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  1. I've had this idea in my head for a while now to make a Hide and seek for everyone to play now hold on Its not going to be As good.. because Dominion map is removed *best map for hide and seek tbh* but I believe we can make it work out in SR With the help of MadCast Dez or Baal since im not a full member yet to have my own thing running ^ ofcourse So the idea is for us to make it a tournamet Game , with picks & banns and a maximum of only 1-2 Seekers and up to 5 Hiders Game starts with First 10 minutes We just farm So evryone could get some gold to buy stuff , Once it hits the 10mins mark Everyone goes back to base , But *killing each other is allowed ofc pre 10mins for everyone , Rip seekers* But Once people have bought their things You dont have much time at 11mins you're demanded to be out of base or You'll lose 1 life So you hide within The jungle And No Wards or ward totem are allowed by either side And because i know some questinos'll be up like here's the rules once the hide and seek begins at 11mins 1- seekers may buy what ever they see fit to kill 2- Hiders are not allowed to Kill or fight Seekers! May CC them with skills/such But if you do something ridicilous like Playing neeko and building full ap and burst the seeker with your ult saying *i was ccing em and getting shield to live* Then no.. Which brings us toooo 3- Hider's items are limited to items that help them Survive Not items with The full itent of damage to an item that's mainly Full Damage use Such as * Zhonyas* is fine - QSS is fine but dont complete the sword Seraphs if fine aswell since you can use its big shield *as long as you dont abuse it for its ap* Building Full tank is not allowed as well You may play Tanky/beefy charcters but not build tank on them -Items such as Dead man's plate is also out of the question despite giving movement speed It still is a Tanky ish item -Basiclly most items that are allowed for Hiders are Items that give movementspeed but no tanky stats/full damage *crit items are fine because they're critchance & movespeed & attack speed* and you're not suppoused to be constantly attacking ,only ccing once , running away 5- Hiders are allowed to farm the jungle! but beware doing so might notify the seekers that someone's close by as they pass by an empty jg camp 6- to be fair a bit for the seekers Some Champions will be perma banned Without banning them in game Such as Teemo! Shaco! Mainly these two are the only ones no Hider is allowed to play them at all times for what ever reason 7- The Chase!! Hiders are not allowed to hide under Towers! You may only pass by them if you wish to get to the other side of the jungler But That is It! if you stay near a tower in any way for more than 2 seconds You'll get a -1 to your 5 lifes You're allowed to run next to Seeker's towers as you escape them and such and Yea if you're being chased under your own tower ,as said before You just pass to the other side of the jg The seeker'll have to be the one judging is it worth to eat a towershot or not for the chase ^ But Hiders are not Allowed to Circule the seekers around these turrets Such as , you just passed by this tower while being chased , You just keep running away to somewher else , Dosent matter if you expose someone else of the hiders But if you Do a spin around the rosey , make the seeker lose too much hp by eating like 3 tower shots just because you're dragging them near your turrets Then you get a -1 life No way around that 8- Now if you do happen to be passing by one of your fellow hiders,,, And accidently Expose them , Well Here's the big Oof rule Each Hider is allowed to 3 CC Assists To their team! You are only allowed 3 Assists in total Not to each person!!! Once you use up your 3 assists , using any more will cause in a minus life! so simply after using yours If you end up in the middle of another hider being chased by a seeker you do not CC the seeker or harm them in any way Unless the seeker is Directly coming after you!! I hope that point's clear 9-Each game'll have to go up to Either 35mins total game time Or minions push to nexus Or simply all hiders go with 5 deaths from the begging time of the Hide and seek *starting from the 11mins mark* 10- Hiders Are allowed only 5seconds in fountain time after spawing if they die , And as soon as they pass their Inhibitor To go hide They say in all chat *Grace* which means they get 10seconds of Not being touched At all by the seekers So its a fair way for them to go back into hiding And seekers are not allowed to follow those who are under Grace so if a seeker see's someone under grace in their way , They Walk away to another direction untill that person's grace is over Then seeker's are allowed to chase them once again Just so some Seekers do not Camp base , bully someone as they come out of base , make it unfair ^^ 11- also just because i know someof you might do this... Hiders DO NOT ALL STACK IN 1 BUSH FOR WHAT EVER REASON AND THEN DUMP ALL OF YOUR CC ONTO THE SEEKER AS THEY APPROACH YOU!!!! Just because i know some of dem pepegas might do that ^ 12- Oh yes and most imporatntly of all Seekers Are not allowed to play Ashe/Quinn/TF Champions like those that can just see a good portion of the map with their skills... so the hiders actully have a hiding chance While... For hiders?.... I will say that Twisted fate is allowed for them you know.. The great escape as they close in on you , you just ult away BUT Twisted fate as a hider is only allowed to Ult if he is Teleporting to another hiding spot!!!!! Not allowed to use it at all times to get vision on the seekers got that ya rule breakers?