling, Powerful): Collector, Invader, Reaper, Sentry Notes From Cayde Obsidian Accelerators Obsidian Radiance Temper Effect (including those applied on weapons) Override Frequencies Paradox Amplifier Radiant Matrix Radiolarian Culture Rasputin Armory Codes Resonate Stem Consumables Runefinder Synths: Collector, Sentry, Invader, Reaper Tokens: Dead Orbit, Future War Cult, New Monarchy Transcripts Treasure Maps: EDZ, Titan, Io, Nessus, Mercury, Hellas Basin (Mars) Wealth of the Emperor Buffs
  2. There has been, we are planning to do the raid day one. Monday nights are currently raid nights, come on by Monday after Town Hall and you can talk with our main raid team.
  3. Another update bump, this time with the Bungie ViDoc and vague seasonal roadmap released October 27.
  4. I'm in to help out. Hopefully I won't drag the team down too much in Crucible.
  5. New games! I will also be my usual Saturday late.
  6. It is pretty grindy right now, I agree. In terms of a new base minimum light level, I have no idea. Bungie hasn't said anything about this, if they do I'll let everyone know. It also looks like there's going to be a good-sized power jump from the current hard cap/pinnacle cap to next season's. Currently, the hard cap is 1050 and the pinnacle is 1060. Season 12's numbers are projected to be hard cap of 1250 and a pinnacle of 1260.
  7. An update bump with pictures and new links. First, a hopefully good picture of the map that was released late September plus a link to the Europa section of the Beyond Light page. Next, a link to the new Weapons & Gear page and trailer for some upcoming Exotic weapons and armor that came out today, October 7. I'll update more as news comes out. I'm expecting a look at the Season 12 offerings (the seasonal event/story, the season pass, the calendar) to drop shortly before release, possibly a week before, possibly an hour before if the beginning of this season is anything to go on.
  8. On you can actually see what the triumph is, but it's currently not available to complete. I've left it as unknown because in-game it appears as unknown. When it's doable, I'll say what it is. There will be a live event, I think they mentioned that near the beginning of the season. But it's not the last triumph for the title.
  9. Here’s a guide on how to get Forerunner, the Season 11/Season of Arrivals title. This will be unavailable to obtain after November 10, 2020. It says 21 triumphs, but it’s actually 15. The extra 6 come from one that completes in stages. You will also need to have purchased the Season Pass for Season 11. In game you can buy it for 1000 silver, which is the equivalent of $10 USD. You’ll need to fully upgrade the Prismatic Recaster. This is the larger of the 2 new machines down in the Annex of the Tower in the little room the Drifter is in. It takes Twisted Energy to rank up, obtained through doing the Weekly Bounties from the Recaster or from rank 2, 12, and 92 of the Season Pass. You upgrade the Recaster by selecting the Gifts option and picking one of the available options. You must complete the entire first row before moving onto the second and the second row before the third. Here’s a suggested order to prioritize: Umbral Enhancement 1, Umbral Mastery 1, Umbral Discovery 1, Contact Specialist 1, Prismatic Transmutation 1, Free-Focus Lens 1, Blood into Stone 1, Umbral Enhancement 2, Umbral Mastery 2. After those 9, it’s all up to you, but Umbral Mastery 3 will require the Recaster to be at rank 21, it will be your last pick up. Here’s a picture of some to focus on. Or head to this Datto video, watch from 5:20 to 8:20. He sums up the Recaster pretty well. You’ll need to collect all the seasonal mods, these will become available from the Recaster as you level it up. This is the row at the bottom of the main Recaster screen, the Rewards section. The first option rotates daily and the other 4 are always the same. Try and stop by every day to pick up any that you’ve missed from the rotating option. You can only pick them up once and they always circle around so you won’t miss them. Make sure you have the mod components to buy them. You’ll need to make every kind of available engram that you can make through the Recaster. The handy thing is sometimes these drop from the Contact public event so you don’t need to actually make them, just put them through the Decoder. But chances are you’ll have to make most of them. This will take Altered Element, which you can get from doing the Daily Bounties from the Recaster and, as you upgrade your Recaster, from strikes, Crucible matches, Gambit, things like that. The Armor-Focused engrams will require something called Trace Override that you can buy from the Recaster for 15 Legendary Shards. You’ll need to successfully complete the Contact public event at each location it can appear on, Io and Titan. You’ll also need to take the Contact public event to its heroic final stage and defeat each of the three different bosses that can spawn in. These bosses rotate weekly. And you’ll need to complete each of the three encounters in the weekly Interference mission, the Ritual, the Relic, and the Crystals. These also rotate weekly. A good way of completing these is, for 3 weeks in a row, to do the Means to an End quest. You’ll need to collect all of the Calcified Light pieces. This is part of the Ruinous Effigy exotic trace rifle quest. There are 25 total, 10 on Io and 5 each on Titan, Mars, and Mercury. You’ll need all 25 for the quest step. Here’s a video guide on the Ruinous Effigy quest and the locations of all 25 pieces. You’ll need to destroy all 50 of Savathun’s Eyes. These are the large blueish orbs floating around in public spaces, in Lost Sectors, in Io’s Whisper mission, and in the new Prophecy dungeon. The eyes can only be