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  1. My newbie ass will appear once more to help you with the raid.
  2. How to Train Your Dragon/ The Rise of The Guardians/ Kung Fu Panda/ The Croods/ Ratatouille Didn't mention some in fear of judgement.
  3. I love what I stumbled upon.
  4. I love this. May space hamsters reign.
  5. Oh no, you've returned to hell!
  6. If you don't mind my newbie ass, please sign me up!
  7. I'm down for the raid, unless you don't want my still newbie ass.
  8. If by some chance you missed my intro, it would be lovely if you checked it out! I was introduced to MadCast by MadCast: Qrow.
  9. I would love to join for the Leviathan raid, if possible. Don't know about the other ones.
  10. Hewwo, I'm Speccles, new in this community, I randomly played league with this dude named Qrow on my team and he introduced me to you guys! I have also been friends with Panty for a while and recently met Kitty! (She's amazing btw) I'm a Bulgarian girl, currently living in Canada, moved when I was 8. I know three languages; Bulgarian, English, and French while currently studying Spanish. I love gaming as a hobby, as well as reading, singing, drawing, and doing designing stuff for friends. I accept cakes as payment, and if you don't have cakes, hugs are always welcome. The VERY basic information: -I love purple -I love animals -I'm most likely younger than all of you -A girl questioning if she likes that girl more or that guy more -I don't like bugs and particularly scared of spiders The games I currently play are mainly League and WoW. I would love to find some new games to play with people and friends. My in-game username is usually Speccles, but for certain things I might change it to SpecOfWonder120. I hope someday I become a full member. Nice to meet you! 🌸