^ 13-heres something extra for the hiders , They're allowed to hide in River bushes of lanes to leech some exp from the minions murdering each others But no farming the minions!!!! So they can hide in river bushes like the top/bot /mid ones just to get the exp So they can get some levelups so they dont be far behind in levels on the seekers , weaker 14-Seekers are also not farming minions in any lanes! or leeching exp! their only way of leveling up is Killing the hiders Kappa Sure they might get some exp while chasing someone thro midlane/ or such But understandable enough depending on the situations 15-Once a Hider is done for with their 5 deaths Then Thats it for them , They sit in base & afk while watching their companions die , or be very sneaky snek But also Due to me saying farming jungle is okay for hiders,,, I do not mean also Dragons/Herald/Baron So,,,,, Hiders are only allowed to take Wind/Ocean drakes , Seekers are allowed all dragons Now Hiders will not fight the seekers for it! Simply if you think the seekers are There You just have to simply Last hit it better than them! And as said No Wards or any vision items So Blind steals , dark map , Fun times i've had some more ideas in my head but cant remember them now , If Dez & Baal & nyone else who'd agree to this idea of the full members & above would like to do this fun gamemode with me that'd be neat and also i'm open to Any more suggestions to Rules See ya tonight in mafia people!!! Yours [C]IzonKAiser
  2. You know something isnt right.. when you're playing Malphite.... Against a Camile And shes not destroying you.. Infact.. you're out trading her.. When you're using Press the attack on malphite (LOL) its been a blast for me to play malph with press the attack and 0 AD or ap on runes , just simply attack speed + armor & armor or armor & mr Imagine camile taking magic shield from her 1st auto passive on you.. Only to take a shitload of damage from your auto's & E as press the attack procs , she cant fight you because HaHahAhAhAhaha My name's malph.. i have a shield + my E slows your attackspeed by 30-50%& does alotta damage scaling with my armor! and my W makes me smacc you harder Oh and my Q gives me movement speed that i steal from you while slowing you, Oh.. and My ult.. Just.... *orgasm* My ult.. is amazing.. have you tried it?? Here have a taste *SMACC* Oh.. u deed me sorrry :C But yea malphite is really fun against some Full AD teams as i was playing with my friends in d3-d1 elo , vs a d4 top camile , i just keept building armor , armor , armor , hp because their only ap threat was a Mid karthus... and uh.... i'll tell you right now that karthus did not have a good time.. Imagine every minute/40secs a malphite comes from behind your tower and ults you , kills you , walks away back to his lane best part is enemy camile was like *while he is doing that mid! imma push his tower!!!* me as malph: O.k *walks bacc to lane , fights her , kills her without having my ult* *proceeds to take 2plates , walk away* But where's the enemy jungler? Well you see.... he was thinking *Toplane's lost... so i gotta go help bot, You know Maybe if i get my botlane ahead , we'll have a chance* And what did the malphite think?: *Excuse me sir , I cannot allow you to do this* *tp , vs camile tp* *presses R* *lands it on 3 of them , wins fight* and game just esclated to surrender at 20 That game wasnt Me alone at all (my jg was kinda non existent) That game was mostly our Mid azir being good as he always is (Great guy btw , search em up if you wana *Trajiic* ) and our botlane was fighting the lane just fine , doing well and all Another game Where i was getting Dominated.... thinking * i can keep my malph win streak going* But ended up against an actual good d3 player That dominated the lane ,had to play like a scared cat and all at my tower and just had more impact on the game Now.. i may have been 0/5 in lane!..... But! Landed amazing ults in teamfights, Tanked pretty well *Hahaha malp vs full ad team is fun Oh. so is rammus* had a good amount of wards spread around baron/topside to keep vision so my team wouldnt be spooped by my toplaner roaming Games like that were going fine , all untill We uh.... Inted? a little bit.. Just a little bit We decided : Ok we won teamfight, we're taking inhib. we have 10 secs , Lts go for nexus tower! takes 1 tower , proceed to get engaged on , killed slowly as one of us made the call of getting baron while they're busy with base Stole baron , we got aced Aaaand lost da game but we were pretty happy at the end of it for the Effort we did As all of them keept meming me for being bad , losing lane that hard my only response was : Wdym i cant do notthinn when their toplaner's strong enough And gets his jungler to dive me everytime past lv 8 while our bot isnt winning and our mid's ungankable So i'm the Sacrifice for the team :< Sorry this isnt like... The best topic i could be speaking about , not my usual about tips./matchups etc Cus sickness and such (cold .. rip me) & unknown brain damage for unknown reasons But over all hope you're all doing well , see you peeps in the next moments
