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  1. I have not seen the movie yet, but I loved the book. I've read it several times now.
  2. I don't think anyone here at MadCast plays anymore. If you would like to join a guild, send me a PM and I can hook you up.
  3. Yes, I watched that and many others to learn as much as I could about it. Linus made the mistake of only using one Hyper X16 Card, whereas you need two in order to get the higher speeds (if you are going for speed). I wen't with Data and scratch discs for my use. 16k+ Read is cool, but not noticeable in everyday use.
  4. I ended up getting 8 of them. I noticed quite a difference between them and SSD's using SATA.
  5. Here's a thread with with some pics of my setup, internal mostly:
  6. There are now Multiplayer Servers, and a new update that came out today or yesterday, through STEAM, should have updated it so you can play with your STEAM friends and use your STEAM name. Not sure why Disney has decided to do this, at this point, but nice to see the option available once again. (I hope it has to do with seeing how it fairs compared to EA's offering and possibly weighing in on the decision of continuing EA's exclusive agreement. This is of course pure speculation on my part.) Have fun!
  7. Got to level 5, and enjoying the story so far.
  8. I am a total newb, so: How do you know what quests reward powerful gear? And can you not just do that quest again later to get "better" gear?
  9. Thanks guys, its been a real joy putting this thing together. I learned a ton, and still figuring out things. I just installed this card too, so I can add four M.2 drives to the mix: