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  1. id be intrested Star i would need to know what eddition it would be though so i could make a proper charater
  2. Welcome Kal good luck and im sure you will do a wonderfull job i hope i get to see you one day and play some games.
  3. to me pizza is just pizza as long as anhovies and mushrooms and olifs are off my pizza ill pretty much eat it the others will kill me lol
  4. this is need iv been looking to play more d&d
  5. Hey guys im unsure when they released the story it was eather last night or today but Aphelios was spoiled for a story ill be posting the link to his bio if you all want to read it https://universe.leagueoflegends.com/en_US/story/champion/aphelios/
  6. Yuki


    thanks Dez i will try my best
  7. Yuki


    indeed i am am i missing anything in my post?
  8. the funniest mistake i have ever done is also the most embarasing mistake of my life. when i was 27 years of age i was working at a comic store so i should have knowen better but as i tryed to leave the store i walked into the window not just once but 4 times. after i did that i got on to my bike and as i road home i looked at my friend and we where talking then i hit a tree. yea thats my funniest mistake so far
  9. congrats on the full membership angle
  10. Hello there my name on discord is Yuki i play leauge of legends alot i go by the name of diginoms on league iv been part of madcast gaming for about two years now and i finely thought i would finely join i have brought meny people to madcast in my time of being here. i do play Runescape every once in a while i also play D&D. i am kind and friendly and im always found on the discord everyday. I do enjoy trying new games and i love making new friends as well. with my time being here iv gotten to know alot of you guys and made grate friends