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  1. I am so excited to see you here and applying for Membership!! WOOHOOOOO!!!!! I have had an absolutely amazing time with these super awesome peeps, and I really hope you also have a super awesome time here!! ❤️

  2. I saw a Tik Tok recently about a white guy coming up to a cop and harrassing/yelling/pushing him, all while having a weapon in the other hand. The cop tried to remain calm and get the guy calm down. Then the dude who posted the video asked us, "Now what if it was a black or hispanic guy? What do you think that cop would have done?" and my first thought was "A black guy would be dead. The cop wouldn't have wasted any time aiming and shooting him in the face. The hispanic guy? Maybe not killed, but definitely taken to jail." And knowing that. KNOWING that's what would have happened, angers and saddens me. What the heck do we need to do to change this? Another freaking revolution?? America should be smarter than this. BETTER than this. So why aren't we??

    P.S.- if someone wants me to send the tik tok, I have it saved and can share it.

  3. I can do voice, and I'm a soprano! I'm also a quick learner so if we need someone to do like, Pit instruments I can learn! I'm terrible at brass instruments though. I know HOW to play them and get the air out, I just... can't get the air out correctly.

  4. I am not reading anything at the moment, although I do have a lot of books to reread and series to finish. My favorite series are the Chronicles of Narnia, anything by Rick Riordan, anything by Clive Cussler (especially the Fargo Adventures!), the Wings of Fire series and sequel series, and the Fox and O'Hare series! For books on their own, there's a really good one called the Dragon Rider!

  5. I know MadCast was a place where ALL walks, space hamster, honey badger, or other, could come and everyone would be respectful to everyone! As a space hamster, I hope to uphold this ideal. We don't discriminate. If someone doesn't want to join, we are saddened, as we know we are the best, and we grieve when others believe we are evil :( but we don't shame others for choosing their own path. Why can't we all just be friends? XD ❤️

  6. 28 minutes ago, MadCast: Kal said:

    @jax_skellington and @horsedolphin3

    I see your candidacy posts and expect that this will be formalised (if it hasnt already) by a staff response acknowledging and advising you on your candidacy.

    Congrats! I look forward to interacting with you both as members, however given your candidacy applications you are the first two names on the list!

    Thank you for you interest, I am adjusting the OP to record your places in the game.

    Yay!! I'm excited already for the one-shot!