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  1. Say goodbye to my beautiful pink shinnies! They are simplifying for the sake of weakness/ resistance. I have a fairy deck, they are my faaaave Wondering if my cards will be worth more now? I have a Gardi/ Sylvie deck.
  2. Careful what you ask for, were about to deal with our entire base catching fire.
  3. LOL! What a mash up. Its so cute. I would not have thought it was watercolor. I,d have guessed marker at first glance. Very awesome Kitty, well done. I love Zero's transparency and blue nose.
  4. I sent a friend request, My steam name is HeyNowCloud
  5. Have you seen those websites that let you print things on canvas? The art style looks sort of like brush strokes. You can try shutterfly for canvas prints. Less expensively you can take the original file on a thumb drive or on your phone and take it to a drug store, kinkos, or wherever and get a print(s). If you want it in a frame, i'd pick the frame and get a print to match the size. It's high resolution so you shouldn't have a problem scaling it up or down. VERY COOL PRESENT.
  6. My Roommate is a Cat- episodes are short and sweet. It will give you the feels. The last few minutes of the episode are told from the cat's perspective, which is actually really funny. Here's a clip from cat's perspective. The whole episode the main character had been depressed/ being busy novelist at his computer, and also didn't know why he kept stepping on cat food.
  7. These are so gooooooood @LizzieJay
  8. This is cool and gross. Imagine how many millions of life forms that 16ft whale ate and now how many millions of things are eating it... Its like "oh whats that shadow" worms... "oh whats that hair" worms...