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  1. I would be interested. I have a weird schedule though so I will not feel left out if you couldn't accommodate me. I work 2pm-1030pm that day. Like I said if it's not possible I understand.
  2. @MadCast: Bainick "I got a fingerbang gun and say pewpew to activate it"
  3. My schedule is up in the air. I will either be working 2pm-1030pm Monday through Saturday/Sunday or I will be working 10pm-630am Sunday through Friday/Saturday. I won't know until the day before
  4. Date of Purchase (Posting): 15/March/202 Gold Before Purchase: 1271 gp 2 sp Shield -- 10 gp Half plate amour -- 750 Gold After Purchase: 511 gp 2 sp
  5. Gabriel Level 3 Paladin wants to donate 350 GP to the headquarters