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  1. Some good runs into the Black Forest biome with @MadCast: Deztonight! Got through a couple of crypts and have what we need to sort out smelting ore, hopefully tomorrow we shall start on a main base away from the start location. @MadCast: doublestufforeocould use your preference for building should you be available and so inclined!
  2. Updated server details above. Also created a waystation close to the next biome (Black Forest).
  3. Server is up and running, details in the spoilered image below. @MadCast: Dez we only have the one server so a lot of the above i moot. Apologies I was confusing an offering from one server provider with G-Portal.
  4. Servers paid for, will activate in a few hours! @MadCast: Dezcurrently no steam achievements for Valheim, cheats can only be activated by server admin for multiplayer. If we want a build server then would suggest a character just for that server.
  5. Totally understandable! I will try and find a definitive answer before we launch the build server. So Dez and will launch tomorrow, I should have the servers arranged before 5pm EST in case any of you want to start with us tomorrow evening. May start at 6pm EST to give people time to get home and eat etc @MadCast: doublestufforeo @MadCast: Nevard @MadCast: Apoz Happy to discuss having events so we can take on bosses together or for big builds/resource runs and so on! (Though evening PST availability for me needs to be arranged in advance 😬) As a note the boss for each ar
  6. Came through it fine if drugged up and wearing a cone poor thing. Yeah I was thinking 2 normal servers, 1 build server where you can use cheat commands and just build. Normal server and a spare in case we have a lot of people who want to play at the same time. Yeah I have looked in to it and can go with it but was feeling vanilla initially. The servers are advertised as 'Inclusive with the mod: ValheimPlus' so hopefully we can run it on just one server should people want. Its a lot of admin side controls to tweak the experience to make it easier, more convenient or the opp
  7. Ug dog ripped up his dew claw yesterday and had to be sedated today to have it dealt with so am behind on things but yes, will grab the 1month and post the details tomorrow! Thanks @MadCast: Dez! Now my hours in game are going to be mostly limited to the daytime PST. We will have 5 servers so I would suggest that we could build on each as we want, seperating to go to them if we have enough players, >3-4. I think we should all start new characters and have a rule where materials cannot be brought from other servers that are not part of the MadCast 5 that come with the G-Porta
  8. Oh @MadCast: DezI just saw your message in Discord, add me on steam with 45766888. Been playing a new server with new characters with two other mates. Just did 2nd boss this morning. For server I am thinking of going with GPortal and will grab 1 month from the start but can go for the 3 month if we really feel this has legs and will run. For server location perhaps Dallas unless there are UK folk that want to join, in which case DC?
  9. Been a busy week but thanks for all the replies! I will look in to this more over the weekend and post what I find. A cursory look indicates its a little over $10 USD a month and I would probably look at a server based in NYC. FYI I suspect their netcode is.....lacking. Being around 4 player starts to lag the game though its playable in my experience/opinion, this gets worse near a lot of structures. But Ive run with 3 people close regularly and its been fine.
  10. So Valheim, its pretty fun: I've been playing a bunch during the day and am considering getting a dedicated server if people want to play, hmu in the comments! Currently 20USD, its an early access game with an impressive amount of content and a small dedicated team of devs. Like 6 of them, they take their time with development but there are currently 5 biomes and 5 bosses to beat. I find it a chill way to pass the time and would be happy to stream it if you are curious and want to see what its about.
  11. I'd like to nominate @MadCast: Mandalorian for a Fellowship Commendation award (not suggesting bronze, silver or gold, just that a version of the award is deserved). Stan puts a lot of effort in to this community with his advice and suggestions, and while not everyone may agree with him he is consistently thoughtful and puts time in to stating his position. He makes frequent efforts to assist members, with his advice to @MadCast: jax_skellingtonin discord yesterday being another prime example. Another example would be his long posts explaining his position in re-ordering the discord.
  12. Not free but GOG has a huge sale atm XCOM 2 for $5. Metro Exodus Gold for $20 Deus Ex Mankind Divided Deluxe for $7. Ghostrunner for $20 Divinity Original Sin 2 for $18 Heroes of Might & Magic 3 Complete for $1
  13. Also Surviving Mars, a sci fi city builder set on Mercury. Just kidding, its set on Mars. Bud dum tsssssh
  14. Metro 2033 free in steam
  15. No idea on times but if I can be available I will be! Edit: Should be available from 3-5pm EST ❤️ (Usual caveats apply)