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    forensic psychology, tech theatre, music, true crime, history, musicals, D&D

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    If Qrow, Jay, Icarus, and Cloud are all offline and you have music questions I know a lot about music I'm just not a teacher lol. Also always willing and happy to help out new DMs and players in D&D!
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  1. CONGRATS HORSE!!!!! Can't believe my candidate buddy left me smh. Love you!!
  2. you know this already but i've done percussion/drumline since 2nd grade, I kinda know piano, and i'm teaching myself bass! i might be getting the lead drummer part for our senior pep rally routine which is exciting
  3. noted! also, very jealous of the cajon that's easily my favourite hand drum
  4. Salutations!! I spend a lot of my free time playing instruments an I'm reaching a block in terms of what I should learn to play. The instruments I mainly use atm are ukelele, bass guitar, and I have an acoustic guitar but idk if i have the patience to learn it lol. I need recommendations for songs with solid basslines bc my idea-maker brain is running on empty! Dw about difficulty level, I'll still try the hard shit out even if I'm not able to completely get them yet
  5. I keep meaning to watch avatar - my brother loves it and idk why i keep procrastinating on watching it lmao
  6. are you asking floppy dough disks versus crispy goodness that can hold chocolate chips in it? is that even a decision? also I'm permanently traumatised by rock solid hospital pancakes
  7. Hiya! I need new shows to watch! I get bored very easily and am now just rewatching everything so any suggestion is greatly appreciated lol I like crime and mysteries, odd game shows, shows with similar energy to brooklyn 99, and honestly even just a goofy youtube series would be dope What have people been binge-watching/enjoying lately?
  8. bees. i’m finally free and can attend!! v excite
  9. Adventure Name Session # Date DM Name Arrival at Waterdeep DDEX01-5 08/11/20 Icarus Starting Level Starting Gold Starting downtime Starting Renown Starting Magic Item(s) 5 900 40 1 1 Level Accepted Gold +/- Downtime +/- Renown Earned Magic Items +/- N +240 / -500 +10 0 +1 Ending Level Gold Total Downtime Total Renown Total Magic Items Total 5 640 50 1 2