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  1. Void Bastards Forget everything you know about first-person shooters: Void Bastards asks you to take charge, not just point your gun and fire. Your task is to lead the rag-tag Void Bastards out of the Sargasso Nebula. You make the decisions: where to go, what to do and who to fight. And then you must carry out that strategy in the face of strange and terrible enemies. On board derelict spaceships you’ll plan your mission, taking note of the ship layout, what hazards and enemies you might encounter and what terminals and other ship systems you can use to your advantage.. Move carefully through the dangerous ships, searching for supplies and manipulating control systems. React to what you find - will you detour to the generator to bring the power back online or will you fight your way into the security module to disable the ship’s defenses? Choose carefully when to fight, when to run and when just to be a bastard. Use your hard won supplies to improvise tools and weapons, from the distracting robo-kitty to the horribly unstable clusterflak. Navigate your tiny escape pod through the vast nebula. Flee from void whales and pirates, and politely avoid the hungry hermits. All the while you must keep scavenging for the food, fuel, and other resources that keep you alive. Void Bastards features a 12-15 hour campaign that you can complete with an endless supply of prisoners, each with their own unique traits. When one dies, another steps forward to carry on the fight. Don’t worry though, as any crafting progress you’ve made is retained from one to another. ------------------------------ Yooka-Laylee is an all-new open-world platformer from genre veterans Playtonic! Explore huge, beautiful worlds, meet (and beat) an unforgettable cast of characters and horde a vault-load of shiny collectibles as buddy-duo Yooka (the green one) and Laylee (the wisecracking bat with the big nose) embark on an epic adventure to thwart corporate creep Capital B and his devious scheme to absorb all the world’s books… and convert them into pure profit! Using their arsenal of special moves, our heroes will tackle a huge variety of puzzles and platforming challenges in their search for Pagies, the golden bounty used to unlock — and expand — stunning new worlds, each jammed to the gills with oddball characters, hulking bosses, minecart challenges, arcade games, quiz shows, multiplayer games… and much more!
  2. Hey mate, thanks so much! Yeah we spent so much time on the intro encounter that I decided to yeet some environmental aspects such as the toxic air, there were different ways for that to continue for each version (lvl 3, 6 etc). I really enjoyed it, including and especially the time spent on the first encounter and revealing the characters to each other. I feel it set the stage and helped everyone get an idea of how the party fit together. Thanks for the kind words!
  3. Yay! Glad you found your way to the forums, was great having you in the 5e game and I hope we can get some Vermintide 2 or Bloons in soon! Oh and maybe @MadCast: Epic will get cravings for Terraria soon?
  4. https://www.epicgames.com/store/en-US/p/rebel-galaxy Free and an interesting take on tower defence iirc
  5. Hey Craiden, we didnt interact that much before you left as I was a new join but its great to have you back. Last couple of years have been rough ones and Im glad you are back on your feet. Hope you got the support you needed
  6. One day I would like to experience both at the same time, sir.
  7. Hi all, Thanks again for last night! As discussed we will start 30mins earlier next week and now the we are at a place where we can push through a series of combats. Good luck!
  8. Welcome back! I started a run through of Ark with a few people recently but got to Extinction when RL and new shiny things saw the others leave. Think the cluster of Extinction, Gen2, SE and Abb are still up should you be looking for an Ark
  9. OK so @ThatCakeconfirmed, @MadCast: Suixand @MadCast: FairyPrinxeplease let me know once you have clicked this link to join the table so I can add your character sheets. Fitz hasn't confirmed so we have two more spaces. As ever, please reach out with any questions
  10. Epic store has Verdun and Defence Grid: Awakening. The latter is my first TD game and its a hard recommend if you like the genre.
  11. Waiting to hear from Fitz but will likely open up his place to the community today. Followed up with @ThatCakevia DMs as I believe he is on vacation.
  12. Please confirm Weds 28th and Weds 4th No but if unusual or homebrew I'd appreciate the heads up!
  13. Thanks @MadCast: Dez, post updated to Wednesdays dates 👍
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