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  1. I know a friend of mine has done a Borderlands in Monster of the Week a power by the apocalypse system as well as their own system Funamental. So may not to have to be that tough of a system for it to be playable.
  2. Salutations I do have a character in mind a cleric dragonborn Esseth who wasn't that great at religion stuff. Mostly fallowed threw with the cleric stuff as an excuse to study people. Anthropologist, very much of studying the people to learn from them while forging weapons. Though with Firecloak as their deity they are kind of have trouble with the write of the book, and be more for the spirit of the words. The elven mom is a bit more into it, then them. Understandable if a cleric who isn't really good at their religion doesn't work for everyone. So more then willing to change it