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  1. HECK YES! thanks for this!!!
  2. Man! Im super allergic to cashews i wonder if i can sub a safe nut instead like almonds or something like that who knows it looks delicious tho! yummy yummy! I also made a loaf of banana bread! 1 1/2 cup brown sugar, 2 cups flour (white) , 3 bananas , 2 eggs, 1 tsp salt, IT WAS SUPPOSED TO HAVE A CUP OF BUTTER IN IT BUT I FORGOT. so if u make this with butter share a pic, it was super yummy without butter so if u make without butter its just as good lol! baked at 360 F for 62 min!
  3. THOSE METAL LEGS ARE ADORABLE and a great accent! question are you making these using some template or guide or are you winging it?
  4. Looking amazing keep up the great beautiful art-work ❤️
  5. your so polite and sober all the time i didnt even know u were scottish (INSERT HEAVY SARCASM AHAHAHAHHAHAHA) sorry the wh ole post made me giggle your all gems! keep up good work kal, kitty howard
  6. thats amazing! would it be a terrible bother if i message u with questions about how to make things / make things look nice etc? :Dtips tricks if you will.
  7. @MadCast: doublestufforeo WOW! Are you a chef ?? all of these look so good man what a life to be living! @MadCast: majorhoward that looks so good , is the white bits under the berries the melon? mmm bet it was very fresh!
  8. Welcome back and nice to meet you!
  9. man howard that bread looks gooddddd u will have to share the recipe for me to try to make it as good as yo do! man suix! homeade sushi!?!??! that takes skills idk how to cut fish at all! both look yummy as heck tho! great job
  10. Hokkaido milk bread with a cinnamon sugar swirl! Water roux: 3 tablespoons (43g) water 3 tablespoons (43g) whole milk 2 tablespoons (14g) Unbleached Bread Flour Dough 2 1/2 cups (298g) Unbleached Bread Flour 2 tablespoons (14g) Baker's Special Dry Milk or nonfat dry milk 1/4 cup (50g) sugar 1 teaspoon salt 1 tablespoon instant yeast 1/2 cup (113g) whole milk 1 large egg 4 tablespoons (57g) unsalted butter, melted Now in a medium saucepan on low heat add the water roux to the saucepan, and cook while stirring with a wisk till the wisk leaves a train in the lightly thickened water roux. While the Roux is still hot/warm add the 1/4th cup milk for the dough into the roux to cool it as well as the egg for the dough. Now time for the Dough!!!!!!!!!!!!!! add the flour , sugar, salt, yeast, and 2 tbs of the dry milk as well as the 4 tbs melted butter and mix! now you will need to knead/ use stand mixer with hook attachment to knead this! knead for 8 min! let the dough rest covered for an hour, then cut the dough into 4 equal pieces, press it out with fingertips then flatten with a roller! now this is where i put the cinnamon and sugar i flatten this piece out slather it with the sweet mixture and then i roll it up, flatten it with the rolling pin again and roll the dough into a spiral and place in baking tin! Heat the over to 350 F and bake for 25-30 min 27 is the sweet spot for me! dont forget! before baking let the bread rest again for 10-20 min then slather the tops of the rolls with an eggwash (1 egg and 1 tbs water) and bake ❤️ boom bread ❤️
  11. Starlight

    Food Porn

    Hello! ive been baking alot and lizzieJay had a good thought to make a food porn channel So here we are! i will share recipes as well ❤️ this is my second time making this Hokkaido milk bread here is a before it is baked.
  13. yone looks pretty cool obvs not my playstyle but still he is cool
  14. welcome! i also like drawing we should hang out swap art get to know eachother
  15. id love to play with you my ign is Starlightsupport
  16. nice to meet you i look forward to chatting and hanging out with you
  17. Starlight

    Intro - FS

    nice to meet you i dont think we have met yet hope you have a grand time!
  18. Beautimus sir ! 10/10 id love and look forward to seeing more boxes/creations keep up the great work
  19. Have you guys played riots card game? Legends of runeterra? ive been playing since it released and its not pay to win at all like hearthstone and other games (that one steam card game) mostly you buy cosmetics like in league, and you get so many free rewards just for playing, there is ranked and normal games along with expeditions and gauntlets, also they have a new event to go with the spirit blossom event like in league, its really fun if you havnt tried it its free and you like card games def give it a shot ive had hours of fun and am still enjoying it. If you do play what is your favorite deck? im currently rocking a miss fortune swain gangplank deck if you want the code let me know 😛 also i challenge you to a D..Ddddddduel (my current deck code that got me to gold): CEBAEAIDAISQIAQGBMGBMOQDAIBAGAYEAMAQGHRIF4BQEBQEFUYQGAQCAMDAOAQCAYOCAAQBAMHC4
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