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  1. Thanks to everyone who came. I'll definitely be doing this again next month, hopefully on a day where more people can come. Until then, think up some silly weapon loadouts for everyone to use. 🙂
  2. Some drawing fun with me! We'll be doing some Drawful 2 and some Skribblio for a few hours.
  3. Hello friends! On Tuesday afternoon/evening/whatever time means to you these days, I'll be hosting a few hours of Drawful 2 and Pictionary (or Skribblio cause that's what it is). It'll run from 5pm to 8pm EST, maybe start a little early, we'll see how it goes. Everyone's welcome to come by, you don't need to own Drawful, I have the game and will be streaming it. When we move to Skribblio I'll stop streaming cause then everyone will be in the browser drawing. See you then!!
  4. Ongoing Destiny 2 raid night for raid team 2.
  5. Here’s how to get Descendant, the Deep Stone Crypt raid title. You’ll need to complete the Collections badge for the raid, which might take some time, so this will be something to work on passively as you run the raid for challenges. Here’s a link to what items can drop from which encounter. For the Collections badge you’ll need: -the Crypt Awakened emblem, obtained after your first completion of the raid. -all 6 raid weapons: the Heritage shotgun, the Succession sniper rifle, the Trustee scout rifle, the Posterity hand cannon, the Bequest sword, and the Commemoration machine gun. -a full Legacy’s Oath armor set for 1 character (you can run the raid on multiple characters, but you’ll need a full set for at least 1 character). -the Cryptic Insignia shader, found once you’ve opened both secret chests (1 is right at the beginning just after the snowy sparrow section, 1 is halfway through the orbital platform jumping section). -the Retrocausality sparrow, obtained via triumph. To get this, you’ll need to bring all 6 Pikes from the starting bubble to the final bubble. If you’re not good at sparrow driving, just take your time, follow your more experienced friends. If you’re really not good, go on your own sparrow, see if a friend will double-back and drive more than 1 down to the end. -the No Love Lost ghost shell, obtained via triumph. To get this, you’ll need to find and listen to 5 audio logs left behind by the Exo Stranger throughout the raid. Here’s a video guide on where to find them. -the Eyes of Tomorrow exotic rocket launcher. This has a chance of dropping from the final chest when you complete the raid. I don’t know the drop rate. 2%? 5%? Who knows. This might be the hardest part of the title. Next come triumphs and challenges. You’ll need to complete the raid. You’ll need to complete the raid with a full fireteam of clanmates. You’ll need to complete all encounters with a fireteam made of the same Guardian class (Warlock, Hunter, or Titan). You’ll need to complete all encounters with a fireteam made entirely of Arc/Void/Solar/Stasis subclasses. You’ll need to find and open both secret chests (this can be done on multiple runs, you don’t have to find both in the same runthrough). You’ll need the Not a Scratch triumph, bring all Pikes from the starting heat bubble to the final heat bubble in the beginning sparrow section. You’ll need the Rock Bottom triumph, collect all the Exo Stranger audio logs. Now the specific encounter challenges, starting with the ones you can do at any point/the ones not on a secret weekly rotation. One tip I have for all of the challenge triumphs: make sure you at least know how all the different augments and roles work in every encounter. If you usually raid with a friend who always runs a certain role, ask them what it looks like, what they do, maybe see if they can stream or take screenshots so you know what to look for. Or check out videos on YouTube. First is the Resource Contention triumph, shut down Crypt security while only using 2 of the 3 augmentation terminals. How our raid team did this, told to me by Qrow, is someone would pick up Operator on Light side and head over to the door, someone on Dark side would pick up Scanner and look for which panels to shoot, then when the Operator went down the Scanner would pass through the doors over to Light side to look for panels. When it comes time for damage, the Operator would deposit, someone else on Light side would pick it up, then the Scanner would deposit on Light so the Operator could see which fuses to shoot. Then, if you need a second damage phase, make sure to only use the terminal on Light side and downstairs. The main thing is that whichever side your Operator first picks up the Operator augment from the terminal, you can really only