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  1. I have read and i agree to the terms of full membership, and i am ready to become an official FM Madcast crew
  2. either as backup or as open position i am here for the next one 11/02
  3. I am here for iiiit. Very excited to make it happen
  4. i totally forgot until after it had started and am now doing a footbath
  5. has there been any talk in clan about organizing a day one raid? I would be super interested in making it happen.
  6. sign me up buds <3, idk any challenges tho but am here for it
  7. until

    I am defs interested in this. What better way to spend some of this pandemic halloween?
  8. Cheers! I am hyped to get into it all. My available people for group gaming is almost entirely made up of the 3 people i live with so having a few more for some consistency in these activities will be nice. The next step is finding folks to run a day one raid in Beyond light.
  9. I am officially stating id like to pursue a full membership yes
  10. Hello All, I have been interacting with madcast for a few months now occasionally running activities with y'all. Having had my old clan absorbed partially by madcast I had alwasy felt welcome there especially by my pal NastyTaxi. Although I am most interested in becoming a member of the Destiny 2 clan as this is my main hobby game, I am an avid gamer who thrives on group gaming. Something I have missed in Destiny since the disbanding of my old clan was the consistency of group activities like raids, dungeons, and general grinding. I've been playing destiny 2 since it released and can't im