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  1. Thanks all! You will be starting the game in a shuttle from the local Maw, Maws are an ancient system of wormhole gates placed within the skeletal maws of ancient space lwviathons of unknown species or origin. The shuttle is heading to a mega space station nearby where at least some of you will be meeting with l a Society contact who has reached out regarding work the Society needs to outsource. Feel free to work out if you know each other and If so how. The Society of Explorers and Salvagers is effectively a good aligned organisation of adventurers and mercs that is often aligned with the the entity known as Astrogations Inc which is the primary point for mapping known space within the Maw network and beyond the rim (see map in the pdf). It is commonly known that the Society sent off a massive expedition to a system now known as the Scoured World's. The expedition was not successful though more details are not commonly known. As a result of losing the majority of its active field members through this expedition the Society has been relying on freelancers such as yourselves while rebuilding its resources and reputation.
  2. Can those who are playing please send me a DM if you have played any Starfinder? Looking to borrow, potentially heavily, from a society module and convert it to DnD5e @MadCast: doublestufforeo @MadCast: Wazap @MadCast: majorhoward @MadCast: QuantaMentat Thanks!
  3. Pick or make a character, work out some background for your character so you know how you want to play him/her/they. Let me know what character you choose if a pre-gen please! If you make a character please send it to me! You can also think about what kind of game you want to play and let me know if you want. I am absolutely happy to make a time to talk stuff over or help you make/flesh out a character. @MadCast: Kitty Stark had some ideas about how you could RP if you want to go that route!
  4. Just here to celebrate another Android user /me salutes
  5. Evil has a name.... Scratchfury was well pissed off about moving from China to the Bay Area
  6. If you want to build you're own character I'm here to help @MadCast: Kitty Stark. Thanks for letting me know preferences!
  7. not the barbarian in a Big Daddy suit. Sure we can make it work @MadCast: Wazap
  8. FYI the Pre-gens are broken down in to 2 Tanks (Barbarian and Cleric or even Monk) 2 Healers (Cleric and Star Warlock) and 2 Damage dealers (Monk and Gunslinger or Barbarian) Also, please do DM me here or on discord with any considerations as to what type of game appeals to you, combat heavy, RP heavy, potential to continue the oneshot in a campaign, as well as anything you are NOT interested in experiencing. I will try to accomodate the preferences and will work with you to avoid things that you do not like or may find triggering. Cheers
  9. Thanks for all the comments. OK so it seems that Saturday 1st February is the day that suits best, the game length will of course depends on what happens but I would expect a minimum of 3 hours and aim for a maximum of 5 hours. Given that I will look at starting the game at 5pm PT/8pm ET Current players: DSO Kitty Waz Howard Quanta Do people have an issue with using pre-gens linked below? What is the best way to share the PDF of the setting and rules given that I would prefer it not be disseminated to those outside of the game? Pre-Gen Characters
  10. @MadCast: The Prince and @MadCast: RedJustice graced my presence with a one shot in earl December which I think went well and may have helped to push Red towards DM'ing herself (oh god what have I helped to unleash?). So to the one shot, please confirm your interest in the thread below and indicate what day of the week is a dealbreaker for you and what day(s) are ideal. I am West Coast so will ensure a week night start of 630pmPT/930pmET though I can adjust this as needed. If at the weekend I can be more flexible with timing. I will provide either pre-gen characters or assistance with character creation. I will also provide a PDF of the rules. This PDF has been provided to me by the Devs for the purpose of running one shots, cos they are lovely people. I am away in the UK until the 22nd January from next Tuesday (7th Jan) and will look to run this in the final week or weekend of January. Happy for candidates to join and if we don't have sufficient interest I will consider inviting non-MC. @MadCast: QuantaMentat @MadCast: doublestufforeo @MadCast: Kitty Stark @MadCast: Wazap Cheers!
  11. Alright, so this is a bit 'fucky' for a first post as a Full Member but there we are, the question is regarding remote mental health assistance such as Teledocs. Appreciate if anyone has advice or guidance on that or similar services, remote preferred as SF prices are bonkers....
  12. Hi all, understand that my candidacy period ended yesterday. Wanted to state that the wife and I have been in and out of hospital since the 23rd so you will likely see me on discord and forums less for that period and the coming week(s).