use that side’s terminal plus the one downstairs. Next is the 5 Seconds to Paradise triumph, defeat Atraks-1 while destroying all Servitors within 5 seconds of each other. All Servitors, the 3 downstairs and the 3 upstairs, all within 5 seconds. Again, how our raid team did this was have 3 go up and 3 stay down as usual, each person would get a Servitor to whittle down to almost nothing, then they’d count down and all heavy attack with a sword at the same time (doing a finisher would also work, then you’d know it would be so low health, but make it a quick finisher, maybe coordinate with your fireteam on this and use the same one). This will require some waiting because the Servitors downstairs spawn in before the ones upstairs, and some careful watching because once they’re down upstairs the damage phase begins. It might take some practice. Also, you’ll have to coordinate to do this a 2nd time if you need a 2nd phase of Atraks-1 copy destroying. Then there’s the Short Circuit triumph, confront Taniks while allowing only 1 fireteam member to deposit the nuclear cores. How we did this was have the person who would deposit try and be the Scanner. When the cores would spawn, two people would pick them up and head over to the box, then the depositor would wait in the middle, take the core, and deposit. There was a fair amount of juggling the cores around because of the stacks of Radiation debuff, but we got it done. Again, it might take some practice, just make sure that if you’re the depositor to stay safe near the middle of the encounter space and to help clear out enemies. The final available all the time challenge is the Ready, Set, Go! triumph, defeat Taniks The Abomination while activating pairs of conduit nodes within 5 seconds of each other. This, when you know the mechanics of the final encounter, is fairly easy to do. When you’re depositing the cores, you’ll essentially do it at the same time as the other person. Somehow we managed to do this by accident when first trying out the 4 ball method. Of course, you can do this doing the 2 ball method. A suggestion I have is to determine ball carrying pairs (cycling in and out the Operator and Suppressor handoffs), and right when you reach the deposit box, have the follower take the core, then count to 3 and have both followers deposit at the same time. Then rinse and repeat until the encounter is done. Another way is to take the cores, reach the deposit boxes, then have the Suppressor stun Taniks for the 3rd time and deposit once the prompt appears, but that might mean some standing around as your Radiation stacks build. You can get this easily with a little bit of coordination. If you don’t want to rush it, take your time with the 2 ball method. Last, the weekly rotating challenges. Completing these challenges will reward you with an extra loot chest at the end of the encounter. The rotation is simple, 1st through final encounter in that order. The 1st encounter challenge will be available starting January 12, the 2nd on Jan 19, the 3rd on Jan 26, the 4th on Feb 2, the 1st on Feb 9, and so on. First is the Red Rover challenge, bypass Crypt security while passing the Operator augment to each fireteam member, each Operator should activate/shoot 2 panels each over 3 damage phases. Basically, everyone has to be Operator, go downstairs, and shoot 2 panels. This one isn’t too bad, it just takes some time because you need 3 damage phases. Before you start the encounter, decide on your Operator order, have Operators 2, 4, and 6 know what the fuses look like and the callouts for up top are, and decide who will be the Scanner up top on each side. Here’s a video, this is pretty much how we did it when we tried it. And here’s a map of the downstairs and which panels are which, the panel numbers and fuse callouts are the same as what our raid team uses. Next is the Copies of Copies challenge, defeat Atraks-1 without using any of the airlocks to dispose of the replication pickups. Normally, when the damage phase starts and you’d attack the Scanner-spotted yellow copy, you’d wail on it with swords and whoever picked up the ‘Atraks-1 Replication’ would head to an airlock for the Operator to open and shoot it off into space. In this challenge you can’t use the airlocks. You’ll probably have to 1-phase Atraks-1, which means disposing of 2 Atraks-1 clones up top and 2 downstairs in order to trigger the final stand before more servitors can spawn in. Bubble Titans and Well Warlocks will be key here, plus the armor mod Lucent Blade for more sword damage and the exotic sword The Lament. Here’s a good video guide (the video mentions debuffs to Atraks-1, those don’t work, ignore