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  1. The Honey Badgers Players Union is being disbanded. Make no mistake we are not going to disappear. Honey Badgers will still be operating individually and never forgot "Honey Badger Don't Give a Shit".
  2. If you think you can intimidate The Honey Badger @MadCast: Stan, you are wrong. Lions are afraid of us and last time I checked you are still but a man.
  3. I would like to announce the existence of Honey Badgers Players Union. The Honey Badgers Players Union is here to consume the Space Hamster Cult. We are not exclusive and are not oppressive, unlike the Space Hamster Cult. To join just contact me TheHoneyBadger. This is a declaration of aggression and we will not stop until all but their sad lonely leader is left.
  4. The cult must be extinguished. We will not stand their tyranny. We have infiltrated all ranks. Our numbers are many, more than one might expect because unlike the hamsters we promote individuality and do not require members to change their pics.