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  1. june 5th 8est i will be running a dnd campaign that spans lvl1-20, you can make your own character or have one premade the choice is yours. "Also known as the Long Continent, Omeria is the humanoid dominant continent on the planet Casar. In the far north, the Rasgax Highlanders protect the lower lands from the horrors that hide in the ice and snow. Central Omeria is divided by two great features: the Basilisk’s Spine Mountains and the Three Great Wastelands, Desolation of Ditimaya, The Obsidian Plain, and The Wither. Major city states cling to the coastlines in this region. To the far south, the Nation of Odonburg utilizes the innate magic of emerald odonburgite gems to enhance their technology" I will allow pretty much anything character /class wise so if you want to be something that is in unearthed arcana or playtest content just let me know and show it to me and all will be well. look forward to seeing you guys on the 5th, please sign up below thank you, i f you have any questions or concerns please dont be shy reach out to me on discord or here on the forums!
  2. So i am going to be running a campaign , it is going to be lengthy and fun, with all manner of intrigue assassinations, lost at sea, sunken temples, brothels, snake ladys friends foes, love war. whatcha think would be best let me know ❤️
  3. Could i sit in, not sign up and just listen and soak up some knowledge?
  4. never played before but would be down Tuesday June 2nd @ 7:00pm. Content: New Blood (Intro to Vampire the Masquerade V5)
  5. Do you like Catan? i know i do! come and join me saturday at 8pm EST for some good ol fashion fun.
  6. 5/12/2020 moon will spend her downtime spreading the word of saint cuthbert, healing people, and garnering favor with her god and gaining special boons that will aid her in battle.