  3. So Sometimes During league games, Some people Can attempt to give some advice to others e.g in events or so Like how in the first time i joined the server , for a League of learning night and i was up against craiden in lane I didnt sound aggressive And also did not try to make a voice tone that would make him feel bad or such At the end of every comment i made with him i would tell him :But over all you did well just need to fix up a thing or two and you'll be good to go But its really unsettling when someone who talks to you about something in game , like trying to review something or advice you or such And the way they say things might come up to be offensive Due to a few reasons like 1- Just throwing all of your words and 100% ignoring what the other person has to say or Thinks As in , The other person is not you! You may be a better player and see the game better than your enemy laner But He is not you and does not see it that way So before throwing everything at him , Maybe try to ask him : How did you see this or that happening? How did you think this match up would go? What did you think was best to do? Let the other person speak first 2-Then say :can i give my own opinion?, if they agree then still when you talk , say it like an actual advice Not as : IT HAS TO BE THIS WAY! OR THAT WAY! THERE'S NO OTHER WAY AROUND IT! Not only in league in other games as well If you deem people to do things the way you see it then ,you're killing their creativity because you're forcing something on them Yes some would say : they dont have to listen to what i say But some people have weak characteristics and personalities and submit to those who they think are better than them you gotta think of how some words come out of you If they'll hurt the person you're talking to or not If this person is cool with me speaking this way or not But you do not just randomly See something that someone else is doing , if they're doing it wrong you just try to force the right thing on them That is how sometimes in league you can help a team mate in league to actually do better if you just speak to them calmly and encourage them Sometimes even when playing with my own friends in the higher elo's of diamond+ i end up facing masters & grandmasters because of them But i manage to deal with it because my boys have known me for more than 5 years And they do not just throw words that they know will hurt me They'll eventually meme me and make jokes on me for being bad and such But they make sure not to pick words that hurt me hard , So imagine if thats how it is between people who know each other for years, How would you react when a Random person starts to randomly force you into things ingame When you're tilted/ Not having a good time because of lane match up or the enemy laner being higher elo "better???" also another example is... So imagine You're friends with a bronze player And you're at least... Gold or plat , somewhere in that range And you're playing with him and he is hurt because of playing against your elo that knows thing he/she cannot comprehend depends on who you are really.. to deal with that situation... Be Forceful , yell at them sometimes to do things right or try to slowly approach their way of playing and attempt to convince them that you can show them a way thats better if they'd like to try Its something i've dealt with personally because Not Every one is a great player You cannot expect a gold player to play as good as a plat 1-2 or diamond same for silver /etc And then proceed to throw all of your ideas of how things should be done Everyone starts somewhere And then slowly gets better , They do not just Suddenly become Great at the game or such Wellll dis is all i have 2 say for dis post See you all later , Also I'm sorry if this made some people feel targeted or such i'm not targeting anyone in specific i'm just commenting on this Because it is something that has been going on for a while And i do hope to just have put some ideas into people to Deal with this alot better? because its something i have not noticed for a LONG while .... But then i started to notice it again recently Within the past month or so! hope you all have a great weekend!! ❤️ Yours: [C]IzonKAiser
