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  1. Yeah i absolutely love the look and feel of Athenas i just wish there was more story there
  2. Dont have a set time but probably start on the 21st
  3. Hey was wondering if anyone would be interested in doing a borderlands 1 playthrough. hoping to get a group of 4 to do it.
  4. Level 5 Muscle Wizard, Salis, The older smarter twin. (if i can join still of course)
  5. i have close to 2800 hours across all 4 games (mainly 1,2 and 3) and ive never really gotten sick of any of the games (pre-sequel is the exception). The amount of end game content such as raid bosses and loot farming etc has left me completely hooked on the series. I was thinking of doing a playthrough of all the games again and if thats something people would be interested in I think it would be a ton of fun to do with a full party.
  6. im not much for tft but id join if you needed a filler
  7. Ayy wus poppin. bout time you joined up lmfao
  8. Tons of fun thanks for letting me join
  9. Lighthouse in Skattermaw Basin The Bluffs from Nekrotafeyo
  10. Picture 2 - Taken from Knotty Peak on Eden 6