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  1. Just checking in. I uninstalled Discord, so I am back to communicating with you all through 1999 means.
  2. Don't go to law school. You are welcome.
  3. I am more of the crazy uncle now that they lit sit on the porch. I have not been a leader at this place for a long time.
  4. Also motivating volunteers for a shared vision (MadCast) is much harder than motivating people that get paid.
  5. Yes. That is exactly what I do. I also oversee HR and our Compliance division (audit, governance, and compliance). I used to write governance policies for MadCast, but now I write policies that affect 100K+ people. I can't tell you how beneficial the years I spent here adminning in earnest were to my career.
  6. I am Board Certified in Labor and Employment Law by the Texas Board of Legal Specialization, but these days I am the General Counsel and Chief Legal Officer where I work so I do a bit of everything.
  7. MadCast: Steven won this by being part of the celebration!
  8. Tort > Munsa Munsa has never defeated Tort at Heroes of the Storm. Shortest thread and discussion ever. /thread
  9. This is one of the many reasons, I will always be proud of having helped found MadCast. I teared up. Good work.
  10. That video. lol. I would be so embarrassed. I echo MadCast: Scooba's thoughts, but as a founder, I am flattered by your initiative. Thank you, Tort
  11. MadCast Tort

    My name

    Guys, for eight years, you have mispronounced my name as Tort. It is actually pronounced "or" as both Ts are silent.
  12. MadCast Tort

    My name

    All words were made up at some point . . . .