  4. you're right i didnt focus much on karthus because he wasnt really sen that much in proplay , because of how easily he could be counterd sometimes And kayn i feel like his fallen off a bit? his not as strong as before Like sometimes if you're not fed as Blue kayn you're just doing Some damage.... Or you could Almost burst someone then Ult and Die or somehow escape , when i see kayn i feel like the only choice for him is to go Red Unless the enemy team is just completely a bunch of squishes *except or the toplane bruiser/mid irel etc* Jarvain's been popular Yeah But i feel like his really a Hit or miss champ... like if people dodge his flag and drag his only choice is *imma just ult* and people just Flash it out or be champions that can dash over it and such BUT! Taking someone's flash out is Important Yeah thats why jarvain's really good but id ont think he'd have as much impact on the game as some champions like Trundle,xin,olaf,sej, and even leesin who's been doing alotta good work recently in the lcs,lec But if you think otherwise i'd love to learn more! as i was a j4 jg main at somepoint untill i just feelt that his not doing that well Then he became popular again and im like *AWIGROGUJERIOGUJNQERJGNIRGNRQG ,OKAY.. TIME TO SWITCH BACK TO J4*
  5. Were you an aatrox main? Then you sure must be as hurt as other toplaners... just being a Beefy boi that runs around healing while doing great damage and if you're in danger u just press R while fighting to increase your healing + damage + revive if u go into 0 hp! isnt it great? But Nope Riot decided *Hmmmm..... thats... too strong need to tone it down a bit* *Lets..... make the revive part after his red bar goes to full* aatrox mains : *slightly hurt* Okay..... aight we can make do It still does great and all Riot : HMMMMMM ITS STILL STRONG...... IDK JEM... WE GOTTA NERF IT MORE Jem: Aight i gotchu!!! *lets remove the revive part for good and just increase the heal & ultimate time when ever aatrox gets kill/assist* aatrox players:**stroke**, YAMERRROOOOOOOOOO, *intense crying everywhere* And Aatrox even after all of that is really not that gutted yet! his still good and viable into alot of matchups as proven by the lcs,lec , lck I wonder if another nerf is on the way ;bigthonk; Like i've had a game as darius into aatrox... Where the player was flashing his mastery 7 at me *low -mid plat elo* And my skills & brain at darius is legit 0... So i should've been losing that lane REALLY HARD But somehow... They guy Dosent want to fight darius even when he landed 2 q's He does not want to go for the E Q on me even pre 6 and after 6 he decided * ok i think i'll all in him now* as i just slowly dodge all 3 q's , apply 5 bleeds on him , pull and etc darius combo lalalalalalalalla walk up auto , w auto Q ,pull Auto ,just get em low enough and press R and keept killing him then even killing him in a 2v1 situation where he had his WW jg from full hp just simply because the guy got too cocky , didnt try to do sht early , made me able to understand the pattern he did things in Like imagine watching your laner do the same thing for 10minutes Walk up , Auto minion , Q at you , if he misses he Q's again , then 3rd q's the floor , i walk up he presses W and walks away and when ever he tried to E Q he dashes to the left with a q like.. Okay? as he keept getting killed , getting me 5/2 as he was 2/3 under me in farm due to fear to walk up to farm due to me having about an item or two and he still halfway thro 1st item It was an intresting match up to play like the guy showed good skill with aatrox.. But his own decision making made it end badly.. And due to that His team had pretty much no frontline because WW was the only frontline and WW got melted by my team thats doing as they please because i'm a beefy darius standing infront , i dont really know how to play darius i just know how to do his combo but i'm not exactly a darius player... Also not the best toplaner there is but i can handle myself with people around my skill range and a bit higher (hopefully) personally i love aatrox But i dont really see the need for people to try to E Q the 1st Q because if you cant land your 1st Q then you're most likely not landing the other 2 at least if you land the 1'st you'd have a chance to E Q the 2nd if the enemy tries to back off Then you W them , slow and either land the 3rd Q or they get too far and thats okay at least you landed 2 q's and traded nicely But if you E Q and the enemy laner walks away its pretty much like *Okay what do i do now?... just continue pressing Q on the wave i guess* also seeing people rush BC into somelanes they dont really need it in when they can rush yommu's or death's dance but tbh i'm afraid that they'd gut aatrox again... so i might just start practicing my akali mechanics for toplane *lul.... imma suck so hard* but hopefully be at least average at her or above that if possible and maybe sometimes Kennen every here and then will see y'all in the next post All of what im saying here is just my personal opinion on what i was noticing , seeing Not meaning THATS WHAT IT SHOULD BE LIKE! and such cus i'm trash anyways but i try to give my opinions on how i see things hopefully not annoying anyone by them