that). Now, I’m going to be honest with you. We didn’t do it the way in the video above. From what I can remember, here’s how we did it. Everyone started downstairs, shooting shanks and vandals. When the Servitors spawned in, 4 people went upstairs. The 2 downstairs shot more small enemies and the Servitors, 1 of those 2 picking up the Operator role. The 4 upstairs would shoot the upstairs enemies and 2 of the Servitors, leaving the top left one up, and 1 person would pick up the Scanner role. Once everyone was clear downstairs, the remaining 2 people came up. The top left Servitor was killed, the Scanner found the copy to destroy, and everyone but the Operator would gather around to obliterate the copy with Lament swipes. Then 4 people would book it downstairs, meaning the Scanner and 3 others. Staying upstairs is the Operator and the person who picked up the replication. Once downstairs, the Scanner would find the copy and repeat with the Lament-ing. Then back upstairs. Maybe a quick second for the Operator to reset replication timers. Then the 2nd upstairs copy is found and destroyed. Then the Scanner and the last un-replicated person heads downstairs for the last copy. Then they come back upstairs, there’s some more juggling of replication timers. Now it’s the final stand, the Scanner finds the correct copy, and everyone heads over to swipe at it repeatedly to end the encounter. Then there’s the Of All Trades challenge, which is what everyone thought it was, each player must do all 3 roles of Operator, Scanner, and Suppressor once during the encounter. This encounter can feel hectic, I think it’s because of the alarms and the words ‘nuclear cores’ and ‘radiation’ and all the small enemies, but there’s no boss damage phase, it’s just a lot of rinse and repeat. Come up with an order 1-6 in your fireteam, know who is ahead of you because whatever they deposit you will pick up from the deposit terminal (for person 6, that’s person 1). Person 1, 3, and 5 will pick up a role, the 1st round will happen, then 1 at a time they will deposit so person 2, 4, and 6 can pick up for the 2nd round. Maybe make a note to yourself on a post-it so you know which to pick up when, who’s before and after you, or have the chart graphic up on your 2nd monitor. Remember to wait for an augment to be locked out before depositing, you can be too quick. Here’s the video from FalloutPlays, there’s a quick TL;DR on what each role does and here's the handy rotation chart from Reddit. Remember to bring something to deal with the Overload Captains and the void shield Captains. Well Warlocks and Bubble Titans, maybe a sword or Witherhoard. We struggled with this when we tried it, it might take some coordination. Remember there are 3 deposit terminals around the map. We waited before picking up the nuclear cores, you do have about 8 seconds to pick one up before it explodes and everyone dies. We also would deposit the final deactivated augment before dropping down the centre of the room hole. Last is the The Core Four challenge, deposit all 4 cores in the same round before the damage phase when facing off against Taniks. It’s the classic 4 ball method. How the final encounter is meant to work is that the Scanner calls out which 2 bins to deposit the nuclear cores into, so you do 2 and then 2 and then comes damage, then rinse and repeat. How most people do it now, after some group figured it out not long after the raid came out, is to make Taniks drop all 4 nuclear cores and then you get a longer damage phase in order to hopefully 1-phase Taniks. Which means most raid teams have been doing this challenge for weeks now, but now during the correct week, there’ll be an extra loot chest at the end. As always, here’s the video guide. And that’s it! Those are all the things you need to do in order to get the new Deep Stone Crypt raid title. As always, feel free to ask questions here or over in Discord chat.
  6. The monthly Destiny event. January's plan: in-house Crucible/PvP games. Power level not enabled, all Clash, loads of map variety, some silly rules.
  7. It's almost time for January's Destiny 2 event. This month... it's in-house PvP! Everyone's welcome to come by for some fun in-house Crucible games. It'll all be Clash, we'll mix up the teams and the maps game by game, and maybe we'll have some fun rules. Like shotguns only, or Telesto only, or sidearms only. Or melee only. Things like that. You don't have to sign up for spots or anything, we can rotate people in and out as people come in late or if we get an odd number or if the teams max out or anything. I don't think we'll get enough people for a big 6v6, but you never know.
