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  1. Yes @MadCast: Mike, this is a confirmed application.
  2. @jax_skellington and @horsedolphin3 I see your candidacy posts and expect that this will be formalised (if it hasnt already) by a staff response acknowledging and advising you on your candidacy. Congrats! I look forward to interacting with you both as members, however given your candidacy applications you are the first two names on the list! Thank you for you interest, I am adjusting the OP to record your places in the game.
  3. Hi mate @jax_skellington, priority will go to Members and Candidates without distinction between candidacy. That said I will keep you as first alternate! But if you apply you would be first applicant
  4. OP updated. Candidates added as well as timer to complete or fail in under 5hrs. Post if you are in and I will create a channel for questions such as character builds etc I've already prepped everything in roll20
  5. Thursday, per the thread title 😏 Let's discuss but love to have you!
  6. I am looking to run a scenario as prep for running the scene slightly differently in a campaign. This will involve clearing a trail currently inhabited by a White Dragon, amongst others..... This will be timed and I may run it again if there is interest. Game will finish in under 5hours with a fail if not completed. Please post your interest. We will start at 7pm EST, you can create a level 9 character (contact me for Homebrew or UA stuff but likely I will say "Fuck yes!"). This is open to MadCast Candidates, Full Members and above, looking for 3-5 characters. We will use Roll20 and Zoom, you dont have to share your webcam. We can use discord if you have a lower spec PC. Lemme know. Confirmed Players: [C] Horsedolphin [C] Jax_skellington @MadCast: Tamorex @MadCast: The Prince @MadCast: majorhoward Background The Frostgauntlet offers a shortcut between two important stretches of arctic territory that would otherwise require magical means to cross. Treacherous and nigh impassable, many who know of its perils would rather take the long way ‘round before setting foot within its icy passages. To make matters worse, the cavern is now home to a dreadful white dragon named Pulraess, The Prince of Winter. Understanding the value the shortcut offers adventurers and explorers, Pulraess uses The Frostgauntlet as an ambush point and is rumoured to be gathering minions to guard his hoard and project his power. Until the dragon and its minions are forcibly removed from the area, The Frostgauntlet is effectively off-limits. The dragon Pulraess and its loyal minions obstruct all travel through The Frostgauntlet. This has hurt trade, exploration, and adventuring in the north, and until the dragon is defeated, all who once used The Frostgauntlet shall suffer. You must enter The Frostgauntlet and defeat the dragon. And if the dragon’s hoard isn’t enough, the icy nations are willing to pay the first party that returns with the dragon’s severed head 5,000 gp. Weather/Environment Considerations The Frostgauntlet is a perilous location and its caverns and open air corridors can have slippery and at times thin ice, covering frigid water and lakes. Additionally, given its nature and location, the Frostgauntlet can suffer from Extreme Cold and even Dire Frost. These may force you to shelter in place (topical!). Lastly, the winding route through the Frostgauntlet can be subject to Fierce Winds and Heavy Snowfall. Post availability and any questions can be sent via Discord DM
  7. Ah England, how lovely! Hope you stayed away from the barbarians over the ice wall? (Dont mind me, just taking any opportunity to poke @MadCast: majorhoward) Welcome back and see you around
  8. Hi Speccles and welcome! Curious what games you play? Have seen you in the Social Saturdays and hope to game with you soon
  9. Curious what your intended maximum player amount is?
  10. Read through twice to confirm that this is not where I scream my availability at you. Playing in just one game where we had our session 1 last night and after taking a break due to LD&D, I am ready and salivating mate!
  11. 1. Played an edition a while back and bloodlines a bit and that helped. Pre-gens were easy to decipher 2. Fine once downloaded 3. All was fine, you presented the situation well 4. No comments for an intro session Cheers for the game
  12. Thanks for posting. This is a list of cards with resources: I am starting with White Fragility. For what its worth being here in America now is not something that my media fed understanding of racism in America nor my degree (historical development of racism and culture) prepared me for.
  13. Necroing the shit out of this thread. So made a channel in discord to gauge interest as @MadCast: Wazapand I have it and I have 2-3 friends currently interested in trying it out. Plan to see if we can have a loose meetup one night a week in addition to being filthy casuals the rest of the time. Pinged you in that channel @MadCast: AngleOfDeath