  7. Yeah like if you lost track of enemy jg & you're not there for counter jg Then u should be doing something else on the map like ganking another lane or taking a objective
  8. O boy , I enjoy me playing some Nocturne.. or Sej or reksai or xin/olaf or even elise Ever feel like your botlane's EAsy? and youre pushing it all the way to their tower 100% pressure there Then suddenly... Everything goes dark! and papa noct is here with a 60%+ of a kill if their team follows up Its great... Nocturne isnt really a bad jungler right now due to his ability to clear camps is decently okay and his able to gank pre 6 is not bad all he has to do is just land a Q to run at people and press E for fear and once he hits 6 he can esclate the game alooooot faster for better or worse (if you know what i mean) Can roam around the map pretty quickly with the right build & usage of ult and has the ability to solo dragons But Dosent.. exactly survive for long enough unlike Sejuaniiiiiiii NAw.. Sej's clear is *drooling* Amazingly Not slow and when she completes the jungle item *OOOOOH YEAASSS* and her ability to gank from the lane or from far away by just pressing Q R or just walking into range to R *and HOPE YOU'RE AIMING* Then over all sejuani gets really beefy and is actully Decent if not Good at dueling most junglers around due to her just Auto W auto E *Q used somewhere inbetween depending on situation because it might be saved to escape over walls or such* sejuani can get ALOOT done on the map without really the need to clear her camps as much as other junglers Because she can simply just Take red buff at lv6-7 walk into midlane Do the gank Then decide is it better to go top or bot and gank again because she can! and getting 2nd item warmogs just brings her the ability to be everywhere because her hp'll stay up most of the time even after almost dying to a dive or so she just walks out and heals Even without the warmog's effect going off due to not enough hp yet then the knight's vow on the adc or carry (top or mid) to absorb some of their damage She's great when played right by good junglers with a good sense of the map But then exists junglers like Olaf and xin... You see.. olaf is that guy that walks into your lane with a predator on and if he lands 1 Q 1 Q!!! just 1 He'll mostly land the rest Unless you just straight.. juke em or flash it Olaf's one of these great early game junglers that can speed up th egame really quickly and really early on due to his predator and Ability to slow everyone with Q's and sustainability+ his *i dont care about your CC* ult with an okay clear speed Same as xin wh odosent really need the predator? But can be amazing in th egame in general when he just runs everywhere , His ganks are sometimes hard to escape due to his gap closer & knockup and SLOW Then his ult of *okay goodbye ranged damage unless ure in melee range* Then you know theres reksai... *i'm a strong early fighter against almost every jungler* *i can invade your jungle all i want and get out safely over walls cus i have E hue hue hue* reksai clears decently okay because of her Q and E *sad about her W not knocking everyone up* and her ult at lv 6 allows for such good kill secures But could be dangerous if not planning how ure using it Then there's You know.. Elise *hi i'm one of the best early game ap junglers* i can clear camps easily without losing much hp cus Spiderlings Ha ha ha ha I can do dives really well cus of my cocoon and damage and Lemme just take no damage for a bit skill and she goes a litttle bit too stupid if she gets Strong early her damage goes ridicoulsly high But theres some more viable junglers out there but Most of them arent as effective? They mainly work depending on how the game goes And as dez always says ap shyvana jung op!!!! Thats it for this one guys! THanks for any feedback ahead of time
  9. So.. as said before We're not gonna talk about junglers!! Woooo Who dosent love a jungler that Either farms jg all game Or dosent gank at all? its been to my attention lately.. some some junglers are doing some intresting stuff.... So theres people who play the jungler they want to play.. And theres those who play junglers that their Team needs (+99999 to them) So some junglers sometimes attempt to Either camp one lane.. Or counter the other jungler by taking his jg & so but To do so he needs vision and knowledge of where that other jungler is Which brings us to this point of.. Its really simple as a jjungler for you to know where the enemy started.. while waiting for your buff with the teammate helping you leach it You just look at the map and see who goes in lane first Botlane or top and There u go you know exactly where th eother jungler started.. So then you take the risk of *Do i go take his other buff? will he rush to th ebuff or not?