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  1. I have read and i agree to the terms of full membership, and i am ready to become an official FM Madcast crew
  2. either as backup or as open position i am here for the next one 11/02
  3. I am here for iiiit. Very excited to make it happen
  4. i totally forgot until after it had started and am now doing a footbath
  5. has there been any talk in clan about organizing a day one raid? I would be super interested in making it happen.
  6. sign me up buds <3, idk any challenges tho but am here for it
  7. until

    I am defs interested in this. What better way to spend some of this pandemic halloween?
  8. Cheers! I am hyped to get into it all. My available people for group gaming is almost entirely made up of the 3 people i live with so having a few more for some consistency in these activities will be nice. The next step is finding folks to run a day one raid in Beyond light.
  9. I am officially stating id like to pursue a full membership yes
  10. Hello All, I have been interacting with madcast for a few months now occasionally running activities with y'all. Having had my old clan absorbed partially by madcast I had alwasy felt welcome there especially by my pal NastyTaxi. Although I am most interested in becoming a member of the Destiny 2 clan as this is my main hobby game, I am an avid gamer who thrives on group gaming. Something I have missed in Destiny since the disbanding of my old clan was the consistency of group activities like raids, dungeons, and general grinding. I've been playing destiny 2 since it released and can't imagine putting it down until its got nothing left to give. Although I've never seen a gaming group/clan with such extensive rules and regulations I was so pleased to see that much of what MadCast is doing is trying to create a safespace for people to build community, play games, and hang-out in. Seeing as I work towards these goals in my own life it seems like the right fit for me. I would love to become a part of this community and contribute to the great space that has been created. Something that mistifies me is the lack of spaces like these in the gaming community and so to see one in such robust health warms my heart and gives me hope. I hope that I'll be able to show you all that I'd be good fit for the community and that I'll eventually be able to participate in and organize events myself. Especially in this wild global pandemic we are all experiencing I would be excited to find a new community to be a part of as many other avenues for this have become much more difficult to access throughout. Other games I play: No Man's Sky, Overwatch, Risk of Rain 2, Terraria, Devil May Cry 5, and lots more.
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