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  1. I'm really excited to have a new candidate friend in MadCast! Nice to meet you, Fairy!
  2. I mean more in general- but that would be cool, too!
  3. Hey MadCast! What do you think should be an emoji on Discord but isn't? I personally think that there should be a kitten emoji on Discord, how about you?
  4. I can't wait for this game mode, the pronouns one was really fun so I'm excited to see how this one is going to work out!
  5. I'm really happy that MadCast decided to add a pronoun bot to the Discord server, I think it's a great decision and will allow people who want to display their pronouns to do so freely without putting them in their name/status.
  6. I think it's good to be fashionably late sometimes.
  7. My new favorite type of milk, pet milk!
  8. Chocolate milk is the only acceptable choice
  9. I am definitely excited for The Devils and the Details. The art one and talking points both seem like good ones, too! I'm really excited for this pack to drop and can't wait to see how the games work.
  10. Chess

    Intro - Chess

    I used to play competitive chess too when I was younger! I don't have a set online mode of playing chess, so if you have any suggestions I would love to possibly play with you!
  11. Me killed Somebody in electric, Us saw it all happen with They!
  12. I don't know anything about this...
  13. Hey! I’m Chess! I’m really happy that I have the opportunity to apply to become a Full Member here. @MadCast: doublestufforeoyou introduced me to this amazing community after we played a few Among Us games together. I’ve also attended a Social Saturday with @MadCast: Kitty Stark and had a lot of fun playing with her and the other members who attended. I’ve played Among Us with @MadCast: horsedolphin3, @Jay, @MadCast: Qrow, and a bunch of other members a few times, too. I’m really excited to play more games in the future! Time to talk about me! I really enjoy playing a multitude of games. I like social deduction games like Among Us and Town Salem, strategy games like XCOM 2 and Chess, party games like Jackbox and, multiplayer games like Don’t Starve Together and Stardew Valley, and mobile games like Genshin Impact and Identity V. My current favorite games to play are Among Us and XCOM 2, but I’m always open to playing new games. I also really like anime- my current favorite is Astra Lost in Space, which is Among Us but in anime form (also has great intersex representation). I really like cats, and when I have free time I foster kittens from non-profit organizations so expect kitten photos. I can’t wait to make new friends and hang out with the friends that I have already made, and I’m really thankful that I’ve been given the opportunity to join this amazing and welcoming community!