* Thats why mostly u gotta play junglers that are either Bruisers/can duel really well *Xin/Olaf/Sej* and such Or you can just simply stick to farming your own jg After clearing you have to.. HAVE TO get either of the scuddle crabs You cant let the other jungler get both... Otherwise you'll be behind in gold & exp and he'll also have vision of both rivers Also as jungler if you're being invaded.. And your team is pushed to their turrets or Behind and need to focus on farming You cant yell at them or Keep calling them to help you when they're the ones who need help If the situation simply dosent allow for help to come or u to fight the other jungler Then you back off , Go to the other side of the map, OR his other side of the map on hope that he hasnt cleared it yet Because if your teammates come help you in the jungle while they're behind and you're behind... Cool you got yourself your buff and all but Then your teammate that came to help is a level behind now because he left a minion wave Dosent matter if you got the kill on the enemy jungler or not.. You put a teammate behind And basiclly making them useless because solo laners being behind is AMAAAAZING in teamfights ^ As a jungler your job is to make pressure on the map You dont really need to go to a lane to provide a kill or so Just by showing your face around a lane Makes the enemy laner Worried , backs off a bit so your teammate can breathe and farm or put some pressure themselfs or walking up to clear a bush ward and such so your laners arent constantly pressured by the other laners Some people will be like * The enemy jungler is everywhere! where's our jungler?* Well simply Enemy jungler Knows where your jungler is! And acting as such And if the enemy jungler is all around th emap that means he is Ahead And if your jungler's behind... You're not going to have fun.... BEcause then the enemy jungler can just constantly fight your jungle and kill him and take his camps unless your team is ahead Then you'll be watching your jungler complain about being killed in his own jungle and the team also complaining about no jungler So thats it for this jungle's post I'll try to make some more things go around & some jungle matchups ^ and such look up for it!!!! Yours: [IzonKAiser]
  10. So... Something else thas been bothering me... I see alot of players in toplane Who pretend they know how to play champions like.. Teemo - Kennen.. Tryndamere.. but they dont know how to use them against diffrent matchups.. Such as.. seeing someone calling himself a teemo main.. Play vs stuff like Jax , Riven, Trynd And .. They dont even play the lanes right from my prespective.. The teemo can easily dominate these matchups by just his nature... So if you're up against jax.. Level 1 you bully him with your poision lv 2 keep bullying with poision and hold Q If jax Jumps and tries to stun you , You Q him before his stun lands And you take minimum damage while u could out trade him if you Kite him right after the stun and it keeps like that for the rest of the lane teemo should have superiority.. 2 - in a lane vs Riven : Alot easier than jax.. So riven lv 1.. all she can do is either start Q or E As said teemo just pokes her with E poision.... lv 2 if she tries to engage teemo just Q's and she loses alot of damage *ALOT* and teemo should win fights from there on because he had already poked her to 50% or under by just auto attacking and walking backwards.. Dont just sit there attacking her NO you Auto , move back, auto , move back and keep going She tries to go in You W and run oppisite direction , auto once if shes not in range to reach u If she's gonna reach you you just Q her , continute to run away despite being stunned Remmeber the cooldown on her E and W are somewhat high early So if you dont dominate that lane early.. You'll never do anything for the rest of the game because she'll just be better late But if you dominate early.. You will have lane pressure.. She cant stop you because you're ahead *if you conitnue to play right with the right build * (etc) and if they send more than 1 person to deal with you your team SHOULD~!!!!!! be taking other objectives on the map.. as 4 man So then against Trynd as teemo its pretty .. simple? you do the same as the 2 other examples.. he jumps on you .. you blind him.. The tricky part is just your fight with him at lv 6 You never try to engage him at 6 even when ahead because he could bait you to waste your Q on him.. Then engage while its on cooldown.. Deal massive damage before either Backing off Or you blinding him again and eventually as somepoint he would win if he keeps baiting your Q so you just need to hold your blind till the right times Seeing also teemo's having problem with Nasus.. and Beefy toplaners.. You know.. theres a Runepage build that helps to deal with those.. With Grasp of the Undying Why? because that max HP damage!? against champions like .. Nasus / Mundo in toplane.. As teemo you can simply just poke them freely.. but they'lll keep healing and hitting you back But If you play grasp.. You'll be doing % damage+ healing a bit + getting more beefy yourself..