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  1. im used to drawing girls so helooks hella girly but i mean he is super cute :3 ❤️ thanks ❤️
  2. Moon level 3 divine soul sorcerer, this time works for me id love to join if possible
  3. i personally dont do any woodworking but i had a custom build dog kennel built for my gsd ( name: baby) and its 4 feet in length and 4 feet tall so i can get in there and snuggle her up cause she loves mom snuggles! :3 and i felt bad cause she was in a wire crate before ( only when we leave the house so she doesnt get into things) she loves it, anyway i had a friend i met on league make it, cost me 1k usd which is pretty darn cheap considering the quality, def a great putchase for my baby :3 woodworking is such an awesome hobby, you can make tons of cool stuff! good on you!
  4. exciting look forward to it! i missed the last one 😛
  5. what about board games 😮 like online ones like life and mono-oly uno? etc
  6. i thought it was cool till i realized thanks to Madcast: kittystark that it will probably take like 3k RP to get all the eternals u want for 1 char and i felt like that was nickle and diming, also for be i think its fine rp not so much
  7. After some idle conversation with Sir Hurbert he has gallantly described to me the visage and ferocity of the bearded devil he faced! I sketched up a mock drawing of what given the details, i believed he looked like! Fire everywhere purple fire red fire yellow fire all the fire, I mean he was a devil so it makes since, Right???!!
  8. AHAHAHHAH yes xD as my character would say "yes yes yes yes yes yes yes!!!!"
  9. Encountered a incubus in my first outing with Interloper Inc. Having studied so long among the sages all my life if was a wondrous experience seeing one with my own eyes! I sure do wish i got a sample for study, alas he returned to his material plane after only casting one spell so ill have to hope in the future for more encounters! What if Mannfred is summoned again by some other humans oh wouldnt that be great! we would have a history, oh i can see it now HEYA mannfred remember me? i shot a ray of frost at you! ahh good times good times hey can i get a vial of blood! oh i bet he would say yes if i asked! i cant wait! I wonder what i will see next! i know there was a demon and a few other creatures about during my battle but i didnt really get a good enough look at them to depict them for my compendium ); man i wish i had taken the time instead of being overzealous with the incubus! But hey for sure the next time i greet a new monstrous friend ill be sure to at least get a skin sample i can scratch them haha easy as pie! welp i guess this is a good enough entry for my first encounter! till next time , wish me luck!
  10. thank you both so much im very happy to be apart of madcast! thank you for having me!