  8. We've (mostly) got enough regulars for a 2nd raid team. A little more casual than raid team 1, raid team 2 will be in action Sunday evenings around 9:30pm EST.
  9. NOTE: As of Dec 17, 2020, the title is unobtainable, but a number of the triumphs are known and completable. As the missing triumphs are revealed and available in game, I’ll update this guide. Here’s how to get Warden, the Season 12/Season of the Hunt-specific title. This title will be unavailable to obtain after season’s end on February 9, 2021. This title is also tied to the paid season pass, which is $10 USD. In order to do any seasonal content, you will need access to the Tangled Shore and the Moon. If you haven’t done either of the Forsaken or Shadowkeep campaigns, you’ll have to complete the first missions of each, they are available for all players. Then you’ll need to complete the Trail of the Hunted quest on the Moon. First, you’ll need to acquire upgrades for your cryptolith Lure. This is done by increasing your reputation with the Crow at the Tangled Shore, turning in Recon Data. Recon Data is available at level 2 and 12 of the paid Season Pass and from certain Wrathborn Hunts (the rewards rotate every time you complete one, check all 4 to see if you need some). At reputation rank 1 and 6 with the Crow you'll increase how much Recon Data you get from completing Wrathborn hunts. Also, at level 32 and 72 of the paid Season Pass, you’ll get more Recon Data again when doing Wrathborn Hunts. There are currently 10 levels, it takes 20 Recon Data to level up once. As of Dec 17, you can only complete 6 out of 7 lure upgrades, according to triumph progress. You’ll need to defeat all 4 bosses, 2 Fallen and 2 Hive, in a Tier 2 Wrathborn Hunt. This is done by picking the boss in the first slot on your Lure, putting a Dormant mod in your second slot, and putting a one time use mod of your choice in the third slot. The power level requirement for Tier 2 is 1220, maybe take a friend if you’re a little under, but they can be done solo. If you're doing this with friends, remember to damage the final boss in order to get credit. You’ll need to defeat 100 total Fallen and Hive enemies in a Wrathborn Hunt while wearing a set of the seasonal/Season Pass armor. Wearing more pieces will grant more progress. You get Wild Hunt armor (the name of each piece) from the Season Pass and from doing Wrathborn Hunts. A good tip is to charge up your Lure with 5 full charges, put on a full set of the seasonal armor, do 5 Tier 1 hunts. Then do it all over again. Next you’ll need to defeat enemies with the new seasonal and season pass weapons. These can be done anywhere. Strikes, Gambit, Crucible. Doing campaign missions, farming Lost Sectors. It’s up to you. You’ll need 400 kills with the Friction Fire submachine gun, 200 kills with the Deafening Whisper grenade launcher, and 100 kills with the Corsair’s Wrath linear fusion rifle. These weapons are obtained from Wrathborn Hunts. You’ll also need 400 kills with the Royal Chase scout rifle and 200 kills with the Battle Battue heavy grenade launcher. These are from level 30 and 45 of the free path of the Season Pass, and I think once you pick them up you can also get them from Wrathborn Hunts. You’ll also need some specific types of weapon kills. You’ll need 200 close range kills with the Friction Fire SMG, 50 rapid defeats with the Deafening Whisper grenade launcher, and 50 precision final blows with the Corsair’s Wrath linear fusion rifle. Next, you’ll need to complete the exotic quest “Let Loose Thy Talons.” This quest will give you Hawkmoon, the exotic hand cannon. Here’s a video guide. When you reach the step that wants Champions or Guardians defeated, what I did was run that day’s Legend Lost Sector over and over. Champions give you 3% progress versus a Guardian’s 1%. You could also, if you still are looking for Cloudstrike, run Empire Hunts, or run Nightfalls. The remaining triumphs are currently unknown. I'll update this guide once I know what they are. And that’s it. Some are fairly straightforward, some take some grinding. No collections badge this time around. I think it’s fairly doable if you continue to play the game overall and the seasonal content. Especially when this guide is first going out, getting these enemy and specialized weapon kills will hopefully get you some needed Dawning cookie ingredients. Edit January 5 2021: Released today, Jan 5, is the final lure upgrade to be purchased from the Crow, allowing completion of the acquire all lure upgrades triumph. This allows you to hunt down the High Celebrant on the Dreaming City. Also available is the Wrathender triumph, complete the Coup de Grace mission. There are still 2 unknown triumphs.