+ you buy Executioner's call.. And goodbye to their healing and you auto win lane As i mentioned before in previous post If the nasus goes AP or maxes E to poke you to get off of his back so he can stack . As teemo with grasp you can really just walk up to him and say * No I dont care i do more damage to you And you cant heal ^ _ ^* and you end up with winning your lane Kennen is another example and such for a toplaner.. but She dosent nesscerly win lanes... because she dosent really do the same amount of poke champions like Teemo would do Her power is in her Team fighting / CC or even when the jungler ganks the lane Kennen just presses E R and runs at you and boom You're stunned you keep running She auto auto auto *lighting stack auto* Q W you're stunned again *presuming she lands the Q* while she'd be autoing you to prepare her lighting stack while ure stunned from ult But other than that she just mostly plays passive in lane unless the player is like Impact / Solo / TheShy Someone who's extremely mechanical in the toplane.. Good at the game , Knows how to do things And having calls with their team on what to do That'll be it for this post Sorry it was just about teeto mostly.. But i feelt like i had to talk about it from what i've been seeing lately... of Teemo's being scared to walk up to farm in lanes they should be winning or Annoying or even afraid of doing anything on the map So yeap Hopefully next post will be about the jg so look up to it! Thanks!! Yours : [C]IzonKAiser
  11. The structure was okay ,everything was going smoothly just hope for it tobe a bit longer since everyone enjoyed it Also cant wait to go donger 20/3 again but be mafia this time!!!
  12. I've noticed some people need to Not only know their champion but .. Have a good champion pool for being able to play around people in toplane from my own point of view.. toplane's just a chess game like Someone picks a tank with no CC (urgot) and kind of low range like that , you can just go melee bruisers that can trade & jump out AkA Mobile champions or just Ranged champions But overall it just depends on how people react to things.. Say If i'm playing fiora against someone like urgot Usually fiora can just Annoy urgot by just walking up pressing Q on mark and walk away by her movement speed passive from hitting a vital mark If the urgot is good he'll just poke back with a well landed Q But most toplaners from iron up to even g3-g2 Dont really lane that well which leads to Fiora eventually beating him in lane because she's farming without worry While urgot cant really harass her without being harassed back due to her Sustain healing and if urgot tries to engage on fiora If IF the fiora's good She'll just W his dash when ever he uses it and cause him to get stunned which automaticly wins fiora the fight, AS LONG! as she dosent get hit by his Q and best to fight him in minions so if he presses W his W just attacks everything around , Another intresting match up is playing against a Nasus So most nasus's out there... i've seen starting from iron to silver 1 They kinda die at gold++++ and are not played good nasus players dont lose lane even against counters or champions that force them out of lane or such because A good nasus can just walk up Max E start Doran ring (not trolling) and might even go for 2nd doran ring Why the doran ring? for the mana reg + extra damage to minions on autos Sure nasus'll be in the AP stats but If th enasus's good all he has to do is Spamm his E onto the enemy laner as they attempt to ONLY poke him (or at all times if u can control your mana....) nasus E when maxed does sooo much damage early on that it makes nasus able to just farm safely without having to care about the enemy laner poking because at the end of th eday... You do your best to aim your E away from the minions to also hit the enemy champion so they minions live So u can stack Because nasus's passive is so strong in the early levels and even mid-late game because of the healing he can just continue to heal without care for the enemy's poke and its simple .... if your laner's AP you go early MR with a Sheen only if they're AD you go armor E.G Frozen heart-iceborn gauntlets you dont need to always go Triforce Sure its good and all but Iceborn gives you the armor , mana to keep on in lane to even slow your enemy when u hit I'm trying to make posts about top.jg as they;'re the thing i kind of specialize in If i made any mistakes please do correct me ❤️ i'd love to know next post i'll probably continue on about toplane champions Or might go into some jungle talk ^ Yours : [C]IzonKAiser
  13. Heyoooo i'm Izon , kinda a new member here? Been enjoying playing with the people here on the server quite a bit and thought i'd apply for membership being in the MiddleEast makes my time,such oof for playing with others but i try my best despite being in college rightnow studying Ancient European Civilization (Greek , Latin) i play Alotta things other than league , like overwatch , Blade &soul & Diablo 3 &any mmorpg that seems fun But i'd love to join this community , make friends here and participate in more events