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  1. Such Nightwish albums as Wishmaster, Once and Dark Passion Play
  2. I play Fortnite from time to time when i wanna spend some fun time with my friends, but not vey serious into the game. Though i still got a nice skin from Fortnite skins collection kinda cheaper than most places - y'know, gotta play in style. Aso, does Fortnite work on mobile?
  3. Vikings! The upcoming title might actually get me into Assassin's Creed cause Vikings. Who else waits for it?
  4. Hello humans, didn't find a thread about books, so decided to start one. Are you guys reading any books at the moment? What is/are your favourite book(s) or series?
  5. Paganic stuff like Dzivia or Wardrum:D
  6. I prefer rock and metal music. Dunno, they just tend to sing more about the concerns of society and the human heart, and generally i loved these drums and guitar riffs
  7. Grew up with Dragon Ball series, so that has a special place in my heart, just like Naruto, but now generally I don't watch anime anymore, prefer to read manga and even then only when i feel like it