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  1. Never played overwatch
  2. I have read and agree to the terms of full membership!
  3. Bronze 1 support main Adc secondary Looking for duo
  4. I has a question for the pineapple haters... If its not meant to go on pizza, then why does literally every pizza place offer it as a topping? And don't give me that "its fruit" crap... tomatoes are fruits. #EqualRightsForToppings
  5. That's pretty awesome! Keep polishing those skills and you'll go far, my friend!
  6. I tend to favor the marvel universe. I LOVE Batman but for the most part DC just isn't my cup of tea
  7. Everyone's got a superhero preference. Where do your loyalties lie? Are you a DC fanatic? A diehard Marvel enthusiast? Which floats your superhero boat and why!?