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  1. ^^^^ This was also me signing up, if I needed to sign up.
  2. Here’s how to get Chosen, the Season 13 title. This is tied to the paid season pass, purchasable for $10 USD. You’ll need the Path of the Chosen triumph, complete all Seasonal storyline quests. You’ll complete this when you do all of the Challenger’s Proving quests obtained from the HELM war table. My only point to keep an eye on is, with the storyline now over, I have no idea if they will continue to become available week after week or all at once if you're just getting to them now. You’ll need the Vendor Upgrades triumph, unlock all vendor upgrades, which means unlocking all of the
  3. This sounds like fun, I'm down for a slot in hour 1.
  4. Here's my trade list. Let me know if you want to work out a trade. IV wise, I'm easy going, I just like hoarding. Offering: Tranquil Lvl 18 54% Croagunk Lvl 12 42% Pignite Lvl 18 52% Swinub Lvl 12 35% Magnemite Lvl 23 47% Chinchou Lvl 18 38% Murkrow Lvl 1 31% Pikipek Lvl 18 49% Crabrawler Lvl 22 57% Torracat Lvl 34 43% Ralts Lvl 19 43% Nincada Lvl 12 61% Snivy Lvl 5 48% Gurdurr Lvl 23 37% Monferno Lvl 11 46% Hitmonlee Lvl 21 45% Ferrothorn Lvl 36 51% Pidgeotto Lvl 15 58% Vib
  5. Thanks to everyone who came. I'll definitely be doing this again next month, hopefully on a day where more people can come. Until then, think up some silly weapon loadouts for everyone to use. 🙂
  6. Some drawing fun with me! We'll be doing some Drawful 2 and some Skribblio for a few hours.
  7. Hello friends! On Tuesday afternoon/evening/whatever time means to you these days, I'll be hosting a few hours of Drawful 2 and Pictionary (or Skribblio cause that's what it is). It'll run from 5pm to 8pm EST, maybe start a little early, we'll see how it goes. Everyone's welcome to come by, you don't need to own Drawful, I have the game and will be streaming it. When we move to Skribblio I'll stop streaming cause then everyone will be in the browser drawing. See you then!!
  8. Ongoing Destiny 2 raid night for raid team 2.
  9. Here’s how to get Descendant, the Deep Stone Crypt raid title. You’ll need to complete the Collections badge for the raid, which might take some time, so this will be something to work on passively as you run the raid for challenges. Here’s a link to what items can drop from which encounter. For the Collections badge you’ll need: -the Crypt Awakened emblem, obtained after your first completion of the raid. -all 6 raid weapons: the Heritage shotgun, the Succession sniper rifle, the Trustee scout rifle, the Posterity hand cannon, the Bequest sword, and the Commemoration machine gu
  10. The monthly Destiny event. January's plan: in-house Crucible/PvP games. Power level not enabled, all Clash, loads of map variety, some silly rules.
  11. It's almost time for January's Destiny 2 event. This month... it's in-house PvP! Everyone's welcome to come by for some fun in-house Crucible games. It'll all be Clash, we'll mix up the teams and the maps game by game, and maybe we'll have some fun rules. Like shotguns only, or Telesto only, or sidearms only. Or melee only. Things like that. You don't have to sign up for spots or anything, we can rotate people in and out as people come in late or if we get an odd number or if the teams max out or anything. I don't think we'll get enough people for a big 6v6, but you never know.
  12. We've (mostly) got enough regulars for a 2nd raid team. A little more casual than raid team 1, raid team 2 will be in action Sunday evenings around 9:30pm EST.
  13. Here’s how to get Warden, the Season 12/Season of the Hunt-specific title. This title will continue to be available to obtain after the season ends on February 9, 2021. This title is tied to Season 12's season pass paid tier, which is $10 USD. In order to do any seasonal content, you will need access to the Tangled Shore and the Moon. If you haven’t done either of the Forsaken or Shadowkeep campaigns, you’ll have to complete the first missions of each, they are available for all players. Then you’ll need to complete the Trail of the Hunted quest on the Moon. First, you’ll need to acq
  14. The monthly Destiny 2 event. Bring your unfinished quests and your questions and we'll get you sorted out.
  15. Hello again! I'm bringing back the monthly Destiny 2 event. This month's will be more of a casual hang out/help people through story missions/answer questions from newer players kind of event. It'll start at 5pm EST, go for a few hours, take a break for food, then pick back up later in the evening. There might be an in-house Crucible game or 2 if enough people are interested. Bring your unfinished quests and questions as well as your helping out face for those more experienced players looking to help people out. See you then!
  16. Here’s a not-so-quick rundown on how to get Splintered, the title for the Beyond Light campaign. (I've bolded specific things you need to obtain and the overall requirement for completing a triumph in order to make it read easier. This guide is very text-heavy.) First, like usual, you’ll need to complete the Collections badge. Here’s a picture of my current progress on my Warlock, yours will vary (this is from the website, if you’re interested, it’s very handy): Here’s the breakdown: The Crystocrene armor set is obtained first from finding and unlocking the
  17. On Nov 21 2020, the new Destiny 2 raid Deep Stone Crypt released. Our raid team, made up of @MadCast: Mandalorian, @MadCast: The Prince, @MadCast: Qrow, @MadCast: NastyTaxi, and associates @Judd and @Trout, made it through the raid in the first 24 hours. Congrats to the team on their completion, not just in the first 24 hours but in the first 12. I think their final time was 11 hours and 50 minutes in the raid before completing it. Way to go, team!
  18. Edit bump: have pushed back start to 5pm eastern. Depending on how overloaded the servers are, I might push it back further.
  19. Farming the final boss in Scourge of the Past for Anarchy. Sign up over here.
  20. We're farming the final boss in the Scourge of the Past raid for the Anarchy grenade launcher for those who don't have it before it goes away (you must have the Forsaken expansion). Depending on how much you've done the final boss before this season, the drop rate is a 10% chance that goes up after each completion (this maxes out at 50% after 20 clears). Sign up below, those who want to get it and those who are willing to help out. I would like at least 2 people experienced with the raid to help me out, one comfortable sitting up at the top of the map and one comfortable reading the map,