  10. The monthly Destiny 2 event. Bring your unfinished quests and your questions and we'll get you sorted out.
  11. Hello again! I'm bringing back the monthly Destiny 2 event. This month's will be more of a casual hang out/help people through story missions/answer questions from newer players kind of event. It'll start at 5pm EST, go for a few hours, take a break for food, then pick back up later in the evening. There might be an in-house Crucible game or 2 if enough people are interested. Bring your unfinished quests and questions as well as your helping out face for those more experienced players looking to help people out. See you then!
  12. Here’s a not-so-quick rundown on how to get Splintered, the title for the Beyond Light campaign. (I've bolded specific things you need to obtain and the overall requirement for completing a triumph in order to make it read easier. This guide is very text-heavy.) First, like usual, you’ll need to complete the Collections badge. Here’s a picture of my current progress on my Warlock, yours will vary (this is from the website, if you’re interested, it’s very handy): Here’s the breakdown: The Crystocrene armor set is obtained first from finding and unlocking the Stasis chest and doing the quests from Variks for each of the 5 pieces. (Keep 1 of each piece as you play the game, you will need a full set for some of Variks’ tier 3 sabotage missions.) The 8 Europa weapons are obtained from Variks during the campaign, from doing Empire Hunts post-campaign, from the Exo Stranger, and from weapon quests after you unlock them by doing Variks’ sabotage missions. The Salvation’s Grip exotic grenade launcher is obtained via a quest you pick up from the Drifter after you’ve completed the campaign. The Lament exotic sword is obtained via a quest you pick up from Banshee-44 in the Tower. This was unlocked after the new raid was completed, I’m guessing you’ll have to complete the campaign as well before picking it up. The Cloudstrike exotic sniper is obtained via running a chosen difficulty of the weekly Empire Hunt, which isn’t available until you complete certain sabotage missions from Variks. It’s just the final boss mission of the Empire Hunts you pick up from Variks, keep running it until it drops. I don’t believe difficulty matters, it seems to be a rare drop for all options. The Last Flight Home ship is obtained via triumph, you’ll need a Europa-focused Triumph score of 1400. Keep on doing things on Europa, you’ll get there. Check the Europa section on the main Triumphs page, see what you’re close to finishing. The Bright Warning shader comes from finding all 9 dead Exos. The Shattered Sky shader comes from finding all 9 penguin statues. The Gilded Smoke shader comes from generating 250 orbs in Empire hunts (both quests from Variks and the selected difficulty ones count for this, keep popping that Super). The Europan Eclipse emblem is obtained via triumph. In a fireteam of 3, you’ll need to defeat 100 total Champions in Empire Hunts. You can do this when farming for Cloudstrike, just make sure you do some damage to each Champion that appears. The Salvation’s Downfall emblem is obtained via triumph. You’ll need to defeat 1000 total enemies in the Europan Eclipsed Zone with your Stasis subclass equipped. Again, just with your Stasis subclass equipped, this doesn’t mean Stasis ability kills, weapon kills will absolutely count for this. Now for the triumphs. You’ll need to complete an Empire Hunt on Master difficulty. It doesn’t matter which one, it doesn’t matter if you die, you just need to complete it. You’ll need to complete a Master Lost Sector on Europa without a fireteam, which means on your own. The enemies in these are set at 1280 power, there are many damage modifiers and champion enemies. There’s no rush to do this early in the season, just keep playing the game and raising your power level, by the end of the season this should be fairly easy. There will be loads of video guides with loadout suggestions. You’ll need to complete all Tier 3 Sabotage quests from Variks and complete all Born in Darkness quests from the Stranger. There’s a lot to do post-campaign on