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  1. Hope I got my donation in on time .... just back from a long trip out of town.
  2. It has been heavily Requested that We get a Modded ark server going, so I have got one going with a few mods that i think the community will like. If you would like to join Send me a Pm on discord and ill set you up with the Password. ServerName: Arkaeology Cluster -Crystal Isles Modded Rates: x5 Everything Mode: PVP Passworded: yes Map:Crystal Isles slots:10 Difficulty:5 OfflineProtection: False Playerstats: x3 Mods: Automated Resource Pumps, Resource Bugs, Bag of Holding V2, Smart Beetle, IronAge, Dino Raids, Classic Flyers, eco's Garden Decor,eco's RP Decor, eco's Ter
  3. If i made a twitch series for a game ...which game would you prefer? ARK, Conquers Blade, Rimworld ,Grounded, or Planet Zoo? I'm looking into streaming once maybe twice a week again.
  4. Just to let all members know that the Ark servers are still up and running! I'm even adding a Cluster server with another map to join!! If you have any question on the servers pm me on Discord AngleOfDeath#1860.
  5. WARNING!!! Bought a Grill and Headlight combo from AM OFF ROAD. Got the package today and only received the grill. Iv'e contacted customer support and there frankly saying no to the refund. While doing research on them while I wait, I run across there BBB rating of F. They are a scam website! Im out $400 and hope none of you guys use them.
  6. I have 3 Minecraft Dungeons Beta Keys I can give to other Minecraft players. If you are interested in the keys, either PM me on discord or reply to this thread.
  7. He Basically quite. But ill let him know. Thanks!
  8. First off I would like to say that this is a friend I've had for over 12 years now. Ok my friend Chucky Bolton is in a tight spot at the moment and is asking for help. He has never once since I've known him asked for anything or even accepted games I would get him. But last night he msged me asking if I knew anyway that I could help him with his problem. He stated this : My boss (well ex-boss now) went on a cruise last week (yes .. in the middle of an outbreak he choose to take a week long cruise), and purposely did not tell anyone about going because "it would have started to much
  9. I Pre-ordered amazons new game called "New World" and was just wondering how many other MadCast members have it too! Also if are willing to group up on release day. If you don't know what the game is about Here are a few useful links Link to my info Discord :