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  1. Juke


    Here is what I'm currently working on https://photos.app.goo.gl/FaGJFjSQ2HN15pch7 Making my wife a makeup vanity with cherry and walnut. This is just the start.
  2. Juke

    Rust server

    Hey everyone! Looking at doing a rust server but don't want it to just be me in the game. Anyone interested at joining in?
  3. I have listened to this song way to much but still love it.
  4. Juke


    I wanted to start this topic, my hobby is wood working and wanted to see who else out there does it or is interested in it. Love seeing what other people create and I'll post some of mine to.
  5. Good evening madcast! This is juke and I have been apart of the server for a good time now but never applied to be a member but today is the day. I got to the server thanks to banjo but meet many people and have played with many on this discord. Its a great community and I would like to be apart of it now. A little about me, I play a lot of games but mainly rocket league. I am 30 years old and been in the military since I was 18. I have a good size family with my wife and 3 kids. I am pretty active and get on almost daily. That is a little about me and I hope to join as a member soon. look forward to continue to meet and play with everyone on the discord.