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  1. Gold before: 3985 Gold after: 3,730 4x Potions of Healing (200 GP) Studded leather armor (45 GP) Shield (10gp)
  2. Aery, 3/28. Gold before: 4485/ Gold after: 3985 Boon acquired: The character may choose 1 3rd level or lower spell on the Cleric or Druid Spell lists. They may cast that spell once, and do not need to concentrate on the spell to maintain it for its full duration. They then lose access to this spell.
  3. Sign Aery up if you cant get any lower levels. Aery, Bard, Lvl 6.
  4. Join us for our usual shenanigans. 5v5 ARAM. 1 person on each team is selected as mafia. Mafia secretly tries to lose the game. The other 4 are villagers who try differentiate between the mafia purposely throwing and those who just suck at league. Villagers gain points by guessing Mafia. Mafia gains points by not getting caught. This is the last week of the month. With a new month come a few changes. I am returning to the original 9PM slot beginning 4/1/2020. This week will be the last week we run at 9:30. As well as extra points for
  5. Aery, Lvl 5, bard. Saturday March 28st @ 3pm. (lvl 6 now)
  6. I would like to nominate @MadCast: Chibiushi for the Fellowship Commendation. This week he worked to help my husband and I move our IRL D&D to roll20. I would like to nominate @MadCast: Quanta for the Fellowship Commendation as well. He has been working diligently to help up get a dedicated server for DST. Lastly i would like to nominate @MadCast: Support Welfare for the Sensei award for Wolcen, running the intro event and help afterwards leveling.
  7. Saturday, March 21 @ 9:15 pm PST / 12:15 am EST Aery, bard level 5. Gabriel, paladin level 4. **edit, just saw i think there only one slot left. Please hold one slot for us because my husband's schedule keeps changing
  8. Aery, bard level 5. Tuesday, March 24* @ 8PM. (Per usual, since i have a more available schedule, i'm happy to step out if need be.)
  9. Yes, i will be there. May not be on time.
  10. Thought i'd give some context for yelling this in game sometimes.
  11. See you tonight for week 3 of March Mafia. *insert usual snarky flare here*. Invite friends and, per usual, hit me up if you have any questions! Mafia works like this: * Teams group up into 5v5 ARAM (or 4v4, 3v3 - minimum needed is 6 people) * One member from each team is randomly assigned to be the mafia, the others on each team are villagers. The goal of the mafia member is to lose the game without their team suspecting that they were the mafia. * After the game, you vote on your respective teams on who you think the mafia was. Then after points are totaled, we do another game with 2 new mafias.