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  1. There are no belts in karate...
  2. First champion that came out after you started the game: Jinx First champion you played: Jinx First Penta kill: Zed Favorite Champ: Heimi Cutest champ: gnar (little) Champ that needs nerf'd: Fiora Champ that needs a buff: Heimi Hardest champ to play: Karthus Easiest champ to play: Jinx
  3. Dez, I would love to play MineCraft with you. I had a blast playing Rocket League with you and feel like you would be awesome in MineCraft.
  4. I have always wanted to be apart of something like this and is one of the reasons I joined MadCast. I was playing on The Mimic modded server but it has been 65+ days since anyone has logged in. Although I usually stick to modded, I would definitely be interested in a community MadCast vanilla series.
  5. That is awesome, congrats!
  6. DUDE!! I will totes play some Tabletop with ya.
  7. Enzee! nice to meet you. Pretty cool that you decided to join so early. I am fairly new to the group as well. You seem like a straight forward kinda person so don't be afraid to hassle people to comment on your thread.
  8. Not a single person submitted. I guess I’ll keep my money...
  9. I'll check it out. I know Prop Hunt is hilarious. Ill get it this weekend.
  10. All, For the spirit of more competitiveness, I am doing a montage clip challenge. The prize is a $20 Steam gift card. This will hopefully push the vast amount of associates in Rocket League to apply for candidacy. So, if you have a good buddy, tell them about this challenge. The difference in this challenge is that you can pick any clip that you personally made. Also, it will be a montage clip. Three clips must be stitched together using Gif Your Game and submitted as one GIF. Rules are below and please let me know if you have any questions. 1. Only members and candidates of MadCast
  11. ***CHALLENGE OVER*** Winner will be announced tonight at 9 EST during the Rocket League Mafia Event. A new challenge will be posted soon...
  12. Very impressive. Do you have the replay file for it? Not needed, but I want to see it from another angle. I bet it looks nasty good.