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  1. @MadCast: Khaos I'm not able to make it tomorrow. Someone else can have my spot.
  2. Belial Rogue 5 at your service for the March 21 sewer cleanup. Will defer for lower levels.
  3. Date of Purchase: 03/13/2020 Gold Before Purchase: 3355gp Gold After Purchase: 2655gp Items purchased: 10 Potions of Healing - 500gp Lodestone Tankard - 200gp
  4. [@MadCast: The Prince] Belial - Take me to the circle, Lady Half-Elf... My daggers thirst for blood.
  5. [meta] wait im against howard he's a raid boss
  6. Kitty's dominance in her lane allows her teammates to have easy lanes themselves
  7. [@MadCast: The Prince] Belial - Sounds right up my alley. I'll fight.
  8. Who's trynna catch these hands? Sign me up. One thing I'd like to suggest is since it's a smackdown, we do a blind pick to allow people to play their OTPs? Just a suggestion. I won't be upset if someone bans Yasuo.
  9. I'd love to help out. Currently the way I've been doing this is by reviewing replays and playing games together with the person getting coached. This may be a difficult thing to do if you're fairly new to the game, but I'll figure something out. Let me know if you ever want to play together sometime. 🙂
  10. Date of Purchase: 3/11/2020 Gold Before Purchase: 3555gp Gold After Purchase: 3355gp Two daggers silvered - 200gp
  11. I'd like to join for the 15th as well. Belial, Rogue 5.
  12. Gold before donation - 3755 Gold after donation - 3555 Belial, 3/8/20, 200 gp: Soto-Dath's Blessing