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  1. Remember that you can switch around what class/race you are until level 5. Just something that made me change my answer xd uwu
  2. xd do i even need to type? Rath the Furious lvl 5 barbarian. tuesday at 9 pm
  3. Eat the Furious: Bane of Dragons, Cyanwrath's Demise lvl 5 halfling barbarian for Tuesday three 4th uwu
  4. Xd you know ya boi Rath The Furious: Bane of Dragons, Cyanwrath's Demise, level 4 Totem Barbarian is gonna join on Tuesday the 28th.
  5. Oh my goodness finally. Rath The Furious: Bane of Dragons; Cyanwrath's Demise, Level 3 Halfling Barbarian. June 21st
  6. xd uwu you better be slapping Rath The Furious: Bane of Dragons, level 2 Halfling Barbarian on that roster (P.S. may need a small recap before the session tomorrow so I can know what is going on xd)
  7. Ya boi would like to be an alternate. Rath level 2 halfling barbarian. Xd uwu
  8. Adventure Name Session # Date DM Name Rath Arrival in Waterdeep 8/11 Icarius Starting XP Starting Gold Starting downtime Starting Renown Starting Magic Item(s) level 5 645 lol got lost :/// 0 0 XP Earned Gold +/- Downtime +/- Renown Earned Magic Items +/- chillin
  9. TUESDAY June 30th!! Rath the Furious! Halfling Barbarian!! Level 1!! Finally!
  10. Tuesday, May 19th. Silas Fistington, level 6 Muscle Wizard. (Whether or not I'm done with what we talked about, he has quite some time before he levels up.)
  11. @MadCast: Starlight I already have been!!!!!!!!!1!1!1!11!!!!1!!1!!!¡¡¡
  12. I, Don Scuoglio, among many other names, hereby accept to the terms of Full Membership and soon, terms of Major Overlord of Planet Earth. Soon. Soon. Thank you all for the (most likely) reluctant votes on my full membership xd uwu ❤️
  13. I genuinely played the game like it was GTA. The open world aspect of it is wicked.