Europa, a lot of doing Empire Hunts and clearing Lost Sectors and killing enemies. Stick with it, as you do these you’ll probably get things done for other triumphs. Continue to play on Europa and stock up on Herealways Pieces. You’ll need to complete the Fallen Brig Brigade triumph which means, as a fireteam, defeat 50 total Fallen Brigs as part of the Crux Convergence public event. How the public event works is you’ll see the darkness shard spawn in, 3 Fallen Brigs will land, and you’ll head over to each of the 3 smaller darkness shards as they spawn in one by one. You’ll need to shoot the little scanner drones that fly around the top of the shard, stand in the timed circle until it finishes, then at least do some damage to the Brig whose shield has been removed by the timer completion. Then rinse and repeat 2 more times. If you shoot the drones away fast enough, you’ll trigger the heroic public event which spawns in a larger Fallen Brig. Again, at least get some damage in before it’s destroyed. You can defeat 4 Brigs total from the heroic version of the public event. You’ll need to complete all 3 of the Exo Challenges, Simulation: Safeguard, Simulation: Survival, and Simulation: Agility. Unlocked by the completion of the raid, these are little missions given to you by the Clovis Bray AI. It looks like they rotate weekly, you can do them solo, with a friend, or a pre-made fireteam of 3 (there’s no matchmaking enabled). Then comes 3 collectable-related triumphs. You’ll need to find all 9 Entropic Shards on Europa (video guide), all 9 Penguin statues (video guide), and all 9 dead Exos (video guide). As part of the Aspect of Control quest, you needed to find and ‘break’ 5 Entropic Shards with Salvation’s Grip, the stasis grenade launcher. You’ll need to find the other 4 to complete this triumph, some are open world and some are a little hidden. Try and keep track of which ones you’ve already found. The penguin statues are a simple find and pick up collectable. There is a room next to Variks with a large circular door, they go in there. Around the room will be pieces of paper telling you where to go to find the penguin. Some will have a little puzzle to figure out or enemies to defeat. They seem to be revealed weekly, all should be up the week of January 5th. The dead Exos are simply, and a little morbidly, dead Exo bodies found around Europa. You needed to find 3 of them at the start of the quest for The Lament. Again, some are open world, some are hidden, and there’s 1 in each Lost Sector. Finally, you’ll need to complete all 8 Augment triumphs which are consolidated into 1 overall completion triumph. Once a week from Variks you can pick up a consumable item called a Braytech Transponder for 50 Herealways Pieces. The effect applies immediately and will last for 7 days (yes, really). To use it, head to the Eclipsed Zone of the week and wait for a Techno Squad Leader boss with the yellow Scanner role/effect/augment above their head. Waves of ads will appear until you kill this boss. You then pick up the Scanner augment and on the left-hand side of your screen you’ll get a pop-up that says “Scanner (location you need to go to) x3.” You’ll then head to the location displayed in the pop-up and look for groups of 4 little scanner drones. You’ll need to shoot them in a certain order, the order is determined by which one is highlighted in yellow, visible with the Scanner augment. After shooting the group of 4 drones, you’ll hack a nearby terminal. Then you'll do it a second and third time. Once you complete it, you’ll lose your 7 day long effect that makes you able to pick up the Scanner augment. There are 8 total locations in which to do this, I think they’re on a rotation based on the weekly rotation of the Europan Eclipsed Zone. Here’s a video of all 8 locations. And that’s it! There are no secret triumphs that I’ve seen, but you never know so it’s possible there might be a couple more in the future. I think it’s a good mix of collectables, tasks, play the game things, playing with friends things. Stop by the Discord if you’re having any trouble with this, we can help you out, get things sorted. And good luck!