destroyed by Ruinous Effigy. Wait to destroy them until you have the catalyst (easily obtainable after your first kill with the weapon and use of the purple Transmutation Sphere it will drop). Some of them are in some weird hidden spots. Feel free to ping Destiny chat in Discord if you need help with the ones in the Whisper mission and/or Prophecy. Here’s a video on their locations. You’ll need to complete the Exodus: Preparation quest. You can pick this up from Zavala, he’ll have you go to Titan, Io, Mercury, and Mars and do some tasks for the vendors there. At the end, return to Zavala and the mission will be complete. After, you’ll get access to the Exodus: Evacuation, again, pick this up from Zavala. And again, you’ll be told to do tasks on Io, Titan, Mercury, and Mars. As you do, you’ll receive the Nightfall-specific weapon drops from strikes that will be leaving the game (helpful if you haven’t gotten them yet as well as the Mindbender’s Ambition shotgun from Zavala). At the end, you’ll receive the Traveler’s Chosen exotic sidearm. Update October 6 2020: The final triumph is to defeat Savathun's mysterious Supplicant in the Interference mission. This became available to do after the weekly reset on October 6, 2020. When doing the usual Means to an End/Interference mission, you'll be taken to a new space to complete this triumph. You should also receive the final entry in the The Singular Exegete lore book, but completion of the lore book isn't required for the title. If there ever is a video guide I like, I'll link to it.
  10. Hi there! Thanks to the work of Epic and Jiggles, we now have the Destiny 2 bot Charlemagne enabled in the Destiny 2 channel. This means access to all the stats and info that Charlemagne tracks. Loadouts, vendor offerings, PvP meta weapons. All the fun stuff. In order to keep things organized and not cluttered, the bot is in its own separate text channel in Discord. Put all the command prompts there instead of in the main text channel. In order to use it, if you haven’t yet registered with the bot in another server, head over to the Destiny 2 bot text channel in the Discord and type !register (I'm bolding the commands for effect in the post, you don't have to do the same). You’ll be sent a DM asking you to link the bot with your Steam account. A confirm message will pop up in the Destiny channel that will say “[your Discord name]: Successfully synced.” When you see that, you’ll be able to type in a number of commands that will pull from your account and stats. (Just a quick note that when you put in commands, everyone who can and will read the channel will see what the bot posts. The only DM you should get from the bot is the first one asking you to sync your account.) For example, if you’ve successfully registered and then type !pvp, the bot will proceed to list your PvP stats. Your overall kills/deaths, your kills+assists/deaths, your overall win percentage, your best weapon type, your most kills in a game, your longest kill spree, your overall Crucible time, your current season Glory (Survival) score, and your current season Valor score and number of resets. Here is the list of commands you can use. You can also find these if you put !help into the bot channel, the bot will DM you all commands that are available for you to use. There are some I asked to be enabled that will automatically post, those are the !weekly and !spider commands. This means that every week just after reset there’ll be a post saying what’s up for the week and every day (sometimes twice a day because the Spider can be like that) just after reset there’ll be a post saying what the Spider is selling for the day. The weekly post will include things like the Flashpoint, the weekly strike playlist singe, the location of the Ascendant Challenge and what curse week it is, what the rotating Crucible playlists are, what weapons are available from Escalation Protocol and Altars of Sorrow, all the weekly raid challenges, and what the order is when running the Leviathan raid. This will probably change once Beyond Light comes out, but currently, this is what it will say. Here’s what this week's weekly rotation auto-post looks like: Two things I suggest you check out while checking out the Destiny bot are 1) the website and 2) the Charlemagne Discord server. The website isn’t the most intuitive, it’s like a website just for stats, but there are callout maps of all the Crucible maps and some other good info. There’s also the Getting Started article which is a good read. The Charlemagne Discord server essentially functions like the bot does, it’s just a separate server. There’s a channel for vendor engrams, for personal stats, for LFGs and events, bugs and their help desk. A whole bunch of good stuff. But again, we have the bot now so we’ll get all this info. It’s also a good follow for any outage notifications or bugs that happen to arise. If you have any questions about the bot, you’re welcome to check out the links I’ve posted above or ask them here or in Discord. I’ll try and get them answered as soon as possible.
  11. Part 2 of Dungeon Nights! Go comment on the actual event post to sign up for priority or if you're looking to help out!
  12. It's part 2 of dungeon night! We'll be helping people with runs of Shattered Throne and Pit of Heresy again starting on Wednesday the 30th at 9:30pm EDT. Again, sign up by commenting with which dungeon you'd like to run. And if you're interested in helping out! (Apologies for the slightly later time than previous, this is the earliest for me that I can do on a Wednesday.) Shattered Throne (I'll probably be running this one.) Suix Pit of Heresy See you then!
  13. I don't know that we'll blame you for anything, or at least I won't. Enjoy your time away, Stan. Congrats. 🎉