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  1. There is a local band from my city that sounds to me like music you'd hear at a beach, they're called Of Good Nature. They have some pretty good songs. I could list a bunch of Indie songs as well
  2. I joined. Reasoning behind it may or may not have to due with kissing someones ass. As I was brainwashed to say, we are taking over!
  3. Pineapple on Pizza is the greatest creation ever. This post actually inspired me to order some pizza for myself, and you can bet I'm getting pineapple on it.
  4. Hawkeye620


    I'd be down to play some CSGO. I play with friends occasionally but always ready to play with anyone. Just message me in the discord whenever y'all are down.
  5. I will occasionally play, if you ask me I'll definitely join. username is icarrylilpump
  6. First champion that came out after you started the game: Braum First champion you played: Katarina First Penta kill: Gnar Favorite Champ: Vayne Cutest champ: Beemo Champ that needs nerf'd: Get rid of Quinn Champ that needs a buff: Gnar Hardest champ to play: Azir Easiest champ to play: Garen
  7. only $485 for me which is surprising to me, but at least its less than qrow
  8. I'd be down to join. I can play probably anywhere and I'm currently bronze 3 in flex
  9. Hawkeye620

    Is water wet?

    Water is 100% wet
  10. Paid $84 for a server rank in Minecraft back in middle school. But overall most money I've spent on a game would definitely have to be in League.
  11. I'd like to join in on the next time! Seems like a great time!
  12. Oh. My. Gosh. I CANNOT wait for Mafia @9pm est. I am so excited that I am gonna show up 15 minutes early. Growing up, my dad always said it was better to be 15 minutes early than 15 minutes late. Looking forward to Mafia!
  13. Hey, there I'm applying for full membership. A few people know me by now. I'm Hawkeye620, you can call me Hawk or my real name, which is Nathan. I am a senior in high school and I am @MadCast: Qrow's younger brother. I have been friends with MadCast members for over a year now. Technically, @MadCast: majorhowardwas the first member of MadCast I played with. I have been playing with MadCast members for awhile and decided to now apply for full membership. League has been my main game for about 5 years . Other games I play are CSGO, Civ 5, Minecraft,