  13. On Nov 21 2020, the new Destiny 2 raid Deep Stone Crypt released. Our raid team, made up of @MadCast: Mandalorian, @MadCast: The Prince, @MadCast: Qrow, @MadCast: NastyTaxi, and associates @Judd and @Trout, made it through the raid in the first 24 hours. Congrats to the team on their completion, not just in the first 24 hours but in the first 12. I think their final time was 11 hours and 50 minutes in the raid before completing it. Way to go, team!
  14. Edit bump: have pushed back start to 5pm eastern. Depending on how overloaded the servers are, I might push it back further.
  15. Farming the final boss in Scourge of the Past for Anarchy. Sign up over here.
  16. We're farming the final boss in the Scourge of the Past raid for the Anarchy grenade launcher for those who don't have it before it goes away (you must have the Forsaken expansion). Depending on how much you've done the final boss before this season, the drop rate is a 10% chance that goes up after each completion (this maxes out at 50% after 20 clears). Sign up below, those who want to get it and those who are willing to help out. I would like at least 2 people experienced with the raid to help me out, one comfortable sitting up at the top of the map and one comfortable reading the map, both coordinating to stun the boss. Classwise, it's up to you. I'll be on a Warlock, another 1 or 2 would be nice for Wells at the CAP points, a Titan on Ward of Dawn bubble, and then pick your poison. A second bubble, a Golden Gun Hunter with Celestial Nighthawk. Bring Whisper of the Worm or DARCI for your power weapon for boss DPS. If we get into a good groove, we can get through the boss fight in 10 minutes. If we have extra in terms of people who want Anarchy, once 1 person gets it who didn't have it they'll be rotated out. Everyone is welcome to sign up, full members, candidates, and associates. Priority will go in order of who signs up. Edit: forgot to add an explanation video. The way we do it is a little different, though, but basically the same.
  17. The release day event for Destiny 2 latest expansion, Beyond Light.
  18. It's finally almost here. The latest Destiny 2 expansion, Beyond Light, drops on November 10th, supposedly at noon eastern, but because the servers are bound to be overloaded, our release day event officially kicks off at 2pm eastern/11am pacific. It'll go for a while, I might need a fill-in when I head off to eat, but considering a number of us have been really looking forward to this new expansion, I figure we'll be playing for hours. See you then!
  19. Update bump. The Oct 29 edition of the TWAB contains a link to a list of items that will be removed from players' inventories at the start of Beyond Light/Season 12. That list is this: Advanced Paradox Amplifiers Adventure Tokens All Bounties and Quests from Season of the Forge, Season of the Drifter, and Season of Opulence All Ritual and Pinnacle Weapon Quests (the gear will become available in our Monument to Lost Lights Exotic Archive) Black Armory Schematic Consumables Boons of Opulence BrayTech Schematic Cayde's Odds and Ends Concentrated Radiolarian Culture Dance Party Keys Expired Ramen Coupons Faction Wars Materials Faded Card Five of Swords Challenge Card Forge Polymers Imperials Letter Fragments Loot-a-Palooza Keys Lost Memory Fragments Modulus Report Consumables Motes (Weak, Middling, Powerful): Collector, Invader, Reaper, Sentry Notes From Cayde Obsidian Accelerators Obsidian Radiance Temper Effect (including those applied on weapons) Override Frequencies Paradox Amplifier Radiant Matrix Radiolarian Culture Rasputin Armory Codes Resonate Stem Consumables Runefinder Synths: Collector, Sentry, Invader, Reaper Tokens: Dead Orbit, Future War Cult, New Monarchy Transcripts Treasure Maps: EDZ, Titan, Io, Nessus, Mercury, Hellas Basin (Mars) Wealth of the Emperor Buffs
  20. There has been, we are planning to do the raid day one. Monday nights are currently raid nights, come on by Monday after Town Hall and you can talk with our main raid team.
  21. Another update bump, this time with the Bungie ViDoc and vague seasonal roadmap released October 27.