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  1. a lil sad for the push back but i understand
  2. it is good to see cause sometimes you know people arnt getting punished i miss the tribunal
  3. howard your a gem great song perfectly placed
  4. oh man geese are mean af i went to the park once and one chased me honking and i was screaming and crying while husband said to stop running lol, i understand and funny joke haha
  5. the green is just so pretty i love nature!
  6. man i fed ducks bread all the time at the park as a kid i feel bad );
  7. you know i havnt heart absolutely by nine days inso long i forgot the name of the song man this is a great song indeed
  8. Whats that website that shows you if the enemy is good or not and tells your their stats i believe it might be an overlay but not sure? i know someone used it just couldnt remember what it was called.
  9. Hiya welcome, i hope you become a full member ! you got this just be active and follow the rules
  10. welcome i love dnd myself hopefully we can learn from eachother
  11. their feathers look so soft and love how they shimmer so pretty ❤️
  12. nice to meet you and welcome, im starlight hope to play some league with ya!
  13. all the days people are running things i have prior engagements im sad );
  14. yes it is going to be weekly at 8pm est currently have 4 players have room for 1 more if your interested
  15. june 5th 8est i will be running a dnd campaign that spans lvl1-20, you can make your own character or have one premade the choice is yours. "Also known as the Long Continent, Omeria is the humanoid dominant continent on the planet Casar. In the far north, the Rasgax Highlanders protect the lower lands from the horrors that hide in the ice and snow. Central Omeria is divided by two great features: the Basilisk’s Spine Mountains and the Three Great Wastelands, Desolation of Ditimaya, The Obsidian Plain, and The Wither. Major city states cling to the coastlines in this region. To the far south, the Nation of Odonburg utilizes the innate magic of emerald odonburgite gems to enhance their technology" I will allow pretty much anything character /class wise so if you want to be something that is in unearthed arcana or playtest content just let me know and show it to me and all will be well. look forward to seeing you guys on the 5th, please sign up below thank you, i f you have any questions or concerns please dont be shy reach out to me on discord or here on the forums! We have ran our first game the party of Andrew, Meh'rhazal and Torvo with an NPC janna have borded a airship dubbed the predator given the quest to protect one Orerer Wereros, needless to say the party couldnt protect him from himself, and through a series of events the airship has crashed on an island long forgotten, the skeleton key having traveled through a portal the the unknown the party find themselves in a whole new world surrounded by forests and fey folk and are given shelter in an inn while they get their heads together, having found two new compainions stranded on the island named the skeleton key they are now strong and ready for any dangers they may face. They didnt know a portal would open and a god would beckon them into his world of nature and death. Next time june 19th 8 est we will see what befalls the heros.
  16. So i am going to be running a campaign , it is going to be lengthy and fun, with all manner of intrigue assassinations, lost at sea, sunken temples, brothels, snake ladys friends foes, love war. whatcha think would be best let me know ❤️